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Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Hockey Show - Episode 160

The Hockey Show, Canada's only campus-produced hockey radio show, is back tonight with a pretty solid show all about our week-long event happening from October 16-23 known as Pledge-O-Rama! The annual pledge drive for UMFM is a big event in everyone's lives at the station, and we're hoping for another excellent week of donations. You'll want to know what may be happening as we approach that week of craziness, so we'll go over a ton of information tonight as we build towards the biggest week of the year for UMFM! Oh, and there was some soft of hockey played last night and each night going forward or something? I'm sure that will come up. We'll also cover some of the headlines as we work through the 60 minutes known as The Hockey Show!

For those of you who are new to the blog and radio show, Pledge-O-Rama is the on-air annual pledge drive that UMFM runs. As a non-profit station, we don't see a lot of commercial advertising which, in turn, is good for the listeners. It means that, for example, The Hockey Show can go wire-to-wire in an hour with no commercial interruptions because we're not obligated to specific advertising times. It also means that we have to find alternate ways of funding the station's various needs such as maintenance, upgrades, and the obvious bills such as electricity and heat.

To do this, we run Pledge-O-Rama for a week with the hopes of attaining a specific goal or more to help our cause. Pledge-O-Rama's intake is usually about 15-20% of UMFM's annual budget, so you can see that (a) we run on a pretty economical budget and (b) we really rely on our listeners to help us out when it comes to our pledge drive. However, we don't just send you off empty-handed once you've decided to donate. We can do tax receipts for your generous donation, but we have a pretty solid collection of incentive level rewards and you are eligible for these depending on how much you decide to pledge to UMFM. The list includes:
Pretty solid haul there at every level, right? A couple of things that you should know? The size of the mug does hold one beer, so it's perfect for morning beverages or adult beverages in front of the TV while watching hockey! The t-shirts will come to you with far less wrinkles in them. The test ones we received were packaged with a little less care.

But say you're eyeing a couple of t-shirts, right? If you pledge $101.50 or more, we'll let you build your own incentive package based upon how much you donate! In other words, you could end up with a Faculty Of Sound t-shirt in your prize pack instead of the Golden Ticket entries because you put down $180. Not bad, right? We're pretty easy-going folks, so let's make a deal if you see something you want. Or want multiples of a prize.

Now you might be saying, "Yeah, but Teebz, I live outside of Winnipeg." No problem-o, I say, because we have an online donation form where you can donate! Yes, we will still send you the incentives even though you may be outside of our broadcasting range. The online stream on UMFM reaches all parts of this planet, and we sent incentive packages as far away as Japan and Germany last year! Alternatively, you can leave us a message at 204-474-6610 or drop us a line at and one of our Smooth Phone Operators will get back to you ASAP! And you're always welcome to come down to the station during Pledge-O-Rama to pledge your support in person - we'd love to meet you!

Beans and I will go over all of the Pledge-O-Rama stuff tonight, and we'll be giving something away to get someone ready for the big event. On top of that, we'll preview the Jets and Bruins who kick things off at 6pm in Boston tonight and we'll update you on the game throughout the show. We'll talk about the opening games last night, Raffi Torres' suspension, the opening weekend to the Bisons women's hockey season, the Moose opening their campaign in Toronto tomorrow, and more!

Tune your radio dial in the Winnipeg region to 101.5 FM or you can listen live between 5:30pm and 6:30pm CT on your web-enabled device at the UMFM webpage! You can tweet me anytime with questions you may by hitting me up at @TeebzHBIC on Twitter. You can also post some stuff to Facebook if you use the "Like" feature, and I always have crazy stuff posted there that doesn't make it to the blog or show. It's all about Pledge-O-Rama tonight on The Hockey Show only on 101.5 UMFM!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Antler Banter: Season 1, Volume 23

It's hard to believe that it's been 23 weeks since the announcement of the Moose returning to Winnipeg, and we're literally two days away from opening night at this point. While there wasn't a lot of Moose news over the summer as the franchise got settled back into familiar digs, the last couple of weeks have seen lots of player movement, some exciting developments, and even some jersey news this week! Manitoba will open the season on Friday in Toronto against the Marlies and play a two-game set against the Eastern Conference squad before returning home to face the defending Calder Cup champions in the Ontario Reign on October 15. If you're not excited yet, let's get you some more information to gear you up for this first season of Moose v2.0!

