Thursday, 19 October 2017

The Hockey Show - Episode 265

The Hockey Show, Canada's only campus-produced radio show that strictly talks hockey, is back tonight with a special show as we're knee-deep in Pledge-O-Rama for another season! Pledge-O-Rama is UMFM's annual pledge drive that goes to help us fund capital projects at the radio station such as equipment upgrades, a new transmission tower that was installed and activated this summer, and other major upgrades in and around the station. Being that UMFM is a non-profit station, any black ink on the bottom line gets invested back into the station, so Pledge-O-Rama helps us out immensely in bring you quality and unique programming that you won't find anywhere else!

Tonight, Beans and I are thrilled to welcome this beauty to the show. That's Rob Ullman, and he's a talented and incredible artist who has a pile of success to his name with everything he's been involved with in his career. He has worked with minor-league baseball's Richmond Flying Squirrels to come up with their eleven t-shirt designs this past summer, creates his own unique sports artwork, he's the staff cartoonist at Dejan Kovacevic's Pittsburgh-based website, and he's contributed to a number of other websites with his artwork. In other words, he's a pretty darn good at what he does! Tonight, Beans and I will talk to Rob about his art, jerseys, his beloved Pittsburgh Penguins, his family and more as we get to know Rob Ullman tonight on The Hockey Show's Pledge-O-Rama Extravaganza!

I was going to paste the whole rigmarole about the Pledge-O-Rama stuff again, but I did that last night. Click here for more details! And remember that any donation of $50 or more gets you entered into the draws for Rob's art!

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Tonight, Teebz and Beans talk The Tragically Hip, hockey, art, family, jerseys, Pittsburgh, Richmond, and more as we get to know artist Rob Ullman only on The Hockey Show found on 101.5 UMFM and on the UMFM app!

PODCAST: October 19, 2017: Episode 265

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Pledge-O-Rama Preview

UMFM, the home of The Hockey Show, is currently in its week-long pledge drive known as Pledge-O-Rama. Pledge-O-Rama is important to the station because it helps us raise funds for capital improvements that often are priced beyond our normal operating budget. Some of the improvements we've done over the years include paying for the remote broadcast units, upgrades to station audio equipment, and covering the costs of a new transmission tower as we move from analog to digital and remain current for another twenty-five years. Needless to say this is a big week for the station!

If you enjoy our crazy program or any of the other programs on UMFM, The Hockey Show wants you to donate. As of right now, we're sitting at $30,033.46 of our $34,000 goal, so we're not far off with a couple of days to go. You can make a donation in a few different ways, so let's get to this.
  1. You can always call us at 204-474-6610.
  2. Email us at and we'll get back to you.
  3. Use the online donation form.
  4. Visit us if you're in the University of Manitoba area.
What do you get for donating? There's some great shwag up for grabs!
  • UMFM's Friends With Benefits Card: good for discounts and offers at a more than 40 local businesses!
  • UMFM Tote Bag: a classic heavy duty canvas bag!
  • UMFM Beer Stein: we're proudly calling this mug the Dietmar in honor of our favorite German listener!
  • UMFM T-shirts: the artwork was done by excellent local designer Roberta Landreth, and there are two designs you can choose from (of grab both)!
  • UMFM Toque: our new style is made by Carhartt, the premier manufacturer of warm, dependable outdoor gear!
  • UMFM sweatshirt: the same designs on the t-shirts can be found with sleeves and fleece!
  • UMFM earplugs: everyone gets a pair for donating, and we'll even toss in some stickers and temporary tattoos!
So how many clams will this stuff set you back?
But here's where the fun part happens. The Hockey Show wants you to get all that stuff above at the level you're able to make a donation. We're going to add some more fun on top of whatever incentives you want, though, as we have a pile of stuff to give away. All it will take is a donation at the $50 level or more, and we'll enter your name in the draws we'll be making!

