Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Hockey Show - Episode 201

The Hockey Show, Canada's only campus-produced hockey radio show, is back tonight with a guest whose stock has done nothing but risen since he appeared on The Hockey Show. Granted, it was definitely on the rise prior to his appearance on the show, but we're happy to take some credit for his meteoric rise in the entertainment world despite being no part of his continued and long-term success. Ok, we had nothing to do with his incredible career. I'll admit it right now. I'm just happy he still makes time for us on our little radio program!

Tonight, The Hockey Show is proud to have Jared Keeso return to the show. Jared won the Canadian Screen Award in 2015 for "Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role" for his performance as Ben Chartier in Bravo's 19-2, and we'll talk to him about Season Three which can be seen on Bravo on Monday evenings and on Jared was also seen on CraveTV's Letterkenny, and there have been some exciting changes for that show as they finish filming Season Two. We'll also chat about his favorite team's changes as the Calgary Flames retooled this off-season, talk to him about the Subban trade as a Montreal resident, and get the low-down on his upcoming projects!

With Jared on the phone tonight, the phone lines will be closed. However, get the latest Jared Keeso news by tuning your radio dial in the Winnipeg region to 101.5 on your FM dial or listen live between 5:30pm and 6:30pm CT on your web-enabled device at the UMFM webpage!

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We welcome back the one-and-only Jared Keeso to The Hockey Show tonight only on 101.5 UMFM!

PODCAST: July 28, 2016: Episode 200

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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