Friday 23 December 2011

Follow-Up: Launch Skates

I wrote a little bit about the Launch Skates earlier this week, and I raised some questions and concerns as to the validity of some of the testimonials, as well as having some questions about the science that was backing the testimonials if no one was willing to associate their name to the claims. David Blois, the man whose contact information was on the website, contacted me with an excellent email about my concerns and recommendations that I made. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Mr. Blois for following up on his original email with this one, and I think it shows that the Launch Skates are indeed for real.

I want to post Mr. Blois' follow-up email here for all to read since I originally posted my concerns right here on this very forum. Again, I think Mr. Blois does an excellent job in reassuring my concerns, and I appreciate the transparency in his approach to keeping his customers aware of what may be happening on his end. With that being said, here is Mr. Blois' email to me.

"I appreciate the positive comments, as well as the concerns and the recommendations. You made some very good points.

"With many new products, the development process can take several years - especially when working on a product as an individual inventor. This is the case with the Launch Skates. It took several years to obtain the Canadian utility patent, develop and modify prototypes and to have the skates tested. The testimonials page includes comments by some of the early skaters who tried the skates to the most recent testing done this year by the CHL in the US. Duane Lewis is the Commissioner of the CHL.

"There are plans to include a video on the website of the skates in action. In addition, I will work on getting permission to add names to the testimonials and will hopefully add more testimonials as more players try the skates. There are no production skates as yet (only the modified skates as you mentioned in your blog), which makes it difficult to get proper testing done - and of course, it can be very expensive for the testing. To date, I have been able to get many players and the others listed on the Testimonials page to try the skates without any cost - the downside is that there is no formal testing as yet with production skates. With the Launch website and great articles/blogs like yours, I hope to be able to get some real interest in the Launch Skates in order to have the skates further developed and formally tested - which will then hopefully lead to the production and marketing of the skates. It may be a bold statement, but I can see a time when most hockey and pleasure skates will have the Launch suspension system.

"Thanks again.

"All the Best for the Holidays!"
First off, thank you, Mr. Blois, for sending me this email. I really appreciate you taking the time to address my concerns, and I think that shows a lot of integrity and respect for the me, Teebz Q. Public. As a result, I can honestly say that I hold the Launch Skates in high esteem, and I will certainly be interested in any new developments. Thank you again, Mr. Blois.

I appreciate the explanation behind why the testimonials don't have names on them, and I understand the testing process in terms of time and costs. Of course, if the players and people using the skates haven't okayed their names being used on the site, that would explain a lot. And if they are just testing free-of-charge, it's probably tough to ask them to set up a camera and gets images and video of them skating in the Launch Skates.

As I stated above, I'm all about keeping in touch, Mr. Blois, and I will certainly email you again with hopes that things are rolling for you. This product looks promising, and I really hope things hit the ground running for you and the Launch Skates. The product seems sound in its science, and that's a great start to build on. Thanks again for writing back!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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