Friday, 7 December 2018

Year Of The Goalie Goal

It's pretty remarkable that we've already seen goaltenders score goals in the AHL and the WHL this year. Goalie goals are one of those rare feats that make highlight reels across North America due to how infrequently they happen. However, it seems that the 2018-19 season is one where the goalies are starting to add some offensive flair to their jobs of being the ultimate defensive player. While we wait for the NHL to catch up to these lower levels of hockey, would you believe we have another league where a goalie scored tonight?

Without any further delay, here is Atte Tolvanen, goaltender for the Northern Michigan University Wildcats of the NCAA, scoring his first goal on North American soil!
Trailing 4-2 in the game, the Michigan Tech Huskies pulled netminder Matt Jurusik as they looked to continued their perfect record against WCHA opponents. I don't think they were expecting an empty-net goal scored by Tolvanen as Atte recorded the first goal in Northern Michigan program history when he launched the puck down the ice into the yawning cage! Atte's goal also made him the 11th NCAA goaltender to record a goal in game as he joins the following list:
  • Jim Tortorella, Maine, vs Vasby (SWE) - Dec 28, 1980.
  • Damian Rhodes, MTU vs Colorado College - Jan 21, '89.
  • Andrew Allen, Vermont, vs Harvard - Jan 3, 1998.
  • Chad Alban, Michigan State, vs Ferris State - Feb 28, 1998.*
  • Mike Mantua, Western Michigan, vs Ferris State - Nov 16, '02.*
  • Jonathan Quick, Massachusetts, vs Merrimack - Jan 6, 2007.
  • Kyle Richter, Harvard, vs Yale - Feb 22, 2008.
  • Mitch Gillam, Cornell, vs Niagara - Nov 26, 2013.*
  • Michael Garteig, Quinnipiac, vs Union - Dec 7, 2013.
  • Evan Weninger, Omaha, vs Miami-Ohio - Jan 13, 2018.
  • Atte Tolvanen, NMU, vs Michigan Tech - Dec 7, 2018.*
  • * denotes goalies who shot the puck.
If that Tolvanen name sounds familiar, it's because Atte's older brother, Eeli, is a member of the Nashville Predators! While Eeli has one NHL goal, 21 AHL goals, 19 KHL goals, and 101 USHL goals, Atte can now say he leads the Tolvanen family in goals scored in the NCAA!

Perhaps, of the 11 netminders above, the most amazing story comes from Mitch Gillam. The Cornell netminder was a freshman in 2013-14, and he made his debut on November 26, 2013 against Niagara - note the date. With Cornell leading 3-2 late in the game, Gillam gloved a shot from Niagara's Matt Chartrain, dropped it to the ice in front of him, and fired the puck down the ice for the insurance marker and first NCAA goal in a 4-2 victory where he also made 24 saves for his first NCAA victory! The ironic part? The Niagara game would be his only start of the season, and just one of two appearances all season in the Cornell net!

While Atte can't claim that same fame - he's 7-9-0 this season - he did snap Michigan Tech's perfection against the WCHA in the 5-3 victory. Yes, he allowed a late power-play goal so this wasn't as perfect as it could have been, but for a guy who is supposed to be stopping pucks instead of shooting them into the net, that's a solid night of work!

In all seriousness, it's pretty cool seeing all these goalie goals this season across a number of leagues. The only question that remains is who in the NHL will add their name to the list?

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

Thursday, 6 December 2018

The Hockey Show - Episode 324

The Hockey Show, Canada's only campus-produced radio show that strictly talks hockey, returns to the comfy confines of studio life tonight after our adventure in an arena in suburbian Winnipeg! Tonight, Beans and I have a couple of special guests as we welcome Jason Pchajek from This Week in Bisons Sports (found at 11:00am on Fridays on UMFM) and Joe Gonzalez of Cup O' Joe (former UMFM show) as they come in to debate, dissect, and dissert on a number of hockey topics tonight including articles that both Jason and Joe wrote in The Manitoban, the University of Manitoba's campus newspaper. We also have a giveaway, an announcement, and our regular goofy hockey chatter, so make sure you tune in tonight at 5:30pm CT!

