Friday, 13 November 2009

I Must Contest Thee!

Hockey Blog In Canada is all about helping people get free stuff when it comes to the contests featured on this blog. I'm happy to help others, and the prizes are usually pretty awesome. At least they are in my opinion. Sure, they don't usually come with a pile of the greenbacks like you see to the left, but they are all worth something. In some cases, they could be worth a lot more than what I offer, but those contests are being run by multi-national conglomerates. And they have a much better marketing and PR payroll than I do. With that knowledge under your arm, let's wander into some of the contest updates.

Guinness "Be Remarkable" Contest

A young lady by the name of Amy won the opportunity to "be remarkable". She wanted to travel Canada and see Canada's Natural Wonders. That sounds pretty cool, and I'm sure the trip will be great. However, there's just one little problem.

What are Canada's Natural Wonders?

If you're on Facebook, you can vote for where Amy should visit. You can also meet the lucky Amy right here. I'm not on Facebook, so I cannot tell you anything about Amy or which destinations are up for the vote, but let's help her out.

Congratulations, Amy, and good luck in your travels!

Pepsi Cheer Contest

The voting is over, and Joan Buma's cheer was voted as the winner! You can hear the new cheer here. Oh, and while you're there, why don't you sign up for an opportunity to head over to Germany to catch the 2010 IIHF Men's World Hockey Championships? That would be one awesome contest win!

Again, this contest is open to Canadians only that are age 13 or older, so I apologize to my American readers. We'll have something you can enter down below.

Hockey Canada "Design-A-Mask" Contest

I'm a little late on this one, kids. And this one is for the kids.

Hockey Canada wants children and teens to submit their designs for a goalie mask that will be worn at this year's World Junior Championships by one of Team Canada's goaltenders. The categories are split into two: 12-and-under, and 13-to-18 years of age. The contest is only open until November 20, so I apologize for the tight timelines on this one.

Past winners have seen their masks worn by the likes of NHL first-overall selection Marc-André Fleury and gold-medal-winning netminders Jeff Glass, Justin Pogge, Steve Mason, and Dustin Tokarski.

As a bonus, if your child or teen submits an entry, please send it to me, and I'll post it on HBIC as well to get your child some artistic exposure. No design will be rejected - send them through to me and we'll check out Canada's up-and-coming mask artists!

Montreal Canadiens 100th Anniversary Contest

This one is all HBIC. With the 100th Anniversary of the Montreal Canadiens just around the corner, I want to give someone the opportunity to read a little bit about the NHL's most storied franchise by offering up a copy of Mike Leonetti's Canadiens Legends.

This book is a treasure trove of info on players from all of the eras in the Canadiens' history, and will surely be a favorite for the info as we approach the historic game. I'll even throw in a Montreal Canadiens keychain for the winner, compliments of the good people at Check them out for some solid stocking stuffers this Christmas!

Ok, to the contest. 10 questions. You need to answer them. The most right will get you the book and the keychain. If there is a tie, the prize will go to whoever sent in the most right answers first. That means speed and accuracy are paramount. So without further delay, here are your ten questions on the Canadiens.
  1. Goaltender George Hainsworth joined the Canadiens in 1926 at the age of 30. However, he wasn't assigned the normal goaltending number of #1 when he joined the team. What two numbers did Hainsworth wear prior to being given Georges Vezina's #1?
  2. Who were the first father-and-son to suit up for the Canadiens in their history?
  3. Who are the only two men to be the head coaches of both the Canadiens and their arch-rival Maple Leafs?
  4. Maurice "The Rocket" Richard didn't wear #9 when he first joined the Canadiens. What prompted him to change his number to #9, and what number did he previously wear?
  5. In the 1963-64 season, defenceman Jacques Laperriere won the Calder Trophy as the NHL's top rookie. Which Canadiens teammate came second in voting?
  6. Frank Mahovlich is best known for wearing #27. However, he joined the Canadiens in the midst of a roadtrip and was given another number for one game. What other number did Mahovlich wear in 1971?
  7. Henri Richard won 11 Stanley Cups in his career. He scored in his very first game in a Canadiens sweater as the Habs won 4-1. Who did they beat, and who gave up Richard's first NHL goal?
  8. Only one NHL player scored five goals in one game in the 1960s, and he was a member of the Montreal Canadiens. Who was the player, and what team and goaltender did he victimize?
  9. Guy Lafleur was always proud to be a Montreal Canadien, and he retired after the 1991 season. He scored his last goal in the NHL on March 30, 1991. What team did he victimize, and who was the goaltender to allow his 560th NHL goal?
  10. February 3, 1973 was a big game for Larry Robinson as Robinson scored his first NHL goal. What team was it against, and what former Canadien was the goalie to allow the goal?
There are your questions. They may be tough, but when you're looking at $50 worth of pictures and words, I expect some effort to be put forth. Nothing is free in this world, and I'm hoping you learn a little bit about the Canadiens before learning a lot more from Mike Leonetti's book.

Send your answers directly to me with the subject line of "Canadiens Quiz". If the subject line does not read as such, you will be disqualified without prejudice. Why? I'm not searching through emails for answers. The contest closes on Wednesday, November 18 at 11:59pm.

The person who has the most right in the fastest time will win themselves the book and the keychain. Everyone else will have to wait for the next contest.

That's all for today, kids! Get your entries in for all these awesome contests!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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