Sunday, 10 June 2018

Summer Hobby

I announced some time ago that my summer is going to be filled with more reading as I have a number of books to work through that are piling up on my bookcase. I'm actually quite excited to read these books as there are a number of tomes that should give me new insight on the game and players. What I do know before I even crack any spines on these books is that I need to average about one per week to make my way through all of them by the time that the regular season starts up again.

Among the many books that need reading are several biographies and autobiographies. I'm very excited for Overtime by Chris Chelios, Quinn by Dan Robson, and Father Bauer by Greg Oliver. I find the hockey biographies and autobiographies to encapsulate the mind as I get to know the players and people a little better than what I had known about them through the media. I'm looking forward to these books already!

There are a handful of other books that will give better insight on some interesting situations. Chill Factor by David Paitson and Craig Merz is all about the successful minor-hockey league team that kicked off a love of hockey in Columbus, Ohio. Bench Bosses by Matthew DiBiase is a look at a number of famous hockey coaches and their careers. Ice Time by Scott Russell is a cross-Canada tour of some of the devoted people who make the game of hockey so good. These stories should ignite the passion for the game in me over the summer.

I have a few other books to go through as well, so it's not like I've listed all of the literature above. I'm also open to suggestions if you have any. If there's one thing that we, as a society, does less in today's high-speed world, it's reading an old-fashioned book - turning pages between two solid covers while absorbing the words and ideas from those turning pages.

As it stands, one of the listed books is already being read, and I'll have that review posted this week. With the Calder Cup coming to an end, the NHL Draft about to take place, and NHL Free Agency on the horizon, there should be some solid free time on my part that I can fill with reading! Toss any book recommendations you have in the comments, and I'll see if I can locate the books in my local library or bookstore!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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