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Friday, 18 April 2014

Because It's The Cup

With the final opening round series set to get underway tonight, there were a few photos of a second Stanley Cup making their way around the interwebs thanks to a brand-new attraction in Boston. The Legoland Discovery Center Boston opens in approximately one month, and I will tell you right now that I am a Lego freak. I love it. I can honestly say it may have been my favorite toy growing up and into my adulthood because it literally makes one creative. You can build anything, and, in saying that, the Legoland Discovery Center Boston constructed a replica of the Stanley Cup that has been popping up around Boston in a number of places. If the Bruins can play some creative hockey over the next few weeks, that could be the real Stanley Cup!

According to Legoland Discovery Center Boston's Facebook page, this replica of the Stanley Cup is made from "7,500 LEGO bricks, is 35 inches tall and 17 inches wide, and took more than 32 hours to design and build". Needless to say, it's a bit of an engineering feat! It looks pretty awesome, though, and you'll see that the Lego version of the Stanley Cup has been touring Boston finding all the Bruins on billboards, statues, and signage.

Players like Patrice Bergeron...

... and Bobby Orr...

... and even Blades got into the action with the Lego Stanley Cup!

That Stanley Cup is pretty awesome. I would love to see Lego raffle that thing off, but when you're talking about a three-foot trophy made from 7500 bricks, that would be a pain in the rear to ship to the winner. In any case, the Bruins got a little taste of the Stanley Cup courtesy of Lego's new Legoland Discovery Center Boston, and the newest Lego attraction is pulling for its hometown NHL squad this spring!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Hockey Show - Episode Eighty-Four

The Hockey Show, Canada's only campus-produced hockey radio show, will be ready for some crazy fun tonight! The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs began last night, and we'll get everyone up-to-date on that. The KHL Playoffs are down to two finalists and the battle for the Gagarin Cup starts tomorrow, so we'll look at that series in the Russian Roundup. However, there is one big reason to tune in tonight, and if you're a fan of free gear, this might be for you!


There are a few requirements that I need to cover first. These are REQUIREMENTS, so if you can't fulfill them, please don't ruin the fun for someone else.
  1. You must call into the show on Thursday night between 5:30pm CT and whenever we fill all the spots in the contest. I will be sticking around to ensure we have all 16 spots filled with contestants, so don't think that your opportunity to get in ends when the show ends.
  2. You must have an email account so that we can send you info when needed. We won't be flooding your inboxes with spam, so don't think we're going to use of nefarious purposes.
  3. A desire to watch your chosen team's progress in the NHL Playoffs.
So there are the requirements that you must fulfill. That last one is pretty important in that if you have no interest in watching hockey, please don't take a spot. If you're not on email, I'm not sure where you've been for the last decade. And if you don't want to call in, don't complain about the availability of this contest. If you're calling long-distance to reach us, spend the fifty cents for us to get your info. We'll call you back. Good? Good.

Now, if you're aware of the Survivor pools, you basically just pick a name out of a hat, and that person on Survivor is your person for the run of the show. If he or she is voted off the island, the game for you is over. We're about to do the same thing.

We will have whomever calls in to select a number between one and sixteen. Those numbers will have a corresponding team assigned to them randomly. Whatever number you've chosen will select your team for the playoffs. Sounds easy, right?

For example, Beans calls in at 6pm. We put him on the air, and he chooses #7. The team associated with #7 is the Montreal Canadiens. Beans is now cheering for the Montreal Canadiens. I call in, and I chose #10. Team #10 is the New York Rangers. I am now cheering for the New York Rangers.

What we'll do is post the match-ups with the corresponding names on HBIC, and we'll let the games play out. If Montreal meets the Rangers, Beans and I will face-off in a Survivor-style match-up where one team will advance, and one team will be sent home/voted off the island. If Montreal beats New York in their in their series, my Survivor: NHL Playoffs is over.

Once a team is eliminated, we will call you back so that you may be ready to deliver your thoughts on your team's effort in the playoffs in a Survivor-style ending like the one below.
There won't be any money for the winner, but there will be prizes. But please don't whine like Jeff Kent did. You can say "my team sucks" or whatever, but we're working on getting those people who are eliminated on the air to discuss their teams' issues that led to their demise. Of course, you may not even care about the NHL Playoffs, but we do expect you to be able to speak about your chosen team's problems, so please watch SportsCenter at least!