Joe wrote an article about how hockey really needs more stuff like the Hurricanes Leap that allows the players to show off some personality. We'll discuss this before talking about Seattle joining the party, the Coyotes looking for someone to share the losses, the Panthers looking at options, why the Senators will always be in Ottawa, Forbes' valuations of the NHL teams, Chuck Fletcher taking over in Philly, William Nylander's insane contract structure, Reaves on Wilson, Modano telling Hitchcock to play McDavid on the penalty-kill, an article that Jason wrote about Bisons men's hockey and where that season seems to have gone off the tracks, Bisons women's hockey notes, and we'll touch on the schedule for the Female World Sport School Challenge coming up at the end of January!

Teebz, didn't you mention something about a giveaway? I sure did! For the last couple of weeks, I've been trying to get Ed the Sock to make an appearance either in-person (is he a person?) or via telephone. It turns out that Ed is in Calgary tonight for a show on his War On Stupid tour, so he can't make that happen. That's understandable, so we're going to do the next best thing. Rather than having Ed on the show tonight and potentially ruining his show in Calgary with all of our hockey talk, The Hockey Show will send you to his show here in Winnipeg tomorrow at 7pm at The Pyramid Cabaret! Don't just think this will be a first-come, first-serve setup, though. There will be an Ed-related trivia question for the tickets, so make sure you brush up on your sock knowledge!

You may have heard her on the show last week, but we're helping Skylar Ferguson out again tonight. The Oak Park senior, seen to the left, is collecting new and gently-used sports equipment for the Churchill and Kivalliq communities in her "Sport the North Churchill" campaign! Skylar is looking for any and all sports equipment, but needs things like volleyballs, basketballs, and pickleball sets to really round out the equipment she has collected. If you have any equipment you want to donate, you can do so at one of the following sites tonight from 6pm-9pm or on Saturday from 9am-2pm:
  • Roblin Park CC (640 Pepperloaf Cr.)
  • Varsity View CC (4230 Ridgewood Ave.)
  • Dakota CC/Jonathan Toews Arena (1188 Dakota St.)
  • East End CC (517 Pandora Ave. East)
  • BellMTS IcePlex (3969 Portage Ave.
If you happen to drop by with some gear to donate, you can enter a draw for a pair of tickets to see the Winnipeg Jets at an upcoming game! How cool is that? Donate some equipment, change a community's life, see the Jets. That's a pretty awesome deal if you ask me.

You might be wondering where the blurb about the UMFM app has gone. I'm going on record to say you can still use it, but the new UMFM website will fill the needs of our listeners because the new online streaming player is pretty awesome. If you're using an Apple device, the player doesn't seem to like Safari, but we highly recommend you use the TuneIn app found on the App Store. The UMFM app will currently work for you, but there's some work being done to realign it with UMFM's new website, so it may go silent soon. If it does, TuneIn. It's a solid app.

I'm changing up the social media portion as well. I'm losing faith in Facebook, so that option will slowly be allowed to drift off into the horizon. However, the other options still work! Email all show questions and comments to! Tweet me anytime with questions you may have by hitting me up at @TeebzHBIC on Twitter! We're here to listen to you, so make your voice heard!

Tonight, Teebz and Beans welcome Jason and Joe to the show as we discuss new teams, money-losing teams, GM-replacing teams, players on teams, university teams, helping out northern Manitoba teams, and much more only on The Hockey Show found exclusively on 101.5 UMFM, on the UMFM app, on the web stream!

PODCAST: December 6, 2018: Episode 324
RESOURCES: Sport the North!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Dress Codes

I work in an industry that allows me to dress in clothes that make me safe while still being comfortable. I don't have to wear a shirt and tie, but golf shirts are the limit of what I can wear when it comes to a more casual look as I'm still required to wear a collar in my professional setting. In saying that, there was a bit of flap caused by Stu Cowan of the Montreal Gazette today when the newspaper published an article where he and a couple of Montreal Canadiens expressed their wishes for a more lax dress code in the NHL. None of them dislike the suit-and-tie dress code for the players as it is, but Cowan and Habs forward Brendan Gallagher talk about how Gallagher would like a few more options when it comes to the dress code enforced by the NHL and its teams.

