Saturday, 4 March 2017

A New Exhibit

One of the things I enjoy doing when traveling is hitting museums and exhibits. While in Chicago a few years back, I went to the Field Museum, the Museum of Science and Industry, and the Art Institute of Chicago, and I was only there for a week! Museums hold a lot of great information and often have amazing exhibits featured at them, so I highly recommend visiting them. The building above is the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Quebec, and they are kicking off a major exhibit starting on March 10 that is all about hockey!

I received an invitation to attend the exhibition this week, but you're probably well aware that I don't live anywhere near Quebec. I'm a little disappointed that I can't be there because I think this exhibition is going to be great, but you should be going if you have the means. The exhibition opens on March 10 and runs until October 9, and it will feature all sorts of historic highlight reels, interactive components, and one-of-a-kind artifacts for you to enjoy!

They sent me a great video that gives you a glimpse into the exhibition's vision as they get ready to open it this upcoming weekend. It really focuses on the culture of hockey and how the game is ingrained in our Canadian ways which, as you know, takes us from the rinks in remote lands to the NHL rinks in the middle of cities and every team and every fan that enters those buildings. Here's the video, and I'll talk a little more about this after the video break.
That's a pretty awesome video that takes you across this great land through a number of rinks, and that's exactly what the Hockey exhibition at the Canadian Museum of History will celebrate! Being that I cannot be there, I've taken it upon myself to find a correspondent in the Ottawa region, and I'm hoping that the Canadian Museum of History will accept this person in my place. I have full faith that this correspondent will report back with a good write-up and great photos, so HBIC will try to have that posted next Friday for you. If you are on the fence about visiting the exhibit, hopefully next week's article will prompt you to go visit!

If you're more into social media accounts, I hope you'll follow the Canadian Museum of History's various accounts to get updates and information on the exhibit as well. You can find them at:

TWITTER - @MusCanHistoire and @CanMusHistory.

FACEBOOK - MusCanHistoire and CanMusHistory.

INSTAGRAM - MusCanHistoire and CanMusHistory.

I really hope you'll take a trip to Gatineau before October 9 to see this exhibit. It sounds like it will be a celebration of all things hockey in Canada, and that should make all Canadians proud of the Canadian Museum of History!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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