Our guest tomorrow is the amazing artist Rob Ullman. Rob worked with minor-league baseball's Richmond Flying Squirrels to come up with their eleven t-shirt designs this past summer, and that's a huge honour for the Virginia-based artist. He also does a pile of other sports artwork, he's the staff cartoonist at Dejan Kovacevic's Pittsburgh-based website, and he's contributed to a number of other websites with his comics. I am proud and honoured to call him a friend, and I'm happy to announce that we'll be giving away a pile of his artwork!

We have a pile of hockey prints to give away. There are six (6) Mark Scheifele prints, one (1) Sidney Crosby print, one (1) Claude Giroux print, one (1) Pekka Rinne print, and one (1) Jonathan Toews print. Everyone who donates at the $50 level or higher will have one of these prints added to their UMFM prizes while supplies last. If there are more than ten people who donate - which would be awesome as that's $500 or better into UMFM's coffers - we'll draw to see who receives a print.

Maybe you want something more original with a little more depth? We'll give away two (2) copies of both editions of Rob's hockey comic books entitled Old-Timey Hockey Tales! Each of the two-volume comic book packages comes with an Atom-Bomb Bikini sticker and a Rob-designed "51 Years" sticker commemorating the five Pittsburgh Stanley Cups in 51 years! Each of the comic books illustrates some hockey history such as the Miracle on Manchester, Gratoony the Loony, the '78 Leafs and their invisible names, and the story of Bill Barilko. Needless to say, these are great additions to a hockey fan's bookshelf!

Maybe you're more into Rob's pin-up work and want something like that? We have a prize pack that we'll draw for consisting of one (1) copy of the Nordiques-themed cover of Blue Lines Volume 2 and an original Rob Ullman Nordiques hockey card! As per Rob, the book contains "digest-sized collections of my hockey-themed pin-up commissions and Stanley Cup playoff drawings" and is numbered 17/300 as it is a limited publishing run. The Nordiques hockey card is an original drawing of what appears to be Eric Lindros in a Nordiques uniform, and is labeled 6/27/12 on the reverse!

Of course, Rob also does larger cardstock art, and this is one of those options. Rob has sent an inked Terry Sawchuk original design, and it's a beauty. Terry, as you may be aware, was born in Winnipeg, and made a name for himself in the NHL with Detroit, Toronto, Los Angeles, and Boston in his illustrious career before he passed away on May 31, 1970. Sawchuk was born in the north end of Winnipeg, and raised in Elmwood where he not only played hockey, but also suited up for the Elmwood Giants baseball club where he won the league's batting title in 1948! If you're a fan of the Red Wings or you want a great discussion piece for your wall at home, this is the piece! We'll make a draw for this as well!

Finally, we have one last original piece of art that we'll draw for tomorrow evening, and that's for a Winnipeg Jets pin-up girl that Rob had made up specifically for this event!
This piece of art would be a great addition to any Jets fan-cave, and it looks outstanding! We'll include this in the draws as well!

Again, we're excited to have Rob on the show tomorrow, and we're pushing hard towards the $34,000 goal for UMFM. We're less than $4000 away from the goal, and we really could use any and all support you can provide. Anything over $50 not only gets you the great UMFM gear, but entered into the draws for this great art from Rob Ullman, so please give what you can to help the radio station!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


When asked in early May about the NHL's strategy for dealing with outspoken players following the NFL's ordeal when the President of the United States focused his social media voice on the NFL's players, Gary Bettman said, "I would encourage and I do encourage our players to do it on their own time. When they're showing up for work to participate in a game that people are focused on, care about, pay a lot of money to attend, then it should be all about the game. That block of time should be apolitical, and we can use our platforms to demonstrate diversity, inclusiveness, educating communities on good causes whether or not it's health or the environment. But when the game is being played, it should be about the game because that's what fans want."

