Saturday, 4 November 2017

November 30

While I'm not in the business of posting posters on HBIC, the above poster is pretty important for a couple of reasons. If you were listening to The Hockey Show on Thursday, I made mention that the Boston Bruins alumni team was heading to small-town Manitoba on November 30. Shilo, Manitoba will play host to the Bruins' best players as they battle the CFB Shilo Stags in a charity game aimed to raise funds for the Shilo Minor Hockey Association!

Sgt. Ian Taylor has organized the game to help the Shilo Minor Hockey Association raise a bundle of money, and I think this is a great cause to support. Taylor is a long-time Bruins fan, and this will be the first time that the Bruins alumni team will make an appearance in Manitoba. According to Sgt. Taylor, the list of alumni who have confirmed include:
  • Ray Bourque: 410 goals, 1579 points.
  • Rick Middleton: 448 goals, 988 points.
  • Terry O'Reilly: 204 goals, 606 points.
  • Al Iafrate: 152 goals, 463 points.
  • Roy Nolan: traveling goaltender for the alumni.
  • Bob Sweeney: 125 goals, 288 points.
  • Charlie Simmer: 342 goals, 711 points.
  • Tom Fergus: 235 goals, 581 points.
  • Chris Nilan: 110 goals, 225 points.
  • Dan Lacouture: 20 goals, 45 points.
Now there could be more players that attend this event as there are a number of players who call Manitoba home, but getting a member of the Triple Crown line in Charlie Simmer to come in from Calgary and join the fun can only mean that this game is going to be a blast! The talent level of the Bruins and their new teammate, Sgt. Taylor, will be on display as they square off against the CFB Shilo Stags at Gunner Arena, and I'm looking forward to this great game!

If you have the means, it's not going to cost you the price of an NHL ticket to see these NHL greats play. For $40, you get a ticket to see the game, a portion of those proceeds go directly to the Shilo Minor Hockey Association in support of their programs, and you're entered into a draw for 100 lucky fans in attendance to join the post-game festivities where you can meet the NHL greats!

The Hockey Show will addle up the horses and carts, and we'll head out to Shilo where we'll do the radio show on Thursday, November 30 starting at 5pm. Starting at 6pm, Beans and I will stick around for the play-by-play of the alumni game which we'll call through its entirety. We'll still be on the 101.5 frequency between 5:30pm and 6:30pm CT on that night, but we'll have an extended broadcast that can be found on the UMFM Second Stream that night! It's going to be a blast out in Shilo, so come down to Gunner Arena and have some fun with us!

Tickets for this event are available through Sgt. Taylor, and he can best be reached via email at It's going to be a great time, and here's hoping you'll stop by and say hi at Gunner Arena that night!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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