Friday, 10 September 2010

Artistic Talents

Today, HBIC is proud to present one of the guest writers in September. As stated in the summer, I wanted some of HBIC's most valued and respected readers to contribute an article or two to HBIC so that we all get a better feel for what others are thinking about the game we love. Today's writer is not completely a writer, but an artist, an illustrator, a visionary, and a genius. I'm proud to bring to you the work of Mr. Robert Ullman today. Before we get to Rob's fine work, I wanted to give him a little lip service so that you might wander over to his website and peruse the artistry he has on his site. Again, Rob is a talented, intelligent creator, and he deserves a little of your time on his site. But let's get to his piece here today.

From his site, "Robert Ullman pays the bills as a freelance illustrator for a plethora of publications, such as Virginia Living, Nickelodeon, and The Washington City Paper. He creates comics in his spare time (of which there never seems to be enough), including ATOM-BOMB BIKINI, GRAND GESTURES, LUNCH-HOUR COMIX and the upcoming SELLOUT, which will see print one of these days."

Rob is a huge Pittsburgh Penguins fan, but he also appreciates a good hockey fight, he respects "The Code", and he certainly knows his hockey history. Today, the latter comes into play as HBIC is proud to present "Liberez Le Rocket" by Mr. Robert Ullman.

I tried to blow up the image, but it didn't quite work. My advice? Click the image, and see it in its full size.
Rob's work and talent is something I highly respect, and I'm proud to feature it here. Again, click on over to his site, and take a look through his amazing collection of work. The man is the definition of an artist! Well done, Rob, and thank you for your contribution!

Thoughts on this work? Leave your info in the comments, and Rob can respond to them there (if he so chooses). Be warned, though: I'll also be watching the comments.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


JTH said...

That's fantastic, Rob. I'd heard that story before, but this really brings it to life.

Robert Ullman said...

Hey, thanks James! Glad you dug it!