The image above was taken in January when Mr. Bettman was in Calgary speaking to the Calgary Chamber where he uttered, "It is not an overstatement to say the future stability, viability and continuity of the Calgary Flames, and perhaps the city of Calgary, rests on the achievement of CalgaryNEXT."

Those words piqued the interest of then-Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi who wanted to speak with Bettman over this statement. Over the course of the next few months, they had their discussions, and it seemed the two men were no closer at finding a resolution to the Flames' arena issue as they were in January. All of this culminated in the Flames basically breaking off talks with the Mayor's office over not getting what they want - specifically, public money that they don't have to repay to build an arena. As the frsutration boiled over, Gary Bettman told voters that if they want to keep the Flames in Calgary, they should make their voices heard at the ballot boxes in the mayoral election.

Monday at midnight, Nenshi's main rival, Bill Smith, conceded the election when Nenshi had 112,503 votes to Smith's 97,756. Mayor Nenshi and all the incumbent councillors had secured their seats for another four years despite Gary Bettman's imploring people to reconsider and the public grandstanding by the Calgary Flames over Nenshi's refusal to do business the Flames' way.

For a commissioner who is on record telling his players to be apolitical while on the NHL's time, why is he allowed to make comments as he did without punishment? I get that he represents the owners in this battle, but the only proper title for Commissioner Bettman to use is Hypocrite Bettman if he's allowed to try and sway an election while preventing the players in his legal from protesting peacefully.

To make matters worse, employees of the Calgary Flames took to social media to voice their opinions upon hearing the reports that Nenshi had claimed his third term in office. Both of these tweets have now been deleted, but they lived in the ether earlier today.
That's Calgary Sports and Entertaiment ‎Vice President of Sports Property Sales & Marketing Gordon Norrie telling everyone who he is voting for via Twitter. Norrie's tweet leaves little room for doubt as what he'd like to see in the election results as well.

That's Calgary Flames Director of Communications & Media Relations Sean Kelso expressing himself eloquently once the election results were being tabulated and broadcast on Monday night. It seems his choice of words towards the citizens of Calgary might not be the best example that a Director of Communications & Media Relations would want on his resumΓ©. Nonetheless, voila.

And to think that Flames President and CEO Ken King said to a crowd at the Calgary Chamber on September 25, "We're not in politics. It is impertinent, imprudent and inappropriate for us to try to intercede on the political front."

Foot-in-mouth much, Flames?

Sports is a microcosm of society. Everything happening in and around local cities and regions affects its citizens, both private and corporate. Often as a means of civic pride, sports teams will try to rally communities in an effort to bring people together. In the Flames' case, however, it seems that they have no clue what their community wants since Nenshi ran on a platform that included an entertainment and cultural district in Victoria Park on the eastern edge of Calgary's Beltline neighbourhood where the Mayor had proposed the new arena be built.

With Mayor Nenshi officially back for another four years and the Flames still needing an arena, it might be time to swallow some pride, come back to the bargaining table, and figure out how the Calgary Flames can be good corporate citizens of the city of Calgary without emptying the wallets of Calgary taxpayers. This shouldn't be a difficult negotiation for the Flames if they can make a deal that doesn't bleed the city dry without injecting some sorely needed funds into important things like infrastructure maintenance, police and fire funding, and social programs in the city. Good corporate citizens would work with their neighbours rather than reaching into their pockets to build a new barn.

Your move, Flames. The people of Calgary have spoken. And maybe get Sean Kelso to issue an apology while you're at it.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

Monday, 16 October 2017

TBC: Fast Ice Superstars

I have to admit that I sometimes take my position as a hockey fan a little for granted in that I have accumulated a vast spectrum of hockey knowledge. There are those who are discovering the game and certainly trying to learn more about the game in this connected world today, and it's part of any good hockey fan's responsibility to help foster that learning and appreciation for the game. When I picked up today's entry in Teebz's Book Club, I was left feeling underwhelmed, but it occurred to me that not every book is written for my level of hockey fan. In saying that, Teebz's Book Club is proud to review Fast Ice Superstars of the New NHL, written by Andrew Podnieks and published by ECW Press. If you need to know who to keep an eye on in this era's NHL, Mr. Podnieks' new book will certainly give you a number of names to follow in this new NHL.

