Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Cartoon Summaries

There's not much left to say for the Dallas Stars. In a game where they looked somewhat competitive, they got absolutely destroyed in the third period by the Detroit Red Wings tonight. If the Wings are this dominant at this stage of the playoffs, it will be a tough test for the Eastern Conference Champions to knock off the Big Red Machine four times in seven possible games. But before I go awarding the Stanley Cup to the Wings, there are still games to be played, right? Dallas could come back, right? Yeah, I don't think so either, but, like Stimpy in the picture, it might be a case of simply being outclassed by the Red Wings in this series.

It was a good run, Dallas, but this guy has come for your playoff lives. You're being outplayed by a much more veteran squad who, by all means, have skated circles around you thus far. It appears there may be only one more hurdle standing in Detroit's way to another Stanley Cup. Or, rather, make that these hurdles.

Tyler Kennedy, a pretty animated guy himself, says "bring it on".

Game Three between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia goes Tuesday eve, and it should be a beauty!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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