Saturday, 26 April 2008

Coming Soon To This Blog

Since I've been so concerned about the NHL Playoffs as of late, I've neglected some of the other news in the world of hockey. Now, I know you can go to any sports site and get your fill of "expert analysis" and "comprehensive breakdowns" of the series that are currently going on, so I've decided to only to update the series on this site with a few lines devoted to each series. Why? Because I keep missing out on some really good stories from other leagues and events. The AHL, ECHL, WHL, QMJHL, and OHL all are in their playoffs as well, and I have yet to mention any of them. Instead of being NHL-centric on this blog, I will continue to do my best to bring you other stories in the hockey universe.

I am working on a pile of stuff for upcoming stories. Of course, Teebz's Book Club will continue to grow as I am currently reading two books. One is nearly finished, and this award-winning book has been a great read thus far. The second book was recommended to me by a friend, and I have to say that it has been an eye-opening look at one player's life in the NHL. It is well-written, and the stories are worth the price I paid to get my hands on the book. Both of these will be featured soon.

I am also working on a project for the summer months after all the playoff series wind down and the championships have been awarded. This project will be similar in that it will be an examination of a hockey-related item, much like the other forms of hockey that I tackled last year, but will certainly be different. It has been very interesting thus far, and will undoubtedly bring a little light to something that rarely gets mentioned enough.

There will be another "You're Wearing That?" article coming up, and will feature another round of jerseys that have the ability to make people cringe. The more often that hockey teams dress their players in abominations, the better for me. And for all of you, especially if you like those articles. There have been some very questionable jerseys that I've found thus far, and encourage you to send in any you may find to me by emailing me at cdnuniguy-at-gmail-dot-com.

I'll also be updating the 2008 IIHF Men's World Championship as it gets underway in Quebec City and Halifax in May. All the respective countries are assembling their teams right now, and it appears that this year's World Championship could be extremely entertaining.

With the draft coming up in Ottawa this June, I might make a roadtrip down to Ottawa to take in the event. I haven't quite decided yet, but it will all depend on my work schedule. I think this event will be a blast, and Sherry from Scarlett Ice is trying to bring people together for a fabulous time, much like those in Columbus did the year before. Again, I'm working on this, and we'll see what happens.

Lastly, I was impressed with the Penguins' monster comeback against the Rangers last night, mostly due to the surgical precision in which they dismantled the Rangers' defence. Most times, when a team is up 3-0 through 30 minutes in the playoffs, you can write the game off and start regrouping for the next game.

However, when you assemble the kind of talent on one sheet of ice like the Penguins have, you never know exactly when they'll explode all over you like a beer that has just been shaken for 30 minutes straight. All it took was a Jarkko Ruutu softie past Henrik Lundqvist which opened that can of beer, and the Rangers suddenly found themselves soaked in beer and everyone laughing at them.

The Pensblog will walk you through the action with their usual award-winning commentary, and you can see why being a Pens fan is probably the best honour in the world. No, scratch that - the universe.

And that's why I love playoff hockey. It's life and death. It's dramatic and heartbreaking, yet exciting and exuberant. Game Two goes tomorrow. I expect another doozy.

Until tomorrow, keep your sticks on the ice!


Sage Confucius said...

The Pens looked like total crap for the first half of the game. Their passes were lazy, they weren't communicating well and were being schooled by the Rangers. Their nine day layoff showed. They really started to get it together, and the Rangers started falling apart, after the second goal. I wish I could watch today's game, but I must sleep.

The Red Wings are taking it to the Avalanche. This makes me very happy. I loved seeing Darren McCarty get into it with Cody McCormick. He's been through a lot and it's good to see a glimpse of his old self. If the Wings continue to play as well as they are in this series I don't see anyone beating them. They've been a bit streaky over the past couple of months though so anything is possible.

Teebz said...

They did, but they pulled it together. I expect a complete game out of them today (hopefully).

That series will be over quickly. Detroit looks like a well-oiled machine.