Sunday, 4 March 2007

You're Wearing That?

I was navigating my way through the AHL team websites today, and happened to notice that the Manitoba Moose are having a "Jamaican Me Crazy" night. It occurred to me that there might be some sort of special jersey to go along with this night, so I investigated further. Along with this promotional night, the Moose will also be having "Military Tribute Night" and "Folklorama Night" this month. They will be wearing special jerseys for the Military Tribute Night, and that made me wonder what other promotional jerseys were out there.

Well, it appears there are a few as I found out. And these promotional jerseys are found across several leagues, including the NHL. I'm not going to display pictures because there are many that I found, but I will link the pictures I have discovered.

- The AHL's Manitoba Moose honoured the Canadian Junior team this year during the World Junior Championship tournament by wearing Team Canada-themed jerseys. I like these jerseys, and think they should use them whenever a Team Canada team plays.

- The AHL's Milwaukee Admirals are all about promotional jerseys. They have worn many. They have worn tye dye jerseys in 2000-01, a Christmas jersey in 2001-02, a Christmas jersey in 2002-03, and Hawaiian-themed jerseys this season. I really like the 2002-03 Christmas jersey in that the background has been changed to reflect the promotion. That's taking the design to a whole-new level, and gets a thumbs-up from me.

- The NHL's San Jose Sharks have worn promotional practice jerseys that they auction off for various charities. They have worn a red Valentine's Day jersey, and an orange Halloween jersey. While these aren't that special in terms of their design, they were only produced once by Reebok for the Sharks for these auctions. A big thumbs-up for the Sharks in helping out charities.

- The ECHL's Pensacola Ice Pilots wore these St. Patrick's Day jerseys for one game. These, in my opinion, are hideous.

- The Western Hockey League's Seattle Thunderbirds of the Canadian Hockey League junior system wore these 1970s-style jerseys for a promotional night. These might be as hideous as the St. Patrick's Day jerseys above. I do give them extra points for altering the logo to match the promotion, though. That's the kind of detail that makes these promotional jerseys fun.

- The San Antonio Iguanas of the Central Hockey League rolled out some Thanksgiving Day jerseys in honour of the holiday. I'm not fond of the logo in the middle not matching the jersey, but the feathers are a nice touch. Their St. Patrick's Day jerseys are a little better, but the green-on-green font on the back is tough to read.

- The Las Vegas Thunder of the now-defunct International Hockey League wore these Valentine's Day jerseys for one game during the 1996-97 season. A simple design, but not much in the way of creativity.

- The AHL's Grand Rapids Griffins also sported some Valentine's Day jerseys. These are better than the Thunder's version, but still leave something to be desired.

- The AHL's Portland Pirates tried to have some fun with these Halloween jerseys during the 1998-99 season, but I don't think they made the grade. Honestly, the logo looks somewhat similar to the current Milwaukee Admirals logo. They do get extra marks for trying to alter their logo to match the promotion, though.

- The Utah Grizzlies designed some pretty good promotional jerseys with their Halloween jerseys and their Christmas jerseys during the 2004-05 season. Full marks for the Grizzlies' design team as they changed the logos and the background designs to match the promotional jerseys.

- The Philadephia Phantoms have worn throwback jerseys to honour past Philadelphia teams, and this season was no different with this version of the throwback. Extra marks for matching the font to the logo on the front.

- I'm not sure what the El Paso Buzzards are thinking with this jersey, but the logo shows a cow that just defecated. This is, by far, one of the worst jerseys I have ever seen.

- The Flint Generals wore jerseys in honour of Christmas during the 1998-99 season, and in honour of winter during the 1997-98 season in the United Hockey League. I like the snowmen on the winter jersey. I hate the candy canes/snowflakes on the hem of the Christmas jersey. The again, I'm not big on the medallion/choker look on Flint's current jerseys either, pictured here on the right.

- The Rocky Mountain Rage of the Central Hockey League broke out these hideous Christmas jerseys this season. I would have made myself a scratch that game if I were part of the Rage.

- The Richmond Renegades wore these St. Patrick's Day jerseys while they were part of the ECHL. Nothing great about these jerseys, but there's nothing that is bad about them either.

- The Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins of the AHL wore these St. Patrick's Day jerseys last season. I like how the Penguins kept their design on this jersey simple.

- The Alaska Aces of the ECHL celebrated New Year's Eve by donning these jerseys. I like how they didn't use a logo on the front to ruin the tuxedo look. Kudos to that.

- The Laredo Bucks of the Central Hockey League made a statement with these Halloween jerseys. The gravestones and the scary trees on the hem add to the ominous look of the red jerseys. I am a fan of these.

- This isn't a promotional jersey, but I nearly had a seizure when looking at the Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs' jersey of the Central Hockey League. Did a five year-old design this? Why do they use a white nameplate instead of sewing the letters directly to the jersey? I am embarrassed for the city of Shreveport, Louisiana. This jersey is ridiculous. It is, by far, the worst jersey I have ever seen. Ever.

Now I know there are more out there, so if you see any, throw them in the comment section. I'm sure some are hideous, while some are probably well-designed. Whatever you find, I want to see them. Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

*A huge thanks to Sidearm Delivery for pictures of these jerseys.


Anonymous said...

The Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins have had a bunch, as seen on their jersey history page:

The Wheeling Nailers of the ECHL have done several as well, but I don't know where pictures are.

Anonymous said...

the cow logo is actually from the cartoon "Cow and Chicken" on Cartoon Network a few years back

Lindsay said...

The Worcester IceCats wore American flag-themed jerseys a few times:

Lindsay said...

Hmm, not sure if that first link worked. IceCats flag jersey is here

IceCats also had a St. Patrick's day themed jersey and a special jersey honoring the 6 fallen firefighters of Worcester

Anonymous said...

believe it or not, i live in shreveport, and yes those things are an abomination, but they have gotten much better, as seen here: and here: of course it is purple and teal, which i am not a huge fan of, but this year is the mudbugs tenth anniversary, so they trot this number out: which i actually do like. thanks for even including our little operation in your synopsis

Anonymous said...

More Milwaukee Admirals jerseys-

(all photos courtesy of

Retro "Bob Uecker" plaid jersey

2006 St. Patty's jerseys

Anonymous said...

Milwaukee had another god-awful jersey that you missed out on...their jerseys for Uecker Night last season

The Legend of Vincent Tremblay said...

Do a Google search for these keywords: milwaukee admirals plaid

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Teebz said...

Mike, I accidentally deleted your comment on the El Paso Buzzards, and their switch to the Cow Patties. However, that was a great comment. :o)

I beg you to re-add it. I promise not to delete it accidentally this time.

Anonymous said...

I actually like the plaid jersey... haha.

But off jerseys for a second, I have a question for discussion here. Jordan Staal just scored his 7th SHG of the season tonight. When do you start considering him for the Selke? I realize that guys like Brind'Amour and Draper are perenniel candidates, but you have to think that someone who kills penalties as effectively as Staal would at least get some consideration. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

You mention the Seattle T-birds 70s jerseys, but neglect to mention that every year they have a Halloween jersey made up -- slightly different design than the year prior. My favorite was 2001 [? I think] when the font was in the shape of bones. :)

here's one example:

Clifford Zang said...

The Kalamazoo Wings in the IHL started their Green Ice for St Patrick's Day in 1981 I think. They usually wear themed jerseys for that game. Here's a link to an article, which includes a picture of the jersey:

Unknown said...

what jersey was the Phantoms throwing back to?

Teebz said...

The Phantoms actually didn't list one in their release. So maybe it's more appropriate to call it a fauxback? :)