Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Teebz's Playoff Predictions - Round Three

Well, Maggie and I tied again in Round Two. Maggie and I both pulled off a 3-1 record. Maggie missed out on the Vancouver-Anaheim series, while I missed out on the San Jose-Detroit series. The macaque and I trail all the TSN experts, but I am quite impressed with both Darren Dreger and Darren Pang. They lead the way at 11-1. Maggie and I currently sit at 7-5. Again, I picked emotionally rather than intellectually in Round One, and I accept my losses there. I should have listened to my head rather than the sentimental feelings, but since I wasn't on TV, I went with who I wanted to see rather than who I knew would advance. Thankfully, I don't have to write an entire blog devoted to Maggie because she didn't defeat me. In any case, here are my Round Three predictions.

Eastern Conference

#1 vs. #4

If the Barney Rubble Hairpieces play as soft as they did against the Rangers, this series will be short. I have all the confidence in the world in Chris Drury and Daniel Briere that they will appear on the scoresheet. How often? Good question. The Senators have been, by far, the best defensive team in these playoffs when it comes to shutting down opposing forwards. Yes, they still give up goals, but they play for today. I know I said that San Jose had to do that in the last series, and it appeared that they stopped doing it once Detroit won Game Four. They became hesitant and afraid. Well, I can honestly say that the Senators are the best team in the East right now. No slight to the Hairpieces, but they will have to be a lot better against the Senators, and I don't think they will be. And despite all the drama that the media is building due to the Chris Neil hit on Chris Drury, I think these teams will play clean, fast hockey.

Prediction: Ottawa Senators advance in six games.

Western Conference

#1 vs. #2

Detroit is a team who is battered and bruised. Mathieu Schneider is done, out with a broken wrist, and that is a huge loss for the defensive line that Detroit so desperately will need. Hasek has to be the Hasek of five years ago in this series. Kronwall is still not ready, and Lebda will be returning. Lidstrom and Chelios are already averaging over 20 minutes a game. Can they do 30? 40? The Ducks will throw everything, including the kitchen sink, at the Red Wings. This series will be won down low and along the half-boards, and on special team play. I can only hope that the oldest team trying to get to the Finals won't breakdown too badly against the high-flying Ducks' youngsters.

Prediction: Anaheim Ducks advance in five games.

There are my predicitons for the Conference Finals. They start Thursday with Ottawa visiting Buffalo. Friday sees the Ducks in Joe Louis Arena. These should be good series! Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Sage Confucius said...

I agree with you about the Sens v. Sabres series. I do believe that Miller is a superior goalie and could be a difference maker. However, the Sabres have to get their offense working much better, and their defense has to be outstanding to stop the likes of Alfredsson and Heatley.

Detroit has to do two things to win this series. First, Hasek has to be inpenetrable. He will face a ton of shots and has to control the rebounds. Anaheim is very good at putting second chances in the back of the net. Second, they have to play each game like they played game 5 against San Jose. As much as I hate to say it, I don't think they can keep up that tempo.

Ultimately I would like to see the Senators and Red Wings in the final. That's the best looking match-up certainly. I don't think that's going to happen. Anaheim (who I can't pull for because of Pronger) will probably win in the West, and I will end up pulling for the team from the East. I'm pulling for the Sens in that one.

Teebz said...

Poor Chris Pronger. He takes far too much heat for his wife's decisions. However, Anaheim has outplayed every team they have faced so far. I don't think Detroit can keep up either.

Miller is a great goalie, but he started the playoffs with the highest GAA of any goalie in the playoffs. His defence has been less than stellar, and Ottawa picked apart NJ and Pittsburgh with surgical precision.

I can say this: I am excited for this round.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

I definitely agree with your predictions as well as the observations of the two comments above mine. But regardless of how these two series turn out, they will be awesome to watch.

Nothing beats the conference finals.

Sage Confucius said...

My issue with Pronger goes beyond the Edmonton fiasco. Something about him just makes my skin crawl.

About the wife though...what really irritates me about her is that here is a woman from St. Louis, MO who probably would have married an average, midwestern guy if Mr. Pronger hadn't happened along. As such, she is now affluent and does not have to work. She has everything a woman could want...solely because of her husband. Mr. Pronger got a job transfer that took him to a better employment situation in a town with much colder weather than St. Louis. Her response after her husband has an outstanding year, leading his team all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals? Get me out of here! This is called, 'Biting the hand that feeds you.' It wasn't entirely her fault. After all, Pronger is the one who ultimately made the decision. However, it was grossly unfair of her to ask him to make a decision that could have been career suicide.

Teebz said...

Sahe, you've hit the nail on the head, but I only have one question: if you had to live her or give her half of your earnings... which would be better for your two kids?

I'm not excusing Chris from what happened. He is to blame for part of the fiasco. However, she seems to be a controlling woman. That, in itself, is the foundation for a bad relationship.

Teebz said...

Sage*... excuse my quick typing and non-existant proofreading skills. :o)

Dear Lord Stanley said...

I like how this comment thread has become a marriage counseling session.

Remember to bill Pronger at least $350 an hour for this.

Teebz said...

DLS, that was comment of the month so far. I seriously laughed out loud at that one, and everyone at work was staring at me.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

Pleasure to be of service.