Moose Add More Talent

With the Jets finalizing their NHL roster, the Moose are finding more talented players joining their group. The Moose saw JC Lipon re-join the squad after playing last season in St. John's, and Lipon will be counted on to be a two-way force this season after having a good camp with the Jets. He recorded five goals and 26 points with the IceCaps last season, so there's hope that Lipon can bring a little more offence after recording a goal and an assist in four preseason games with the Jets.

Also beginning his season in the AHL will be Austrian forward Thomas Raffl after he signed a one-way, $575,000 deal with the Jets. Raffl is an interesting player as he recorded 26 goals and 53 points in 52 games with EC Red Bull Salzburg last season, and it appears the Jets were convinced the 29 year-old could contribute at the AHL level for now. Raffl will be given a chance to standout with the Moose, and I'm hoping we see Raffl become this Moose team's version of Michael Grabner.

The Moose will also get a great veteran presence on the blue line as long-time NHLer Jay Harrison has cleared waivers and will report to the Moose. The 32 year-old had three goals and nine points in 55 games with the Jets last season, and he'll be expected to bring his gritty game to the young blue line of the Moose. Getting a veteran like Harrison could be a huge boost in the dressing room for this young Moose squad.

The Exodus Out

David Leggio, who was in Jets' camp on a PTO and was re-assigned to the Moose, has officially been released by the club. Leggio found himself in tough with the likes of Connor Hellebuyck, Eric Comrie, and Jussi Olkinuora in camp and under contract, so the writing may have been on the wall for the netminder. He leaves with no action recorded in a Moose or Jets jersey.

Following Leggio out the door after being released from their PTOs are forwards Mathieu Gagnon, Brant Harris, Brendan O'Donnell and defenceman Mathieu Brodeur. None of these players really stood out in camp nor did they do anything of note in the preseason game against the Wild, so this was more about reducing the number of players in camp more than anything.

Goaltender Jussi Olkinuora was re-assigned to the ECHL's Tulsa Oilers as he'll start the season in the ECHL yet again. Olkinuora wasn't going to supplant either of Hellebuyck or Comrie after they have shown some solid play, so Olkinuora will get a chance to log some serious minutes in Oklahoma with the Oilers.

Ben Walker will join Olkinuora in Tulsa as the Moose decided to option him to the Oilers. Walker played 36 games with the IceCaps last season where he posted one goal and four points. Walker, 22, can use a little more seasoning, so getting some ice time in the ECHL won't be a bad thing for the youngster.

Finally, AHL veteran Brock Trotter was released from his PTO yesterday. Trotter, as mentioned before in this weekly article, has often been a thorn in the Moose's side during his time with the Hamilton Bulldogs, and had recently been playing in the KHL. Despite Trotter scoring in the opening game against the Wild, he was let go. Let's hope that he doesn't find a spot on another AHL roster where he can come back and bite the Moose in the rear like he's done in the past!

The Antlers Are Back

I was one of the more vocal complainers when the Moose debuted their new uniforms in Jets' font for the numbers, and they had been holding true to this font throughout training camp. The Moose had a glorious and unique font when they were in Winnipeg the first time, and it was disappointing to see the Moose move to a generic block font without bringing back one of the best fonts ever seen on a hockey jersey. Well, thanks to the Moose twitter account, I am happy to say that the antlered font will return for 2015-16 and ever more! Well, the ever more part I can't guarantee, but they wore the antlered font in both preseason games, so it's officially back!

Over The Airwaves

The Moose have signed a deal with TSN 1290 for the radio coverage for games this season, although they'll only see half delivered over Winnipeg airwaves. TSN 1290 will broadcast a minimum of 39 regular season Moose games this upcoming season with every game being available on Former CBC television anchor and sports reporter Mitch Peacock will have the call for all 76 Moose games this season.

"The combination of working with TSN 1290 and the high quality production they will bring to both the radio and online platforms will be a huge benefit for our passionate fan base," said VP Operations for the Manitoba Moose, Dan Hursh. "The addition of Mitch Peacock as the voice of the Moose brings a wealth of experience that will provide Moose fans with first-rate coverage of our team and our players."

