Wednesday, 19 December 2007

25 To Life

The NHL has decided on the length of time that Chris Simon deserves off for his ridiculous act versus the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday, and the amount of time should come as no surprise. Chris Simon's eighth suspension of his career has set a new standard. It will be announced today that Simon will sit out 30 games for his stupidity. Really, what else can it be called except stupidity? When does Simon learn his lesson? With the suspension, Kevin from Barry Melrose Rocks will see a huge change in his standings for this season. We know that the Long Island Broncos and Philadelphia Flyers are divisional rivals, but why did Simon feel it necessary to catch them on the GoonBoard?

Anyway, let's go back to the scene of the crime.

Slew-foot, and then a stomp. Does the NHLPA want to appeal?

Look, 30 games is suitable for a continual offender. It is expected that Simon will appeal the suspension, but why waste the time? He clearly has some sort of problem in controlling himself on the ice, and this has been demonstrated time and time again.

He received a three-game suspension in 1997 as a member of the Washington Capitals after uttering a racial slur towards Mike Grier, who is black. Grier, at the time, was a member of the Edmonton Oilers.

Simon was again suspended while as a member of the Capitals during the 2000 playoffs. He cross-checked Pittsburgh Penguins defenceman Peter Popovic across the throat in the opening game, and sat out Game Two for his actions.

Simon was once again suspended in 2001 as a member of the Capitals for elbowing defenceman Anders Eriksson of Florida. He sat out for two games for his act of aggression this time. If you're keeping count, that's three suspensions in four years, and a total of six games.

In 2004, Simon received two two-game suspensions. The first, as a member of the New York Rangers, was for cross-checking Tampa Bay Lightning winger Ruslan Fedotenko, and then jumping on him and punching him. Fedotenko and Simon are now teammates with the Islanders. The second act, while with the Calgary Flames, was for throwing a knee-on-knee hit on Dallas Stars defenceman Sergei Zubov.

Last March, Simon received a 25-game break for this horrific act:

This is a guy that the league and NHLPA wants to keep?

This should be the last chance for Chris Simon. The NHL needs to inform him that if he screws up again, and attempts to injure a player in any way, he's done. Gone for life. No more fat salary for being a fourth-line, six-minute player. I don't care what he's done for charities or the community. He's risked players lives and careers with his stupidity, and that cannot happen. If the NHLPA doesn't come down on him as well, they show as much backbone as a jellyfish.

If the Islanders want a six-minute, fourth-line player for $900,000 per season, they can call on me. I'll even pay my own moving expenses. I'm no superstar, but I can certainly throw a few checks, get into a couple of fights, and serve my time for that pay. Heck, I'll even add some benefit by being defensively-responsible unlike Simon.

If the NHL and NHLPA don't send a message to Chris Simon about his stupidity, something bad will happen in the future. It might not be Simon that commits the act, but someone's career will end tragically, and the onus will be on the two most important factions in the NHL: Gary Bettman and Paul Kelly.

Use your heads, men. The tarnish does not wash off very easily.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Sage Confucius said...

I don't agree that 30 games is enough. I think he should have to sit out the rest of the season. I don't think the message is going to get through to Simon unless he feels his career in jeopardy. That said, I'm not sure it would matter to him anyway. The prior seven suspensions apparently have not had an impact so I'm doubtful this one will either.

Teebz said...

I agree, Sage. He has a problem, and it's time that we stop rewarding it, and start punishing him. Losing his fat salary is the best way to ensure it doesn't happen again.

CKim said...

This is atrocious. I agree with Sage in that 30 games isn't enough. It might have been enough if this was his first offense. But clearly he has issues that extend far beyond the frozen rink.

But how much more NHL time do you see Simon putting in? The guy is 35 and has been a mediocre player at best (this is solely from looking at his stats). It is also very clear from his stats exactly what role he played on the ice.

I'm sorry Simon, Chris Chelios, you are not. Please just retire from the game.