Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Emails, Blogs, And Other Scribes

I like getting emails and comments from people. Whether it be a question, a comment, a critique, or just some additional news, emails and comments allow me to appreciate the talented and intelligent readers that frequent this blog. After all, without you guys - the readers - this would just be more wasted Intertube space, and no one really appreciates dead spaces, do they? With that in mind, I will also give you some new places to check out by linking them on this article. They appreciate the traffic as well, and you might find a site you really like.

Let's start with an email I received from Miss Sandi Hathaway a few weeks back. Miss Hathaway works with a site called Takkle. Takkle is a high school sports community social networking site. Much like Facebook, there are a ton of people from around the world who have signed up to be on this site. If you are a high school student or coach, this would be an excellent networking site for you to be on. Check it out!

The NHL Arena is a fantastic forum, and they deserve a little attention for their current contest that is running. The Battle of the Blogosphere is pitting blog vs. blog from across the hockey spectrum to see who has the best blog. The key is that the readers get to vote on which blog they like, making this a little more impartial than Presidential votes in Florida. No, I'm joking! Seriously, there are some excellent blogs on there, and I encourage you to sign up and have your voice heard!

The Barry Melrose Rocks team has expanded to two gentlemen now as Ryan Henning from Victoria Times joined up with Kevin to bring you all the mullet news you can handle. As well as additional hockey stories. But mostly talk about Tampa Bay humidity on the frizziness of mullets. Congratulations, Ryan for your appointment, and to Kevin for finding a helper monkey! I'm just joking, guys. I love the BMR blog.

I was really impressed with the work being done over at Cox Bloc, specifically the work done in regards to mainstream media icon Al Strachan. If any of you know me, which should be a very small percentage of anyone who stops by, you would know that I cannot stand Al Strachan. Saving my commentary for a later date, check out Cox Bloc. It's well worth the effort.

LCS Hockey went to New York and found out that throwback hockey merchandise ain't cheap. I'd almost shut down this blog if someone were to give me a pro-style Hartford Whalers jersey from their dark blue-green phase. However, with the prices being charged for the long-sleeved t-shirts, it would feel more like an investment than a piece of clothing.

Jes Golbez over at The Fanhouse looks into Dominik Hasek's clothing line business. It appears that, like his goaltending style, Hasek is all about flopping. Or how his NHL career flopped this past season.

Those are some of the stories I've been reading this past week while filling in the blanks with Olympic field hockey action. More men's action today, and I'll update that tomorrow.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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