There are your Moose headlines for this past week. The season starts on Friday in Toronto, and the Moose will hopefully return home 2-0 as they prepare for the home opener on Thursday, October 15 against the Ontario Reign! Get yourself ready, folks, because it all starts here!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Why I Hate No-Look Passes

As a defenceman, I will tell you that there's nothing I hate more than no-look passes. Unless you're Sidney Crosby or Wayne Gretzky who has a sixth sense as to where your teammates are standing, the vast majority of no-look passes rarely find their intended target. Even worse, a no-look drop pass often results in an odd-man rush the other way or worse with worse being a goal-against. In saying that, Ilya Kovalchuk needs to work on his skills a little despite being one of the most talented players in Russia.

Down 3-1 to Dinamo Riga, SKA St. Petersburg had their goalie on the bench for the extra attacker late in their game on September 29. SKA had come off a 6-3 win of Jokerit three days earlier, so this result was a bit of a surprise. There was still time to mount a comeback, though, but time was running out. SKA had their best players on the ice, including Ilya Kovalchuk, and the team needed a goal. With the puck dumped into SKA's zone, Kovalchuk went to retrieve it, and then the following happened.
Oops. Ilya Kovalchuk's no-look pass finds Riga's Gunars Skvorcovs wide-open in the slot, and he buries it for the fourth Riga goal with just 25 seconds to play, killing any chance of a St. Petersburg comeback. The photo up above is Kovalchuk giving himself hell on the bench after he made that boneheaded pass.

Despite having one of the most talented teams on paper, SKA St. Petersburg finds themselves sitting in eighth-place in the KHL's Western Conference tied with Dinamo Minsk, but having played two more games than the Belarusian club. Hot on their heels are HC Sochi who also have two games in-hand on SKA and are only two points back of St. Petersburg. Needless to say, the St. Petersburg club needs to get its act together if it wants to remain a threat for the Gagarin Cup.

Ilya Kovalchuk, on the other hand, just needs to play better. Forget the no-look back passes and move the puck up the ice quickly. I'm pretty sure he knows he did wrong in this case, but he'll get no assists for the effort on Skvorcovs' goal. As of right now, Kovalchuk isn't even in the top-ten in KHL scoring.

After watching the highlight above, maybe he does need to get his act together after all.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

Monday, 5 October 2015

41 Reasons?

It may seem like a random number, but 41 has a vast integration into modern society. It's a prime number, and the atomic number of the element niobium which was formerly called columbium. Dave Matthews Band composed and performed a song called "#41". Sum 41 is a Canadian punk rock band, although they haven't performed together in some time. George H. W. Bush was the 41st President of the United States. New York Mets great Tom Seaver and Atlanta Braves legend Eddie Matthews both wore 41 in Major League Baseball. Montana was the 41st state added to the United States. And the number 41 was used again today as the NHL's Department of Player Safety added its stamp to 41's history.

Raffi Torres, who missed all of last season with a knee injury, will watch 41 games from somewhere other than NHL rinks as the NHL suspended him for half of the season for his rather brutal check to the head of Jakob Silfverberg. Torres is looking to ressurrect his career with the San Jose Sharks after the Sharks traded for him back in April of 2013. One ACL injury and recovery later, and it appeared he would be back in The Show this season. Like the fable of the scorpion and the frog, though, it appears that Torres just can't help himself stay in the league.

Honestly, for a guy with eleven suspensions, fines, and/or warnings on his rap sheet, you'd think he'd tone down the fly-by brain-scramblings. Since he isn't getting the message, though, it's nice to see the NHL taking a hard stance on his garbage brand of hockey. I would assume, based on a number of players' reactions, that the NHLPA may find it difficult to file an appeal when so many players expressed disgust at Torres' latest incident. Stephane Quintal made it very clear why the number was so high for this suspension, and I happen to agree with his justification.

"Raffi is so unique in his situation," Stephane Quintal, the NHL’s senior vice-president of player safety, said to Matt Larkin of The Hockey News. "I know he came and tried to change his behaviour, and he only played 15 games since he got hurt, but he obviously doesn’t get it. A warning, fine or suspension 11 times. He's put us in a tough position."

