Thursday, 9 August 2007

Buyers and Sellers

Hey everyone! Sorry for the break in my normal posting schedule. I've been busy with some stuff, and wanted to focus my attention on those needs. And I took some time off with the free agency period and jersey unveilings slowing down. I am back, though, and I have some thoughts on some recent NHL news. There have been a few things that have been happening, and this is where I chime in.

A big kudos goes out, firstly, to Craig Leipold for trying to keep hockey in Nashville. Leipold has spent a large portion of his money on hockey in the state of Tennessee, and I think the Predators need to stay in order to keep hockey growing in that part of the United States. Despite the group offering less than what Jim Balsillie did, Mr. Leipold made a good community decision to sell the team to the local group in Nashville. Economically, it makes excellent sense to keep a team in a market like Nashville for all the surrounding businesses and industries. I give this move a big thumbs-up.

In another hockey move, Absolute Hockey Enterprises, led by former Columbus Blue Jackets GM and Florida Panthers coach Doug MacLean, has reached an agreement to buy the Tampa Bay Lightning, pending approval by the NHL's board of governors. Absolute Hockey also includes Jeff Sherrin and Oren Koules. Team spokesman Jay Preble said Sherrin is a Coral Springs real estate developer and Koules a TV and movie producer. It has been reported that GM Jay Feaster and head coach John Tortorella will both keep their positions with the team after the sale is complete. I don't really have anything negative to say about this since the Lightning have been a solid team since their Stanley Cup-winning season. This is more a status quo move, but at least hockey fever in Tampa Bay will continue to grow.

In a rather surprising move, the Edmonton Oilers are off the market. EIG has decided not to sell the move to billionaire and Rexall Pharmacy tycoon Daryl Katz for a reported $185 million Canadian. Katz has promised to invest as much money as necessary to get the team up to the maximum cap value, and was interested in building a new arena for the Oilers. The 33 investors under the EIG name who currently own the team voted to remove the "For Sale" sign after voting down the offer from Katz on Tuesday. I am somewhat against this move. Rexall Pharmacies is the largest sponsor of the Oilers already, and Mr. Katz was committed to spending all that was necessary to bring a Cup back to Edmonton. Are the 33 investors prepared to do that same? Only time will tell.

In jersey news, the Ottawa Senators posted this little Flash video teaser on their website in anticipation of their jersey unveiling on August 22nd. You can clearly see the collar of the new jersey in the upper left-hand corner. Will a new logo follow? There have been suggestions that the current alternate logo has been tweaked. I am truly anxious to see what the Eastern Conference Finalists have come up with for the new Rbk Edge template.

If anyone wants to be the Ottawa correspondant, I'm willing to hear your application. I want some photos of the party at Scotiabank Place, and you'll get full credit for the pictures and, if you choose, the article that you write to accompany the photos. If you're truly interested in going to the event, email me on my profile to the right. As Sage did in Nashville, she got full credit for the excellent work she did at the Predators' unveiling party. Write me if you're interested!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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Anonymous said...

IF that is the jersey for Ottawa (at least the part we can see), it's nice to see they stayed away from the apron strings on the front.