Directly from his website, "Andrew Podnieks has written more than 80 books on hockey, all of which are featured on this website. In addition, he has attended four Olympics, 13 World Championships, and many World Junior, Women's Worlds, and Women’s U18 Championships for the IIHF, writing extensively for He has worked with Hockey Canada and USA Hockey to produce comprehensive statistics for all levels of competition. For Canada's Sports Hall of Fame, he helped develop web and exhibition content and successfully nominated several inductees." I've been lucky enough to review a number of Mr. Podnieks' books on this site, so check out the list on the right to get reviews on more of his books!

When you think about the superstars of today's NHL, you can probably come up with a pretty comprehensive list if you've been following the game for a while. Names like Connor McDavid, Sidney Crosby, Auston Matthews, Erik Karlsson, and Alexander Ovechkin will certainly make lists for most fans, but what if you were just breaking into being a fan of the game? How would you know who are the best players from across the league without watching every game and highlight available? The answer would be Fast Ice Superstars as Andrew Podnieks highlights 63 of the best players in the NHL right now from across the league for fans who want to know a little more about each of these players.

The five names mentioned above make appearances in Fast Ice Superstars, but there are players that I may have overlooked that Mr. Podnieks highlights that should be noticed by hockey fans. You may list off names like Laine, Seguin, Stamkos, and Subban in your top-ten players right now, but there are a pile of players on teams one may forget about that should also be included, and that's what Mr. Podnieks identifies in Fast Ice Superstars. Players like Cam Atkinson from the Columbus Blue Jackets, Rasmus Ristolainen from the Buffalo Sabres, and Noah Hanifin are often forgotten in this conversation about today's best players, and new fans should certainly be aware of these great players who play for teams who often don't get the national spotlight.

Each player of the 63 chosen by Mr. Podnieks is profiled in Fast Ice Superstars. The write-ups list career accomplishments, unique facts, where the player developed, and statistics. The facts listed by Mr. Podnieks will be appreciated by long-time fans while newer fans will learn where these players developed and why they are considered some of the best players in the game today.

For the long-time, knowledgeable hockey fan, Fast Ice Superstars won't introduce you to any random, obscure, or eccentric information about players. It's a very straight-forward, factual book about how the 63 players highlighted by Mr. Podnieks reached the pinnacle of the sport. For fans who want to know more about their favorite players or for fans who are just learning about the game, this book will be vital in accelerating one's learning about the players thanks to the very clear and concise writing that Mr. Podnieks employs in describing the players contained within Fast Ice Superstars.

There is nothing more important than giving factual and correct information to people, and Fast Ice Superstars delivers on that front as Mr. Podnieks profiles 63 NHL stars with solid write-ups for each player. You won't be dazzled with personal information or obscure facts about the player, but you will get a solid history of the player's development and his work within the NHL to date. For newer and/or younger fans, this is the kind of information that will lead to those fans following players and the sport for a long time. For that very reason, Fast Ice Superstars is absolutely deserving of the Teebz's Book Club Seal of Approval!

Find Fast Ice Superstars at your local library and bookstores as of tomorrow when it hits shelves! It is a suitable for all hockey fans of all ages, and would be suitable for hockey fans at all levels!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

The Rundown - Week 2

After the U SPORTS national rankings came out this past week with three Canada West teams in the top-ten, you had to know that we were going to see some outstanding hockey in at least one of the four series. The top-ranked Alberta Pandas traveled east to Manitoba to meet the eighth-ranked Bisons in a second, consecutive week where Manitoba faced a top-ten opponent - they played second-ranked UBC last week - while that UBC team went into Calgary to battle a much improved Dinos team. With three top-ten teams in action, there was bound to be some fireworks, so let's get into it on this week's edition of The Rundown!