As stated above, there will be prizes. Not everyone, though, will get a prize. Like Survivor, it will have to be earned through a challenge. We'll organize the winner's prize once we finish getting everything together, but here are some of the challenges: first team eliminated, first shutout earned, and first hat trick. Prizes will be awarded to the contestant who successfully wins these challenges, so there's hope for everyone in this contest in terms of possibly getting a prize.

Sound good? If you have questions, please email me. If you have comments, leave them below. If you simply hate this idea or hate me, leave that info in the comments too. I'd like to address all concerns before we roll this contest out. Thanks for reading, and here's hoping we hear from you tonight on 101.5 UMFM! You can also listen live on, and you can reach us at 204-269-8636! Call us tonight once the contest opens!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

If You're Not Playing Hurt...

Ryan Getzlaf is a pretty important piece of the Anaheim Ducks. He centers their top line, he's become the de facto set-up man for Corey Perry, and he's been a leader since arriving in southern California. Getzlaf led his Ducks into Game One against the Dallas Stars, and was a factor early as he scored a goal on a deflection to put the Ducks up 2-0 en route to their 4-3 victory. Getzlaf, though, would finish the game in the dressing room after sacrificing his body in the win.

With Anaheim leading late in the third period and the Dallas net empty, the Stars were pressing in the Anaheim zone. Goligoski chased down a loose puck and threw a backhanded pass across to Tyler Seguin who wound up with the slapshot. However, the puck wobbled on the pass, and Seguin was able to under the puck a little more than I'm sure he would have liked. Getzlaf stood between Seguin and the net, and this is how Getzlaf's night ended.
Reports after the game have Getzlaf's cheek a little swollen and having a few stitches in it, but he will reportedly suit up for Game Two on Friday night. As the old saying goes, "If you're not playing hurt, you're not in the playoffs." Getzlaf will have a new scar to talk about this summer after his Game One experience.

"I think he's going to be OK, but he's probably going to have a little nasty cut on the side of his mouth," Boudreau told reporters after the game. "As far as I know, nothing else is there. But I'll know more tomorrow."

Anaheim, Pittsburgh, and Montreal were all winners on the first night of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs. If you're in the HBIC Playoff Pool, game-winning goal-scorers included Matt Beleskey, Brandon Sutter, and Dale Weise, respectively, for those teams, so hopefully you scored a minimum of three points! Four games go tonight as Philadelphia travels to Madison Square Garden for a date with the Rangers, Chicago is in St. Louis, Minnesota goes mile-high at the Pepsi Center against the Avalanche, and Los Angeles will play the Sharks in San Jose.

Playoffs, baby! I love this game!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Pre-Playoff Hockey Notes

Tomorrow night sees one of sports' finest traditions begin again as the annual rite of not shaving begins around North America with the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs getting underway. The man to the left with the impressive facial hair is Emil Kåberg from last season's Orebro hockey club in Sweden. That, readers, is one heckuva playoff beard, and there's a good chance we may see a few NHL players sporting their own facial hair designs like Mr. Kåberg.

Playoff Pool Entries

I want to start off this entry with a big thanks to everyone who has entered into the HBIC Playoff Pool thus far. I am excited for this year's pool as there are still prizes rolling in, meaning we'll have prizes for a number of the top finishers. I also want to thank Mark Penxa and Rob Ullman as they've provided a few prizes, so expect to see their names a lot when talking about the HBIC Playoff Pool prizes. Those two guys are beyond awesome!

You have until puck-drop on Wednesday night to get those picks in, so head over to the entry page and get yourself signed up!

Florida Wins Lottery

There were no major surprises today in the NHL Draft Lottery except for the bottom-two teams in the NHL flip-flopping their order. Buffalo, who finished 30th, will draft at the second-overall position behind the Draft Lottery-winning Florida Panthers. It will be an interesting situation for Florida going into the draft.

The only position that has a lock on it is goaltending. Roberto Luongo is going to be there for the foreseeable future, and he's got a ton of time left on his contract. Drafting a goaltender first-overall is something that has happened before when Luongo was the bonafide starting guy, but I can't see that happening in Florida. Instead, I see them grabbing another talented forward or even Ekblad for their defence corps, and working some of the younger guys in as they did this year.

I can say that Winnipeg's insistence on winning meaningless games at the end of the season didn't do them any favors as they'll draft ninth-overall rather than at the fifth-spot that they were in one week ago. If you're out, why bother? I've never understood this.

