Friday, 22 August 2014

Sports Bag Plus Helps!

If you're a hockey player, you know the fun it is to open your hockey bag the next day after having played a game. If you've been using the same equipment for a while, the stench in that hockey bag is overwhelming. It can even take over a room if you bring your gear home to air and dry out after a game! I know my parents didn't appreciate my equipment's odor, but HBIC is happy to report that there is a product on the market that may help alleviate that problem! The Sports Bag Plus is a new way to air out and store your gear, it works great, and it wont break the bank as a vital part of your hockey bag!

Let's be honest here: hockey gear stinks. It absorbs sweat, it rarely gets washed, and any bacteria growing on it just multiplies exponentially so that the smell becomes almost unbearable. In short, opening the bag after letting it sit for a night may be hazardous to your health! Molson Canadian, a Canadian beer company, hyperbolizes this phenomenon in a commercial.

In joking about this, HBIC had a chance to review the Sports Bag Plus, putting it to the test in terms of its claims that the Sports Bag Plus "will reduce the stress of packing the hockey bag, forgetting equipment, and making drying equipment as easy as hanging up your coat". In knowing how bad hockey equipment can get, I went for a casual skate the other day, and I'm happy to report that the Sports Bag Plus hits the mark in terms of its claims!

It took me a little bit of reading to understand how the Sports Bag Plus worked, but I have all my gear stored away as they recommended. It was pretty awesome to be able to pull the Sports Bag Plus out of my hockey bag and hang it up in my locker. I had two people ask me what I had hanging in my stall, so it certainly caught the attention of the other casual skaters.

You work up a bit of a sweat at these summer sessions, I must admit. I skated hard for a few laps, did some puck-handling, participated in a shootout with one of the goalies who wanted some extra ice-time, and did some passing drills with a couple of kids. I came off the ice, and I knew my gloves, my helmet, and my shin pads definitely needed to dry out.

After getting changed and putting my gear into my hockey bag, I headed home where I proceeded to unpack my hockey bag and hang the Sports Bag Plus up in the basement where things could dry and no one would be affected by the smell that usually emanates from my equipment. After letting it sit in the Sports Bag Plus for the better part of twenty-four hours, it was like I hadn't even played - dry equipment and almost no scent!

I like the Sports Bag Plus because it's easy to use, it's quick to put in and pull out of your hockey bag, and does exactly what it says it does. The price point of $14.99 is easy on the wallet, and it's definitely affordable for both parents and non-professional players. If there is one beef I have with the Sports Bag Plus, it's that the gear occasionally gets snagged on the mesh, but that's a minor quibble when it comes to making sure my equipment doesn't make me gag the next day.

I have to say I was impressed with the Sports Bag Plus. I had my doubts when I first heard about it, but it does the job well. Head on over to the Sports Bag Plus website, and get one for the hockey player in your life. Your nose will thank you for it!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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