Friday, 16 February 2018

Let's Get Tropical!

I'll be honest in telling you that I don't follow basketball outside of the top stories that dominate the sports broadcasts. I know about the game as I did play basketball in my high school days, but I just can't get into the NBA for some reason. However, I am a fan of the movie Semi-Pro due to the antics of Will Ferrell, and the somewhat-fictional story of the Flint Tropics is makes me chuckle. It may not be his best work, but the ensemble cast that Will Ferrell is a part of in this movie hits all their lay-ups in a successful effort.

So why am I talking basketball on a hockey blog?

On Saturday night, the OHL's Flint Firebirds are playing in the Flint Mega Bowl wearing these uniforms as the Firebirds get tropical!
Those uniforms are outstanding, and I'm pretty sure Jackie Moon would approve! If they have a player wrestle a bear during an intermission, the Firebirds officially are the greatest junior hockey team in the country without doubt. While the orange wasn't a uniform colour used by the Tropics, it actually doesn't look bad as a hockey uniform colour!

If you notice to the right, the Firebirds replicated the stripe that runs off the shoulder and across the chest, but they added the stripe down the right side for some reason. They also changed the font of the number, and they were forced to re-imagine the location of the palm tree and the word mark on their chests. In a rather solid addition in my view, they threw the palm tree on the breezers which I absolutely love. Overall, it's not an exact replica of what the Tropics wore on the court, but it seems the Firebirds will certainly keep the tropical spirit alive with these uniforms. The only question is whether they'll be giving out free corndogs if the Firebirds hit 125 points against the Saginaw Spirit tomorrow night. My guess is there won't be any free corndogs handed out.

It should be a fun time in Flint, Michigan tomorrow with the Firebirds getting tropical, and I think there should be annual Tropics/Semi-Pro game held by the Firebirds. They could have a lot of fun with this as a key game on their schedule, and it may just draw in a pile of fans who may otherwise opt out of watching OHL hockey. As along as Flint remembers the one rule that the Tropics lived by, they should be ok! Because this isn't just a hockey team, it's a lifestyle!

Until next time, everybody love everybody!

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