MOUNT ROYAL at REGINA: In the battle of the teams named Cougars, both teams were looking to improve their standing. Mount Royal headed east to Regina for this weekend's series, and we witnessed a couple of good games between young teams in this series. Regina was looking to keep pace with the top teams while Mount Royal needed points to climb out of the basement, but it didn't start well for the Mount Royal Cougars when Jaycee Magwood opened the scoring for Regina at 13:25 after a good cycle job saw Mackenzie Hutchinson feed Magwood, and her slap shot beat a screen Zoe DeBeauville!
Regina would continue to build on that lead in the second period. Sarah Hornoi scored her first U SPORTS goal when she deflected a partially-blocked shot past DeBeauville at 5:33!
The Regina Cougars made it a three-goal advantage 2:19 later when Bailey Braden zipped a shot past DeBeauville with a Regina Cougar in the crease at 7:52! Goaltender interference? You be the judge here, but the referees determined this was a good goal!
It was at this point that the Calgary-based Cougars from Mount Royal decided to awaken from their slumber. Amy Tatum made good on a wrap-around that Kane Kish simply couldn't get the pad on at 9:09 to make it a 3-1 game. Amy was a big part of the second Mount Royal goal as well as she skated the puck out of her zone and into the Regina zone before dishing to Anna Purschke who beat Kish cleanly at 19:09, and we had ourselves a one-goal game with one period to play!

Despite Mount Royal outshooting Regina in the final two periods by a 26-11 margin, it would be Jaycee Magwood who iced this game at 17:06 when he shot from the high slot somehow found its way through DeBeauville for the 4-2 lead.
Regina would take this one by that 4-2 score to improve to 2-1-0 on the season. Jane Kish made 33 stops for the victory while Zoe DeBeauville stopped 19 shots in the loss.

MOUNT ROYAL at REGINA: I have to say that the Regina Cougars' Twitter account having all the video of goals scored by the home team is exactly what I want to see out of a social media account. That being said, they didn't capture the visitors' goals - for good reason, I imagine - and they missed the first goal on Saturday when Kate Scidmore found a loose puck during a scramble in front of Morgan Baker, and she netted her first U SPORTS goal after it seemed like the puck sat in front of the crease forever at 13:45 to put Mount Royal up 1-0.

We jump to the second period where the action picked up considerably. Jaycee Magwood bulged the twine behind Zoe DeBeauville with a laser of a wrist shot that DeBeauville simply couldn't stop at 1:39 to make it 1-1. However, Mount Royal went back up by a goal just 58 seconds later when Rachel Piitz finished off a play with a backhander that beat Baker at 2:47 for the 2-1 Mount Royal lead. The two teams would trade chances for the next fifteen minutes, but Regina eventually broke through. Kaitlyn Crowe fed Kylee Kupper with a long stretch pass to send the speedy forward in alone on DeBeauville, and she made no mistake going high on the blocker side for the equalizer at 17:43!

It would be Kupper again in the third period who broke the deadlock. After streaking down the left wing and behind the net, she fed Jenna Grube out front whose initial shot was stopped by DeBeauville. However, Elise Endicott was standing in front and the rebound came out to her stick, and she made no mistakes in potting the goal at 9:21 to put Regina up 3-2! Despite a late four-minute double-minor to Endicott, the Mount Royal Cougars could not solve Morgan Baker as she held strong in preserving the 3-2 victory! Baker made 24 stops in the win while DeBeauville stopped 23 shots in the loss. All the highlights of Regina's goals are below!