Manitoban In Union

Mat Bodie is one of 2200 students at Union College in New York. Mat was born in Winnipeg, lived in East St. Paul, attended River East Collegiate, and played briefly in the Manitoba Junior Hockey League during his time here in Manitoba before landing at Union College for school.

Union College offers no athletic scholarships, meaning Mat's hockey acumen would have to be proven on the ice if he wanted to play NCAA hockey. Mat made the Dutchman squad, eventually becoming their captain this season in his senior year.

Saturday night, Mat got to leave the Dutchman program as a champion after Union had defeated the Minnesota Golden Gophers 7-4 in the championship game. He scored the seventh goal for Union on the night into an empty net and set up two of the other six, factoring in on nearly half of the Dutchmen offence. He led the Union College Dutchmen on a 16-0-1 run, including twelve-straight wins to close out the season.

Winnipeg, Manitoba pride? You can bet Mat Bodie has it, and the entire city is proud of him!

There's Another Pool

This one is a little tougher to get into since there are a limited number of spaces, but the prizes will be excellent in this contest as well as The Hockey Show on 101.5 UMFM and presents the second annual...
If you're a regular listener, you know that this contest is pretty insane. At approximately 5:35pm CT - five minutes after the show is on the air - we will open up the phones for the Survivor: NHL Playoffs contest to start. Callers will be required to pick a numbered envelope that contains a randomly-selected team inside, and that is the team that the caller will be associated with for the entire Stanley Cup Playoffs.

It's very similar to office-style Survivor pools, but we run it with the sixteen teams participating in the Stanley Cup Playoffs rather than the thirty-or-so players on Survivor. But because we're on the radio, we're not done with those that get in on the contest there. Oh, no... there's more!

If your team is eliminated, we'll call you so you can do your Survivor-style exit interview like you see at the end of every Survivor elimination. We want to hear why you thought your team was terrible. We want to hear you question the coach's decision and the hammer away on under-performing stars. In short, be candid, be honest, and be funny!

We'll go over all this stuff on Thursday night on The Hockey Show, so tune in for some fun and get qualified in the Survivor: NHL Playoffs contest!

EA Sports Calls It

If you're a fan of the NHL Hockey franchise owned by EA Sports, you'll be interested to know who they have predicted to win the Stanley Cup through their simulations at EA Sports Headquarters. Games were played, series were won, and only one team stood at the end. According to EA Sports, the 2014 Stanley Cup Champions will be the...
Boston Bruins!

Their simulations predicted that the Bruins would defeat the San Jose Sharks in six games with goaltender Tuukka Rask finishing the playoffs with a 1.56 GAA, .948 SV% and four shutouts to earn the Conn Smythe Trophy.

Their simulations also showed that the Montreal Canadiens and New York Rangers would sweep Tampa Bay and Philadelphia, respectively, out of the playoffs in the opening round, that Chicago's defence of the Stanley Cup would end in the second-round in a seven-game loss to Colorado, and that the Rangers would meet the Bruins in the Eastern Conference Final for a seven-game battle that would end with a Patrice Bergeron goal five minutes into overtime in Game Seven.

Keep an eye on these predictions, readers! We'll see how the EA Sports' simulation shakes down as the playoffs continue!

That's all for tonight, kids! The Stanley Cup Playoffs start tomorrow, so I'll be glued to the television for the next three months. If you need to reach me, just leave me a message and I'll get to it in July!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

Monday, 14 April 2014

2014 HBIC Playoff Pool

The biggest annual contest on this site is back for yet another year of insanity as the 2014 HBIC Playoff Pool starts on Wednesday! Seedings have been decided, match-ups have been set, and the battles will start both on the ice and in the pool as the 2014 HBIC Playoff Pool gets underway! If you've participated before, you know this pool gets intense. If you've played before, you know there are some decent prizes to be had for those who qualify. And if you've entered before, you know that the annual HBIC Playoff Pool is 100% free of charge for any and all participants! Ready to have fun? Then let's get this show on the road!

MAKE SURE YOU READ TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS ENTRY FOR DETAILS! If it's an important piece of info, I have highlighted it in orange. Good? Good. Go.

Every year since the founding of HBIC, I have offered an absolutely-free hockey pool for my readers. There are prizes for those who perform well, and I am happy to do this for those of you who stop by here when you can. This year will be no exception as the pool will be free again, and there will be some great prizing available for those that rise above the rest. I can already guarantee the grand-prize winner will go home with a jersey, and there will be prizes awarded for at least the top-five participants. In other words, you have five shots at prizes right now, and there may be more coming based on availability.


