Tuesday, 2 February 2016

A Return To Glory?

That... that's it? That was the big reveal? The Maple Leafs, in case you missed it, decided to unveil a new logo tonight after their game against the Boston Bruins, but they will take to the ice in 2016-17 wearing the same logo they did in the 1940s, '50s, and '60s. While I commend the Leafs for using the "less is more" strategy, I thought we might see something a little different.

I thought wrong, apparently.

The logo does mark a fairly successful period in Maple Leafs history, ending with the improbable 1967 Stanley Cup run that featured a number of players who were thought to be too old or in the twilight of their careers. During the time that this logo was worn, the Maple Leafs collected eight Stanley Cups. Brendan Shanahan wanted to return this once-proud franchise back to days where players and fans were proud of the history being written by the team.

"Smythe wanted his team to wear the badge with ‘honour, pride and courage,"' Shanahan said in a release. "This is our goal for the next chapter in Leafs history. We are committed to restoring the Toronto Maple Leafs to a proud and prominent place and this classic logo will connect the team's championship legacy with an exciting and proud future for our players, our city and for our fans."

Kudos to the Leafs for not going garish. I like the historical touch, and the Marlies logo carries the Maple Leafs' legacy through to the AHL players as well. It could have been much worse had someone decided to modernize or "improve" the Maple Leafs' brand, so for the first time in history I am giving the Maple Leafs a thumbs-up.

Don't get used to it, Leafs.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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