SASKATCHEWAN at LETHBRIDGE: Lethbridge and Saskatchewan met on Friday with both teams looking up at other teams in the standings, so both were on the hunt for points. It looked like one team was ready for puck-drop as Saskatchewan's Elizabeth Salyn had an easy tap-in past Alicia Anderson off a beautiful pass from Rachel Lundberg just 2:07 into the game for the 1-0 Huskies lead. Saskatchewan relied heavily on its speed to set up plays, and it seemed that Lethbridge looked overwhelmed at times. However, Anderson was outstanding as she stopped 22 of 23 shots sent her way in the first period to keep this a one-goal game through twenty minutes of play.

Whatever was said in the dressing room by head coach Michelle Janus sparked the Pronghorns in a big way as they came out flying in the second period. They'd only need a couple of minutes to even the game up as Jasey Book stopped Jodi Gentile's point shot, but Brett Campbell scopped up the rebound and fired it past Book at 2:52 to make it a 1-1 game! The speed of the Huskies eventually began to wear down the Pronghorns' attack, but Anderson was there to keep the Pronghorns in this one as she made another eleven saves through this period to keep the game knotted up.

The third period was more of the same as Anderson stood on her head to make another 13 saves, but neither team coyuld resolve this game in sixty minutes so it was off to overtime! The four-on-four overtime saw both sides playing a little more tentatively, but we would find a winner at the 4:02 mark! Rookie Alli Borrow took a pass inside the Huskies' zone, made a nice move around a defender and into the slot, and she snapped the puck past Book for her first U SPORTS goal and, more importantly, the game-winning goal as Lethbridge picks up the 2-1 OT win! Anderson was more-than-ridiculous tonight in stopping 44 shots for the victory while Book made 20 stops in the overtime loss.

SASKATCHEWAN at LETHBRIDGE: With both teams earning points on Friday, both teams knew that a clean win would really help on Saturday. Things actually started the same way as they did on Friday as Elizabeth Salyn got the Huskies on the board first. While shorthanded, she picked the pocket of a Pronghorns defender just outside the Huskies' zone, kicked it into overdrive to pull away, and went forehand-backhand to beat Alicia Anderson on the breakaway at 10:11 to put Saskatchewan up 1-0! Anderson was busy once more as Lethbridge was outshot 13-6, but found themselves down by only a goal through the opening frame.

The second period saw no scoring, but the Pronghorns were certainly the more aggressive of the two teams. Lethbridge outshot Saskatchewan 8-5, but were unable to solve freshman Chloe Marshall in the middle frame so it was off to the third period where we saw goals scored. With the pressure still on in the Pronghorns' zone after an expired penalty, Emily Upgang collected the rebound off the back boards from a Leah Bohlken shot and found room past Anderson over her shoulder just 29 seconds in to put Saskatchewan up 2-0. The Pronghorns, though, wouldn't go quietly into the night. Madison Toppe forced a turnover deep in Sasakatchewan's end midway through the period, and she fed Mikaela Reay who beat Marshall on the blocker side at 10:23 to make it a 2-1 game!

The Huskies would counter right back and literally take the wind out of Lethbridge's sails. Just 17 seconds after Reay's goal, Bailee Bourassa stole the puck from a Pronghorn at the Lethbridge blue line, stepped into the zone, and unleashed a rocket from the top of the circle that beat Anderson high on the blocker side to make it a two-goal Huskies lead once more! Late penalties saw the Pronghorns stuck in their own zone and unable to push for an equalizer, and Saskatchewan takes the second game by a score of 3-1. Marshall made 19 stops for the win while Anderson stopped 34 shots in a losing effort.

UBC at CALGARY: The second-ranked team in the nation made the trip across the Rockies to visit the Dinos. On paper, this series looked like it might be a mismatch, but that's why they play the games! And this one saw the scoring start early as Madison Patrick's point shot at 3:13 was redirected in front, and this change of direction eluded Kelsey Roberts in the Calgary net to make it 1-0 UBC! Three minutes later, the Dinos found themselves on a power-play where Morgan Loroff's point shot was deflected up and over Tory Micklash to even the score at 1-1 at the 6:46 mark!