Yeah, I'd say so regarding that tough position. You know that if the NHL had come out and been lenient for any reason that the fans would have been all over them, and there may even be a few owners who would raise eyebrows at the NHL's Department of Player Safety if they had put down, say, a ten-game suspension. However, the league took into account the reasons for his previous fines and suspensions, and they had a common theme: late hits, high hits, dangerous hits to the head of an opposing player.

So why let him off the hook at all if there's a better-than-good chance he'll do it again?

"He offers the league something, he offers the team something," Damian Echevarrieta, the NHL's vice-president of player safety, told Larkin. "He scored 27 goals in this league. He can skate. He's an effective player. We don’t want to ruin his career. We just want to make sure he doesn't ruin anybody else's."

Hold on. Wait a second. Torres scored 27 goals in 2005-06 with the Edmonton Oilers. That's a decade ago, Mr. Echevarrieta. In his past four seasons, he's combined to score just 25 goals with 15 of them coming in 2011-12 while with the Phoenix Coyotes when he played 79 games. You may also remember that he destroyed Marian Hossa in the playoffs that year, causing him to miss 21 games the following season. In other words, he doesn't really offer any team anything other than the chance to donate Torres' salary to the players' emergency fund.

I really hope that Silfverberg is alright. The hit was devastating, and you know there was some brain trauma in that collision. However, if I'm the NHL, the leash on which Torres' career rests is a very short one. One more hit like this, and it might be time to say sayonara for good.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

Sunday, 4 October 2015

The Rundown: Week 1

Welcome to HBIC's new weekly segment found on Sundays called The Rundown. Each week, I'll be going inside the CIS women's hockey scene with a particular focus on the Canada West Conference as I look to highlight the week's news and results from across this great country. As you may be aware, HBIC is really pushing the Canadian collegiate women's hockey scene this year thanks to a tie-in with the great blog known as Women's Hockey Nation, so this weekly recap of all the week's stories will come in handy the next time you venture down to your local CIS school and take in some hockey. Without further adieu, let's get to the action!

Alberta at Manitoba - Game One

The rematch from last year's Canada West Final proved to be the same sort of series as we experienced last year. The Bisons and Pandas split the season series 2-2 with both teams taking a game on the road, and the two teams played the opening game of the season in the same sort of tight-checking fashion. The teams were scoreless into the third period when Alberta broke the deadlock when Natasha Steblin scored the Pandas' opening goal this season while somehow being in the middle of a pile of players in Rachel Dyck's crease. The referees saw no foul, however, despite Dyck being on the bottom of said pile, and the Pandas grabbed the 1-0 lead at 4:36.

The Bisons needed a spark and they found one from the reigning Canada West scoring champion in Alanna Sharman. Playing 4-on-4, Sharman took a pass from Karissa Kirkup, dipsy-doodled around Lindsey Cunningham at the Pandas' blue line to find herself in alone on Lindsey Post. Sharman deked to the forehand before pulling the puck to the backhand that caused Post to drop, and Sharman found enough room on the stick side to slip the backhand into the back of the net to draw the game even at 1-1 at the 6:46 mark. Honestly, Sharman's goal was of the highlight-reel variety, and the Bisons seemed fired up after her goal.

After killing off a Lauryn Keen double-minor for spearing, the Bisons went back to the attack and it was Keen who made up for her stick infraction in a big way. Charity Price fired a quick shot on net from the half-boards that Post kicked out, but she left the rebound sitting in front of her where Keen jumped on the loose puck and flipped it over Post's right pad and under her arm before she could close the gap. Keen's first of the season with 2:53 to play put the Pandas on the offensive, but they were unable to find any room past Dyck in the final three minutes as the Bisons went into trap mode.

FINAL SCORE: Manitoba takes the opener 2-1.

Alberta at Manitoba - Game Two

The reigning champs knew they needed to play better, and Sunday's game was a fine example of how to rebound after a tough loss. Alberta jumped out to an early 1-0 lead just 4:46 into the first period on the power-play when Tess Houston got the visitors on the board, making the Bisons pay for a Nicole McGlenen tripping penalty. Janelle Froehler doubled the lead at 13:55 of the first period when she tipped a shot past Rachel Dyck to put the Pandas up 2-0 going into the first intermission.

