Monday, 2 April 2018

A Sedin Tribute

With the announcement today that Henrik and Daniel Sedin are hanging up the skates at the end of the season, it was a bit of a surprise considering their importance to the Canucks in this stage of the team's rebuild. In knowing this, everyone who has ever crossed paths with the two Swedish twins went on social media to express their gratitude for playing with and against a couple of classy gentlemen. Media figures poured praise on the two ginger Swedes. Brian Burke talked extensively how he traded everyone and his knowledge of tying ties to acquire the second- and third-overall picks to get them. In short, the universal praise for Daniel and Henrik truly was universal.

I never got to meet the Sedins. The closest I ever got was when the Canucks were in town to play the Manitoba Moose during the preseason, and they were sitting in a booth at Earl's on Main Street with a few other Canucks eating lunch with a couple of rather large men running interference on anyone who even glanced at their table. I guess Brian Burke was literally protecting his future on this one. I got to see them eat what appeared to be individual salads from afar.

And that was my brush with the Sedins' greatness. It didn't last for more than 45 minutes as my lunch break from an old job only allowed me 45 minutes, but I sat within 30 feet of the Sedins at one point in my life. I know - pretty amazing!

Alright, jokes aside, the Sedins were pretty impressive as a duo as both men racked up over 1000 points in the NHL and appear to be sure-fire Hall-of-Fame candidates when their names are added to the ballot in 2021.

We'll start with January 20, 2017 when Henrik Sedin scored on good friend and former teammate Roberto Luongo for his 1000th NHL point!
Daniel, not to be outdone by his brother, scored his 1000th point on a goal that beat Pekka Rinne on November 30, 2017.
And, of course, who can forget this performance by the duo?

All in all, it was a heckuva career for the two Sedin kids. Here's hoping they continue to do amazing things off the ice in retirement following the last few games this season!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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