  • Entrants will be required to pick the winner of each game for each series. In doing so, one will also choose the number of games played by the two teams in each series.
  • Entrants will be required to pick the game-winning goal scorer for each game.
Sounds pretty easy, right? No real strategy as to which team will go further, who is playing whom, and all that jazz. Points will be based upon your predictions in each game and series.
  • For each correctly-predicted team that wins the game, one point will be awarded. 
  • For correctly predicting the series length, two points will be awarded.
  • For correctly predicting the series length AND winning team, five points will be awarded. If one correctly predicts the series length and winning team, the two-point option is overridden by the higher-scoring option.
  • For predicting the player who scores the game-winning goal per game, that entrant will receive an additional two points per game per correctly-chosen player.
The following example should help you weed through the rules:
For the Pittsburgh-Columbus series, I predict that Pittsburgh will win Games 1, 2, 4, and 6. The Blue Jackets will win Games 3 and 5. I also predict that Chris Kunitz will score the game-winner in Game 1; Paul Martin in Game 2; Sidney Crosby in Game 4; and, James Neal in Game 6. Cam Atkinson will score Columbus' winner in Game 3 while Artem Anisimov will score the winner in Game 5.
If I correctly predicted the entire series (highly improbable with my record of prognostications) of Pittsburgh winning in six games with all my game-winner scoring choices being right, I would earn 23 points (6 for each correct game + 5 for correctly predicting length and series winner + 12 for each game-winning goal scorer).

The catch to this whole thing is that no one will be eliminated until the Stanley Cup is handed out. With each new round beginning, each entrant will be required to send in their picks just as they did in the previous round. This way, everyone has a chance at some free shwag. And everyone loves free shwag.


I would hazard a guess at there possibly being a tie between two or more people, so your tie-breaker, required at the start of the first round, is to name the team who will accumulate THE MOST PENALTY MINUTES THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE PLAYOFFS. Those who are tied will have their answers reviewed, and the entrant who picked the team with the higher PIM total for the playoffs will be crowned as the winner. Secondary tie-breaker, in case two entrants pick the same team for PIMs, will be number of series correctly predicted in length of games. For example, if Entrant A picks Boston and Entrant B picks Detroit, and Boston has the higher PIM total, Entrant A would be the winner. If tied, the entrant who had the most series wins would be the winner.


The best part of the HBIC Playoff Pool? It's FREE! Always has been, always will be. You guys support me all year, so I feel I should give back when I can, and this pool allows me to do so.

You can enter at no cost, and the shwag is up for grabs. The only thing I ask, to be fair, is that you only enter once, please. Also, if you happen to miss a round, that's fine. Things happen, people get busy, no big deal. Just remember that you may find yourself in a very difficult spot if you miss any of the rounds because the point totals available in each round decrease with the lower total number of series being played. I won't be babysitting, so it's your job to enter as the Playoff Pool continues.


I will continue to use the email account specifically for the HBIC Playoff Pool simply because my normal email is ridiculously cluttered and I need some time to go through it. That being said, you MUST send all picks to this new email address: hbicplayoffpool-at-gmail-dot-com. Entries sent to any other email address that you have for me will be categorically deleted so that I can keep all of the HBIC Playoff Pool entries in one place. Clear? Nod your head. You don't want your Poolie Picks to go missing in my disorganized mailbox, do you?

Now to expedite the marking, I have created a pretty little Excel document that can be opened in both Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice Calc. Fill this out and send it back to me WITH YOUR NAME AS THE NAME OF THE EXCEL DOCUMENT (ie. Teebz.xls).

I want to be clear about something: I have an iPad and I use it regularly. I understand that some people want to use .numbers format from the Apple world, but it's a pain in the rear for me when scoring and updating. If you are going to use the .numbers format, please see if you can save the document in .pdf or some sort of common format between the Apple and Windows platforms. That's my only request from all participants!

Click here to download if you missed the link above.

And I think that about does it. If you have any questions, fire me an email here. DO NOT SEND YOUR PICKS TO THAT EMAIL! Follow the directions above to do so. Get your picks in by the puck drop in Game One of the first series on Wednesday to enter the pool! If you have some sort of issue with this deadline, please email ASAP so we can make arrangements!

May the best prognosticator win, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!