Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Because I'm Busy

It's been an insane day at work today, and I'm actually forced to work through my lunch hour. That means I don't have time to post a long rant or diatribe about some hockey issue. However, I suppose that it could also good because you don't have to read it, especially if you're hunting for something entertaining. Instead of a long-winded article, I've decided that today will be a "video only" day. Basically, I'm just going to post some hockey-related videos, and you can enjoy. These videos will be a funny look at the NHL and some of the surrounding hockey-related things that hockey has to offer. I hope that this busy state of work won't interrupt me any other time this week, though, so I can get back to writing.

Here are the videos. They are from Rick Mercer and Cabral Richards. Mercer is a Canadian comedian who works on his CBC show called The Rick Mercer Report. Cabral Richards, aka "Cabbie", works for The Score sports highlight station, and has taken his interviews to a whole new level. Cabbie On The Street and Cabbie Unlimited are his two features on The Score. Have a laugh at these videos, and take it easy today!

Rick Mercer Report = hilarious.

Rick Mercer explains the lockout. It seems too simple.

Cabbie asks NHL players about weird requests from fans and family.

Cabbie asks NHL players about the "level of funk" on their equipment.

Cabbie talks with NHL players about naps.

I had some chuckles at these. Solid laughter and some great candid moments with some of your favorite NHL stars.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


CKim said...


That was beautiful.

Greener said...

Great post. I have a bunch of "Rock 'em, Sock 'em" tapes which I borrowed from someone's dad and forgot about, then moved away.

There's nothing like watching the great saves part and hearing Don Cherry exclaim "Tabaracci!" over too much digital delay.