Saturday, 6 December 2008

Christmas Commitments

With your friendly neighbourhood blogger attending two Christmas parties today, I figured it would be a little tougher to put together an article of any importance, but I was determined to find the time. Little did I realize that I also had a hockey game tonight, so I am currently blogging in the dressing room of the local rink to let you know that I am making the effort. It's approximately 30 minutes before my game starts, so this won't be the best blog ever, and I doubt it will win any sort of blogging awards. As I sit here drinking a chocolate milk, I can't help but be impressed with some of the passing I witnessed in the Ottawa-Pittsburgh game today. Malkin, Crosby, and Alfredsson all made some spectacular passes today, and that leads me to tonight's video review of some of the best passes seen in recent memory.

Zetterberg to Datsyuk, and Mike Smith has no clue the red light is on.

Datsyuk to Zetterberg to return the favour.

Buffalo's Christian Ruuttu to Phil Housley through his legs. WOW!

Braydon Coburn tape-to-tape to RJ Umberger in last year's playoffs.

Forsberg to Sakic. How many times did we hear that in the early 2000s?

Alright, I'm due on the ice in a few minutes. Enjoy the passes, and I'll be back tomorrow with some hockey chatter.

Until then, keep your sticks on the ice!

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