The second period went scoreless, but the Pandas returned for more in the third period. Rookie Erin Baddock found some room behind Dyck for the 3-0 lead just 3:31 into the final frame, and Alison Campbell made it 4-0 for the Pandas with 1:05 to play. The Bisons played a rather undisciplined game all afternoon as they routinely visited the penalty box, making it easy for the Pandas to break any pressure applied by the Bisons. Dayna Owen earned the 16-save shutout.

FINAL SCORE: Alberta splits the series with a 4-0 victory.

Calgary at Regina - Game One

The Dinos, who host the CIS Women's Hockey Championship this season, opened the season on the road as they start their journey towards being the Canada West representative in the CIS Championship. Standing in their way this weekend were the Regina Cougars, but it didn't take long for the Dinos to kick this season off in the right way. Chelsea Court, playing on the Dinos' top line with Gavrilova and Vafina, found the back of the net on a rebound just 58 seconds into the game to put the Dinos up 1-0. Credit netminder Toni Ross for the initial two saves, but that third one was the one that got away. That score would hold through to the intermission despite the Cougars having a power-play and a 19-7 advantage in shots, so the home crowd had little to cheer about in the opening frame.

They would get a chance to show their appreciation in the second period, though, as Emma Waldenberger picked up a loose puck behind the net while Jaycee Magwood occupied two Dinos defenders in front of the net. Waldenberger showed a goal scorer's patience as she wheeled out front behind the Magwood-Dinos scrum, and roofed a shot past Hayley Dowling who never saw it coming. Waldenberger's goal tied the game at 5:01 knotted the game at 1-1, and the two teams would carry that score into the second intermission despite Regina carrying a 24-13 advantage in shots.

Calgary's Heather Berzins restored the one-goal advantage just 1:26 into the final frame as her deflection found some room under Ross for the 2-1 lead. Regina would answer back quickly as they made it 2-2 on Magwood's power-play wrap-around rebound goal just 1:02 after Berzins' goal. 1:26 after that, Regina grabbed their first lead of the season when Emma Waldenberger converted a Magwood pass high on Dowling's blocker side, putting the Cougars up 3-2. The game went back and forth, but Calgary wasn't done. At the 13:33 mark, Sasha Vafina took a long pass to get in behind the Cougars' defence, and she made no mistake with the low stick-side shot to even the game up at 3-3. When the horn sounded, the two teams remained knotted up so it was time for some free hockey!

The fans in attendance actually got a lot of free hockey. The first overtime period saw no goals, so the two teams went to a second overtime period, and we would find our winner here. At the 3:00 mark, Chelsea Perepeluk finished off some nice three-way passing on a 3-on-1 to seal the deal for the Cougars on their first win of the season.

FINAL SCORE: Regina earns the 4-3 double-OT victory.

Calgary at Regina - Game Two

To call this one ugly might be an understatement. We have a clear scoring leader after Saturday's Calgary-Regina match, so let's get through this with as little blood and tears as possible. Emma Waldenberger scored a shorthanded goal at 12:07 to open the scoring, and then notched her second of the game just 35 seconds later to put Regina up 2-0. With 2:35 to go in the first period, it became a three-goal advantage for the Cougars as Caitlin Dempsey scored her first of the season, and the rout was on.

Brooklyn Moskowy added the fourth Cougars goal just 2:02 into the middle frame, and Waldenberger completed the hat trick with a power-play goal just 52 seconds later for a 5-0 lead. At 8:48, Alexis Larson added another goal for a 6-0 lead, and this game was all about minimizing damage for the Dinos at that point. They would escape the second period at that same 6-0 score, but things were not looking good for the Dinos in terms of splitting the two-game series.

Meghan Sherven would tap in a gimme on the power-play at 1:43 to start the period, and it was all about preserving the shutout for Ross from there. Dowling, who had played the first period and given up three goals for Calgary, was replaced at the start of the second period by Carissa Fischer, but she only lasted 8:48 as she gave up the same number of goals in that time. Dowling went back in for the remaining 31:12 of the game, and surrendered only one additional goal. However, it wasn't a great day for Calgary goalies.

