Saturday, 18 July 2015

Viva Burger King!

My lord, are those spectacular shirts! As you're aware, Canada is the land of hockey and curling in the winter, and we have some pretty incredible athletes who represent the country on both fronts. While most wear the standard red and white with the occasional black shirt mixed in while representing Canada, there are a pile of designs seen at provincial tournaments and small tournaments. The ladies above? They may have set the new standard on how I judge curlers and their attire.

Compliments of @mariebuck on Twitter, the four ladies above are Liza Beres, Marie Buck, Cindy Wood, and Jennifer Gamboa of Hollywood Curling who partake in arena curling. Arena curling, unlike traditional curling, takes place in an ice hockey rink usually after people have been skating on it all day. Because of this fact, the pebbled ice that helps the rock curl nicely usually isn't present and is instead replaced by sometimes choppy and beat-up ice from skates. Generally, arena curling takes place where the availability of curling rinks is low.

In reading that, arena curling has a definite cross-over appeal, and these four ladies are doing the Burger King proud! Being Canadian, I might get me one of these if I can find out where they were made. These shirts are awesome!

UPDATE: Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy has an interview with the ladies!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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