As Cowan points out in his article, the NHL's dress code is a part of the 2005 Collective Bargaining Agreement where the NHL lays out the expected clothing a player wears when it comes it representing the league and/or his team. It reads, "Players are required to wear jackets, ties and dress pants to all Club games and while travelling to and from such games unless otherwise specified by the Head Coach or General Manager."

In 2005, Scott Burnside, then of ESPN, explored this same issue, and found that the previous CBA, negotiated in 1995, also contained the exact same dress code rule for its players. It is, word for word, the exact same statement as listed in the above paragraph, so it's not like players of this generation of any age haven't fallen under this rule.

While Gallagher is the player saying that he wants more options today, it was former Lightning forward Vincent Lecavalier who had those same sentiments in 2005. Whether it's a player saying it in 2018 or in 2005, players have accepted this reality of wearing a suit to the office, but would like the option of wearing something else, something possibly more casual.

Doesn't that sound like every professional everywhere?

A dress code is something that employers use to cultivate an image of professionalism and sophistication. While at work, one is expected to represent one's employer in terms of culture and message, and the image of the company is part of that culture. This is why you rarely see lawyers wearing shorts and t-shirts while arguing cases, why you see police officers wearing a non-descript uniform, and why NHL players wear suits into and out of the arena.

Away from the arena, players can wear jeans and t-shirts while at home or out with friends and family. No one will fault them for being comfortable on their own time, and no one can force them to wear a suit if the occasion doesn't call for it. While players like Henrik Lundqvist and PK Subban are building their own image wearing suits out on the town, not all players have that same desire to be a member of high fashion.

Don't expect this clause in the CBA to disappear in the next CBA. While Don Cherry likes to ramble on about how good "the boys" look every Saturday as they walk into the rink, the fact is that the dress code is there to elevate the NHL's image.

Deion Sanders once said in GQ, "If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good." I don't know if the third line in that statement is the intended goal of the dress code, but most athletes would likely agree that if wearing a suit to the rink is the worst part of getting paid to pay professionally, they'd dress in knight's armor if that's what was demanded in the dress code to make millions of dollars to play hockey.

I know I would.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Instant Karma

There are some people who consider the man to the left, the late, great John Lennon, to be a prophet. I'm not sure I believe in that theory, but I do believe that Lennon was a modern-day poet who often looked deeper into the human element more than other did. He wrote some amazing music and penned some rather moving lyrics such as those he wrote for "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)". In saying that, another of Lennon's most famous works can be brought to light today because the game between the Washington Capitals and the Vegas Golden Knights last night saw some instant karma delivered.

In Lennon's song "Instant Karma", he sings in the first verse, "Instant Karma's gonna get you/Gonna knock you right on the head/You better get yourself together/Pretty soon you're gonna be dead". He adds in a later verse, "Instant Karma's gonna get you/Gonna knock you off your feet/Better recognize your brothers/Ev'ryone you meet". These lyrics rang truer than any song lyrics ever have for me when it came to watching a specific moment last night during the Washington-Vegas game. That specific moment happened with 4:21 remaining in the second period.
Vegas' Ryan Reaves blindsided Tom Wilson with a thunderous hit, and it left Wilson shaken as he tried to collect himself on the ice. I'm not one to celebrate dirty hits, and I think Reaves rightfully got the penalty he deserved when he was ejected for the blindside hit if Wilson was ejected for one earlier this week. While this hit was clearly shoulder on shoulder, there likely will be no additional punishment for Reaves based on his ejection despite this hit perhaps being part of the battles that had been ongoing between Wilson and Reaves for the entirety of the game up to that point.

There's a small piece of me, though, who legitimately thinks that Wilson got what has been long coming to him after his history of dirty and illegal hits. As Lennon sang and the video shows, instant karma came and got Tom Wilson, knocking him right on his head. You know there are guys around the league who are secretly celebrating what Ryan Reaves did tonight in perhaps knocking some sense into Wilson when it comes to him recognizing his brothers in the NHLPA. Whatever the case may be, a small part of me was glad to see Tom Wilson being the guy trying to figure out what day it is rather than him knocking someone else senseless.