FINAL SCORE: Regina trounced Calgary 7-0.

Mount Royal at Saskatchewan - Game One

Mount Royal and Saskatchewan played in the preseason with Mount Royal winning 2-1. Would the regular season see the same results with Mount Royal prevailing? Well, it kind of looked that way when Maggie Shykula-Ross converted a Jocelyn Froehlich pass off the boards in the slot that beat Cassidy Hendricks just 5:51 into the game. Saskatchewan would pull even at the 11:19 mark when Morgan Willoughby' slap shot from the top of the circle on the power-play hit a stick in front and found its way past Jess Ross to knot the game up at 1-1. The two teams would skate into the intermission at that 1-1 score.

The second period went scoreless, but Mount Royal did kill off a Channia Alexander double-minor for a hit to the head. The resulting momentum, though, went nowhere, so it was off to the third period. Mount Royal's Mairi Sorensen was whistled for interference at 14:45, and the Huskies would make the Cougars pay. Brooklyn Haubrich would break the deadlock just 11 seconds into the man-advantage when Lauren Zary got the puck to Kori Herner who found Brooklyn Haubrich, and Haubrich wired home her first CIS goal past Jess Ross for the 2-1 advantage with just 5:04 to play. Saskatchewan would weather a late storm from Mount Royal, but come away victorious!

FINAL SCORE: Saskatchewan downed Mount Royal 2-1.

Mount Royal at Saskatchewan - Game Two

Game Two started in the early evening, and it was another tightly-contested affair between these two squads. Rachel Johnson opened the scoring for the Huskies at 13:58 of the first period while on the power-play. Kaitlin Willoughby used her speed to make a defenceman miss causing an odd-man situation, and she threaded a pass over to Johnson who popped the puck in the yawning cage behind Emma Pincott. If you're keeping track at home, all of Saskatchewan's goals have come via the power-play thus far. Maybe don't take penalties against them?

Marley Ervine would double the lead 14:53 into the second period when Hanna McGillivray found her with some room. Ervine made no mistake as she went high glove-side on Pincott for her first of the season, and the Huskies had a 2-0 lead. From there, Jerrica Waltz did the rest as she closed the door on every Mount Royal attack. She did get a little help at the end of the second period when Mount Royal's Reanna Arnold clanged one off the crossbar, but that would be as close as the Cougars got on this night. Waltz records her first career CIS shutout in the victory.

FINAL SCORE: Saskatchewan skates to the 2-0 win.

Lethbridge at BC - Game One

There was some anticipation from me regarding this game after seeing that some of the recruits that Lethbridge has made over the summer had returned to the Pronghorns for this season. UBC, as you may be aware, lost in the Canada West Semi-Final last season, so the challenge that lay before the Pronghorns was large. Apparently, though, the Pronghorns grabbed the bull by the horns - or T-Bird by the wings? - in this game as they built a big lead to start this game!

UBC found themselves in a little penalty trouble early in this game as they committed four-straight infractions. Lethbridge would make them pay on three of these. With UBC's Kathleen Cahoon serving a penalty for boarding, Kelly Murray joined her in the sin bin for tripping, giving the Pronghorns a two-man advantage. Lethbridge's Tricia Van Vaerenbergh found a rebound after UBC's Danielle Dubé had kicked the point shot out, and Van Vaerenbergh whacked the puck past Dubé's glove for the 1-0 lead at 10:16. Lauren Fredrich would double the lead just 44 seconds later while still on the power-play with her deflection off a Jocelyn Sabourin point shot that found twine behind Dubé. UBC would send Lethbridge back to the power-play 1:06 after that goal, and Lethbridge struck again. Mattie Apperson's shot from the circle found its way through Dubé at 12:28 with Cailey Hay sitting for cross-checking, and the Pronghorns had an impressive 3-0 lead early on. Dubé's night weas over after just 12:28 as Samantha Langford took over for the veteran netminder.