UBC, though, continued to press, forcing Calgary to take two penalties back-to-back for an extended five-on-three power-play. On said power-play, the Thunderbirds put on a display of exceptional passing. Nineteen seconds into the power-play, Brielle Bellerive turned a pass into a snipe as she went short side on Roberts for the power-play goal at 12:18 to give UBC the 2-1 lead!

The second period saw UBC extend its lead when Emily Costales came off the bench to join the rush, and she one-timed a feed from Kenzie Robinson past Roberts at 11:03 to make it 3-1. Tiffany Chiu added a fourth T-Birds goal on a two-on-one at the 6:11 mark when she played give-and-go with Shay-Lee McConnell before firing home a shot on the glove side to make it 4-1. While the score wasn't all that bad, the difference in shots spoke of who dominated this game. Tory Micklash earned the win with a 15-save effort while Kelsey Roberts suffered the loss despite making 39 saves on the night.

UBC at CALGARY: After Friday's game in which UBC controlled the majority of the play, you had to know that Calgary wanted to push back in Saturday's game. The teams played a little end-to-end hockey in the first period with neither team finding an advantage thansk to saves like the following from Kelsey Roberts!

The second period brought more of the same as the scoreless game continued.

The third period appeared to be another scoreless frame, but UBC broke the draw late in the game. Hannah Clayton-Carroll held onto the puck on a two-on-one, and that decision was a wise one as she wristed home a laser to the top-shelf on Roberts that the netminder couldn't snag, and the T-Birds had the 1-0 lead with 2:50 to play! With Roberts on bench, the Dinos had a few good opportunities on Amelia Boughn, but the Thunderbirds' netminder turned away all shots for her first shutout in the 1-0 UBC victory! Boughn stopped all 19 Dinos attempts while Roberts was outstanding in a 38-save loss.

ALBERTA at MANITOBA: The top-ranked Pandas stopped by Wayne Fleming Arena for a weekend set with the eighth-ranked Bisons, and these two rivals brought all the energy needed for a classic heavyweight bout. Would the Bisons finally be able to snap the mastery of the Pandas over the Manitoba squad? They had won all six games last season over the Bisons, so Manitoba wanted to start this season's series off the right way!

Amy Boucher opened the scoring at 6:24 of the first period in a rather unconventional way. After Rachel Dyck misplayed a rebound, Boucher came crashing into the play and flicked a puck up high that hit Bisons forward Lauryn Keen and ricocheted into the net to put the Pandas up 1-0! Alberta then used the power-play to double the lead as Autumn MacDougall found some space in the slot and swept home the pass from Taylor Kezama past Dyck at 15:34 to make it a 2-0 Pandas lead. The Bisons, though, wouldn't go into the intermission without a power-play goal of their own as Lauryn Keen deflected an Amanda Sharman blast past Dayna Owen to make it 2-1 at 17:43.

The Bisons would open the second period on the power-play, and they didn't waste any time. Alanna Sharman and Venla Hovi worked the top of the umbrella nicely before Hovi set up Erica Rieder for the big one-timer from the right face-off dot, and her blast got through Dayna Owen to tie the game at 2-2!

Alberta would take the lead back midway through the period on a shot that I'm sure Rachel Dyck wants back. Ashley Morin got a step on a Bisons defender and got a good, low shot away on Dyck. Dyck got part of it as the shot went between her legs and slowly trickled across the line for the Pandas goal to make it 3-2 at 11:56. In a rather strange moment, Alanna Sharman was whistled late in the period as she stepped out of the box and touched the puck, but the referee ruled she hadn't fully left the box prior to touching the puck. The result was a delay of game penalty, but Manitoba would kill off that odd call and take the 3-2 score to the intermission.