That being said, Wilson was taken out of the game by the Capitals and did not return. There was no word on any injury, but it's pretty clear he was shaken up by Reaves' hit. I'm not here to wish harm on Wilson in any way, and I do hope he's alright when it comes to playing in Washington's next game. If he exhibits any concussion-like symptoms, Washington should do everything they can to help Wilson because the hit was violent and there was clear jarring of the head and neck when Reaves slammed into Wilson. His reaction after the hit seemed to show signs of being dazed, so there should be someone checking Wilson closely for even the slightest hints of a concussion.

Ryan Reaves can now adopt the nickname "Instant Karma". He delivered it on Tuesday night.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

Monday, 3 December 2018

To Use Or Not To Use

I've played a lot of beer-league hockey in my time, and I know that sometimes we're assigned the latest possible timeslot to not only save us money, but save us some embarrassment as well. In any case, there's usually a few guys who hit the 11pm timeslot with coffees in-hand, but I've been noticing that there are more and more accountants-turned-playmakers who are turning to energy drinks like 5-Hour Energy to give them the pick-me-up they need to power through an old-timers game. The swear by their effectiveness, but I've always been sceptical of their efficacy when it comes to what's actually in one of these tiny bottles.

So what's in the bottle? Well, Mel Magazine's Ian Lecklitner got the science on the beverage and the skinny on the chemicals to figure out if 5-Hour Energy beverages and the likes are actually doing what they claim! You're encouraged to read the linked article, but I'll do a quick recap of his findings here.

First, what's in that li'l bottle?
And what exactly is all that stuff? Here's what Mr. Lecklitner found.
  1. Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, and Vitamin B12: all of these chemicals are simply variants of the B-vitamin. Niacin is Vitamin B3, B6 is B6, Folic Acid is Vitamin B9, and B12 is B12. And as Dana Hunnes, senior dietitian at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, told Lecklitner, unless one suffers from "significant niacin deficiencies, which are 'exceedingly rare'", all that would happen is that you'd pee out the excess B-vitamins. So these are mostly useless, yet they comprise the biggest portion of the ingredients as they are listed in concentrations from largest to smallest on the ingredients list.
  2. Taurine and Glucuronolactone: studies are ongoing with regards to the effects these chemicals have when mixed with caffeine, but it seems that more research is needed as the effects are largely unproven.
  3. Malic Acid, N-Acetyl L Tyrosine, L-Phenylalanine, and Citicoline: all have found to be rather useless when it comes to how the body uses them.
  4. Caffeine: the effects of too much caffeine have been published time and time again, but caffeine really does work as a pick-me-up for some, and a 5-Hour Energy has the equivalent amount as a 12-ounce cup of coffee. It should also be noted that caffeine can play a role in dehydrating a person based on how much one has ingested.
  5. Purified Water: gotta dissolve all this stuff in something, right?
  6. Natural and Artificial Flavors: these are reportedly added in such small quantities that they don't even matter.
  7. Sucralose: better known as Splenda, an artificial sweetener.
  8. Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate and EDTA: three preservatives that prevent the growth of microbes, bacteria, and molds. EDTA seems like it might be the most concerning of the bunch if you have medical conditions already.
So what does Mr. Lecklitner conclude? He writes,
5-Hour ENERGY contains the caffeine-equivalent of a 12-ounce cup of coffee, then the manufacturers threw in a bunch of useless ingredients to help convince consumers that this is, in fact, more effective than coffee. But according to Consumer Reports, who had access to an unpublished double-blind study on that exact topic, "We found little if any research showing that other ingredients on the label — including B vitamins and amino acids — would give the average person a boost. 5-Hour ENERGY will probably chase away grogginess at least as well as a cup of coffee."
I guess I'll stick with my Tim Hortons beverage on the way into the rink. I do love that warming feeling of the coffee as you drink it down while getting that first blast of cold air when walking into the rink as it is, so why mess with a good thing?

I do know that I don't need a lot of unnecessary chemicals in my body. I guess neither this blog nor I will ever be sponsored by 5-Hour Energy.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!