Monday, 22 October 2007

Have We Not Gone Over This?

Dale Purinton, pictured as a New York Ranger to the left, has now been given a twenty-five game suspension by the AHL for his actions during the October 17, 2007 game versus the Iowa Stars. The defenseman for the Lake Erie Monsters was assessed a match penalty at the 20:00 mark of the second period of the game under AHL Rule 47.14 for punching an unsuspecting opponent and causing injury. Purinton was thrown out of the game for punching Iowa Stars' forward Marius Holtet in the back of the head during a skirmish at the end of the period. Hotlet suffered a concussion as a result of the punch.

"An incident such as this has no place in our game," said AHL President and CEO David Andrews. "Mr. Purinton struck Marius Holtet in the head from behind with a gloved fist after the completion of play. This was a dangerous and deliberate action, by a player who is a repeat offender."

As pictured above, Purinton was suspended for the first 10 games of the season by the NHL in 2005 for the eye gouge he put on Colton Orr of the Bruins. In 2004-05, he was suspended by the ECHL for refusing to stop fighting and pulling the hair of an opponent. He was suspended three NHL games in 2002 for sucker-punching Jason Blake of the Islanders. He was suspended seven NHL games in October of 2001 for crosschecking Washington's Stephen Peat across the head, and four NHL games in September of 2001 for beating up goaltender Garth Snow in a pre-season game.

Dale Purinton is the lowest of the low when it comes to "enforcers". The guy is a complete goon, and should be banned from the game. He has little hockey skill, and even less brains to go along with that marginal talent. His repeated offenses have taught him nothing, as shown, and he continues to risk players' lives with cheap shots and headshots.

Can we not remove these types of players who clearly don't understand that headshots are not allowed? Even if we were on the "Three Strikes - You're Out" idea, he would have been banned for his completely reprehensible play already.

I'm sorry, but the management of the Colorado Avalanche need to release this "player" (I use that term loosely) before he injures someone again. If I were the Dallas Stars, I'd be furious. Holtet, 23, had one goal in five games this season, and was selected 42nd overall by the Dallas Stars in the 2002 NHL entry draft. He holds the distinction of the highest-drafted Norwegian in NHL history, and the Stars must have seen some talent to draft him that high. Now, he's forced to watch as he clears the cobwebs from Dale Purinton's stupidity.

I have never said this before, but Dale Purinton should be banned from hockey altogether. He has the history of committing acts that may result in injury, he's shown a propensity to recommit these offenses, and has injured people seriously in the process. Someone needs to reach down and have the cajones to make Purinton the example. Otherwise, when Purinton returns on December 29, we could be re-opening this entire discussion about Purinton's complete stupidity.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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