Fifth-year forward Rebecca Unrau put the T-Birds on her shoulders as she responded in the second period for UBC. Unrau converted a rebound in front of Lethbridge's Alicia Anderson for her first of the season at the 4:40 mark, and then added her second goal at the 17:01 mark to get the T-Birds within a goal when she found some room past Anderson seconds after a Kirsten Reeves double-minor for a hit to the head had expired. Suddenly, we had a game going on in BC again as these two teams took the action to the third period.

Another minor penalty would give Lethbridge the advantage once more. With UBC's Logan Boyd sitting quietly after tripping a Lethbridge player, the Pronghorns scored at 7:44 when Aislinn Kooistra found some space past Langford for the 4-2 lead. Anderson would hold the fort the rest of the way as the rookie netminder earned her first CIS victory with a 4-2 win over the Thunderbirds.

FINAL SCORE: Lethbridge upsets UBC 4-2.

Lethbridge at BC - Game Two

This game was a much tighter game defensively from both sides, and UBC learned their lesson from the night before as they avoided the penalty box a little more. Both teams skated to a scoreless draw through 40 minutes, but there were chances on both sides with both UBC's Langford and Lethbridge's Anderson standing tall. We would see a tally in the final frame, though, as a winner was crowned on Saturday.

Lethbridge's Aislinn Kooistra found Jocelyn Sabourin in the middle of the ice at the blue line and her slap shot took a couple of redirections that Langford couldn't corral to put Lethbridge up 1-0. Langford appeared to be screened as well as Lethbridge did a good job in going to the net. That would be all the offence that the Pronghorns needed as Anderson was a wall in the Lethbridge net. Not even a late 6-on-4 situation could put the Thunderbirds on the board as Anderson recorded her first CIS shutout in the 1-0 win.

FINAL SCORE: Lethbridge shuts out UBC 1-0.

★★★ Three Stars ★★★

  1. Emma Waldenberger (RG) - Anytime you can light up a team for five goals and two assists in one weekend, you've pretty much guaranteed yourself the first star spot. Waldenberger is your early CWUAA scoring leader after laying a beating on Calgary.
  2. Alicia Anderson (LT) - The rookie netminder went into BC with the weight of the world on her shoulders, and walked away having stopped 61 of 63 shots she faced while shutting out the Thunderbirds once in two games. She's one of two goalies who are 2-0-0 on the season, and she looks like she might be the answer in the Pronghorns' crease this season.
  3. Jocelyn Sabourin (LT) - The third-year rearguard leads her team in points with four and was instrumental in the success of the Pronghorns this weekend. Sabourin was a solid player last year, and it appears she'll be one of the better defencemen in Canada West if she continues playing like she did.

Ontario Results

The Ontario University Athletics Conference had just three games on the schedule for this past weekend, so there wasn't much happening there.

The Guelph Griffins beat the Western Mustangs 3-0 on goals by Karli Shell, Kelly Gribbons, and Katherine Bailey while Stephanie Nehring pitched the shutout.

The Laurentian Voyageurs downed the Nipissing Lakers in overtime by a 2-1 score. Laurentian's Julie Hiebert and Nipissing's Bronwyn Bolduc traded goals in regulation time before MacAuley Carr gave Laurentian the win just 1:13 into the extra period. Emily Toffoli recorded the win.

The Western Mustangs bounded back on Sunday by downing the Waterloo Warriors 1-0 on Brianna Iazzolino's power-play goal in the second period. Kelly Campbell picked up the shutout while bringing her win-loss record to .500 at 1-1-0.

Quebec Results

Nada. Zilch. Zero. The regular season for the RSEQ doesn't start until Frday, October 16, so we have a little time before we'll see anything out of Quebec regarding women's hockey results. Hold tight until the 16th if you're waiting for that province's information.

Maritime Results

The Atlantic University Sports Conference starts their regular season on Friday, October 16, so stay tuned for those results in a couple of weeks on this feature. There will be a pile of scores as the Atlantic teams get their seasons underway.

Anything Else?

Like Beck said in The Rundown, "Listen, they've got a legitimate shot at repeating this year, I do not want to hurt them." The undefeated Pronghorns took down the UBC Thunderbirds at UBC, and will now venture into Panda territory as they take on the Alberta Pandas in Edmonton this upcoming weekend. Can Lethbridge make believers out of all of us?

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!