The teams traded chances in the third period, but a scary moment occurred late in the game. Jenai Buchanan was going into the corner and was bumped from behind by Abby Krzyzaniak which caused Buchanan to fall awkwardly into the boards. Buchanan was down on the ice for a minute in some discomfort, but she was able to skate off under her own power. Krzyzaniak, however, was assessed a five-minute major for boarding and a game misconduct, so the Bisons would have the majority of the remaining time to find the equalizer!

It would take a few minutes for the Bisons to find their comfort zone again, but they finally scored on the power-play when Alexandra Anderson walked the line while eight players stood in front of Dayna Owen, and her wrist shot somehow found its way to twine to make it a 3-3 game at 16:06!

It looked like we'd be playing some free hockey on Friday night, but Amy Boucher wanted none of it. She picked up a turnover at the Bisons blue line with a handful of seconds remaining, and she wired a wrist shot high and hard on the blocker side over Rachel Dyck's shoulder with eight seconds remaining to give the Pandas the 4-3 victory! Dayna Owen made 15 saves for the win while Rachel Dyck suffered the loss in an eight-save game.

ALBERTA at MANITOBA: If Friday's game was a preview between these two rivals, I want more and more often. Saturday was a big game for Manitoba as they needed to keep pace with the Pandas in the standings, so anything outside of three points would be a disappointment. The opening period was filled with opportunities, but Dayna Owen and rookie netminder Lauren Taraschuk, playing in her first U SPORTS start, were both up to the challenge. It would be on a power-play where the scoring was opened, and it was Alana Serhan in front causing all sorts of mayhem who had the puck go off her from a Venla Hovi centering pass and end up behind Owen at 15:32 for the Bisons' first lead of the weekend!

The second period started with all sorts of goals. Hannah Olenyk caught Caitlin Fyten in no man's land as she got caught backing up towards Taraschuk, and the shifty Pandas forward used Fyten as a screen to go high on Taraschuk at 1:02 to make it 1-1. Fyten, though, came right back and erased that mistake with a goal of her own when she snuck in from the point and banged home a rebound off a Venla Hovi shot to put the Bisons up 2-1 at 1:38. The Pandas didn't stop skating, though, and Amy Boucher struck again as she made a good rush into the zone while players crashed the crease. Boucher, though, held the puck and circled the net for the wrap-around that she tucked home just before Taraschuk could get her pad to the post, and we were tied 2-2 at the 6:41 mark! The two teams settled down after that and took the deadlocked game into the dressing room as we looked for a winner in the final frame.

The third period saew the Bisons benefit from another power-play despite missing out on a power-play goal. Seconds after the power-play had expired, Alana Serhan teed a puck up from the blue line and ripped home a high shot that Owen couldn't stop to make it 3-2 at the 7:31 mark. With Alberta pressing for the the equalizer late, Manitoba forward Allison Sexton found room behind the Alberta defence, and Megan Neduzak hit her with a good stretch pass that allowed Sextn to break in alone on Owen. Sexton faked going to the backhand and dragged the puck on her forehand to the far post and around Owen's outstretched pad for a gorgeous insurance goal as the Bisons went up 4-2 at the 17:33 mark

That would be all that Lauren Taraschuk needed as she picked up her first U SPORTS win in the Bisons 4-2 victory! Taraschuk stopped 20 shots in the win while Owen made 30 saves in the loss.


Here are the updated standings, and note how close the teams are early on. This is going to be a fun season if these teams hang around together all season.

School Record Points GF GA Streak Next
British Columbia
9 13 7
9 13 10
vs UBC
7 11 9
vs CGY
7 10 9
vs MAN
6 13 14
4 4 5
4 2 6
Mount Royal
2 6 12
vs LET

Manitoba survived the top-two teams in the nation over the last two weeks, coming away with splits against both UBC and Alberta. UBC and Alberta will meet November 24 and 25, and who knows where they will be ranked at that point. This is why every game and every point is so important as these two teams who medaled at last year's U SPORTS national championship can't take a week off. The hunt is on to see who finishes atop the Canada West mountain! We'll see you next week on The Rundown!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!