Thursday, 4 March 2010

Update: Got Your Fenders?

I am thoroughly excited and extremely proud to bring this update to light. If you remember, I had posted a big article in January about a brand-new piece of equipment that Frank McClelland was bringing to the market. The foot protection that Mr. McClelland has developed required a product name, and I'm proud to say that Skate Fenders should be available shortly for purchase!

Now, I was a little apprehensive when he first emailed with the name. Fenders? However, Mr. McClelland provided the background on how the name was devised.

"A friend said I should call them 'Frank’s Fabulous Foot Fenders'.

"You’ve probably heard the expression 'He’s got wheels' to describe a player that skates well/fast? Skates are a player’s wheels... fenders cover wheels... are you getting this? I finally came up with 'Skate Fenders' and liked the sound."
I have to admit that I'm starting to come around on the name as well. After bouncing it around a few hockey people, we almost came up with another way to interpret "fender": DEfender. As in "Skate 'Fenders". But the reasoning used by Mr. McClelland offers up a wide range of marketing possibilities, and that's entirely what you want your product name to allow.

As we know from the first article on the Skate Fenders, the Detroit Red Wings' players are already wearing them. Niklas Kronwall, Brad Stuart, and Patrick Eaves are already confirmed, and there are more orders awaiting delivery to the Red Wings.

As for other teams, the Chicago Blackhawks have one player test-driving the Skate Fenders right now, and the early reports are that the unnamed player, who appears to be Niklas Hjalmarsson, really likes them. The Phoenix Coyotes also have one player wearing them, and that player has returned some rave reviews for the Skate Fenders as well. The Calgary Flames have a few pairs already on their defencemen, and Flames' equipment manager Gus Thorson will be meeting with Mr. McClelland next week to get enough Skate Fenders for all of the Flames' defencemen. The St. Louis Blues are still in contact with Mr. McClelland, and are working towards getting their players into Skate Fenders. And Ryan Callahan of the New York Rangers took a pair with him to the Winter Olympics, but it appears he didn't wear them.

The Skate Fenders website is still under construction, but Mr. McClelland is working to have it up and functional by late next week. I assume that there will be a way to order a pair of Skate Fenders on the website as well, so if you're interested, Mr. McClelland simply asks that you be patient while he gets everything in order.

Overall, I want to say "thank you" to Mr. McClelland for keeping me up-to-date with what has been happening with the Skate Fenders. I will continue to follow the developments that happen with the Skate Fenders product, and bring you updates as to who is wearing them when I can.

If anyone was watching the Montreal-San Jose game tonight on TSN in Canada, they showed Tomas Plekanec in the penalty box with his skate guard off. What you saw there was an earlier prototype of the finished product that Mr. McClelland has developed. Let me repeat that: Plekanec was wearing a prototype, not an actual pair of Skate Fenders. The actual Skate Fenders are a much better product that what Plekanec inadvertently advertised, I assure you.

In any case, this is exciting times and news for Mr. McClelland as he joins some hockey heavyweights such as Bauer, CCM, Nike, and Easton in the hockey equipment business. I'm happy that Mr. McClelland is succeeding with his Skate Fenders, and I'm honoured that he has kept me in the loop as to what is happening with his product.

Keep your eyes on the Skate Fenders site for updates there as Skate Fenders go global! Congratulations, Mr. McClelland!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Anonymous said...

I just got my skate fenders. I love them. Just to test them out I let my buddy Jimmy hack me on the ankle. Didn't feel a thing. Thank you to the inventors and Lake Superior state. Great product!!! A+++

Joel Newsom

daniel magnabosco said...

where did you get them at

Teebz said...

You can get them through the Skate Fenders website, Daniel.

They are certainly worth every penny.

Bauer supreme hockey skate said...

Is the site online now?

Anonymous said...

He might be in a bit of trouble though, regardless of the product.

Looks like the owner has been verified in some type of employee no pay scam. Hope the admin allows for the posting.