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Charitable Donations: Mike Fisher Foundation

Hockey Blog In Canada has examined a number of charitable organizations over the past few weeks, and we've seen some excellent work done by NHL players in assisting the communities that helped make them celebrities. Today's charitable organization is no different in that a local NHL player is making a difference in his community. Mike Fisher of the Ottawa Senators has started the Mike Fisher Foundation in Ottawa. Through his foundation, he has started the Mike Fisher Hockey Camp which goes to serve the Eastern Ontario region's minor hockey programs, as well as supporting a number of other charities.

Mission Statement: From their website, "Our mission is to help minor hockey players of this region 'complete' their game. This required focus, strong work ethic, and a desire to improve. No matter what age or level a player is at, these are the building blocks of success. The MFHC program is designed to nurture these attributes without forgetting the most important thing of all, having fun!"

The Mike Fisher Foundation explains the mission a little more. "The Mike Fisher Hockey Camp is a not-for-profit camp. Our commitment is two-fold; to serve the minor hockey community of greater Ottawa by providing a first-class summer hockey program and to financially support regional charities."

The Mike Fisher Hockey Camp and Foundation are helping children reach their full potential by teaching them how hard work translates into great success.

How Did The Mike Fisher Hockey Camp Start?: This is the inaugural year of the hockey camp, so you're basically getting in at the ground level with this organization. There are several levels of the program, meaning that no matter what age group your son or daughter is in, there's a place for him or her to play.

A typical day at the camp starts at 8:00am with on-ice training. At 10am, the skaters move to dry land training. At 11am, the students move into a classroom setting where a professional coach or player will provide additional training. At noon, the students have an hour lunch break. There's recreation time from 1pm until 2pm, followed by an one-ice hockey tournament from 2pm until 4pm. That sounds like a pretty good day of hockey in the summer to me! The recreation time is normally a trip to the pool for some fun in the water which is perfect for summer fun.

Lunch is provided by Capones Catering Service in Ottawa, and they provide some very healthy and tasty options for lunch. Monday's entrée is a hamburger. Tuesday features a turkey-cheese pita-wich. Wednesday offers lasagne. Thursday's lunch special is a chicken sub. And Friday is hotdog day!

The Mike Fisher Foundation ensures that 100% of all proceeds make it to various charities in Eastern Ontario. Two of those charities are the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Canada, and Roger's House, which provides pediatric palliative care with the objective of enhancing the comfort and quality of life for children and their families. Clearly, the Mike Fisher Foundation is working to help children in all capacities in the Ottawa area.

How Can I Help?: As it stands right now, the novice camp is full for players, but there are openings for the novice goaltenders. The atom division has 34 spots open for players, as well as openings for goaltenders. The peewee division has three player spots open, and goaltender positions are available. If you'd like to register your son or daughter, please fill out the form, and mail it in. The mailing address is at the bottom of this article as well as on the form itself. The cost for the week-long camp is $425 per child, and they start on July 21, 2008.

However, there is a way for you to win a spot at the Mike Fisher Hockey Camp. The Mike Fisher Hockey Camp has teamed up with to offer up ten spots to the Mike Fisher Hockey Camp. The contest closes on July 4, 2008 so please enter as soon as possible if you're interested.

"iPLAYHOCKEY is a hockey based web company that represents the interests of hockey players of all ages. It offers unique promotions and affordable services to the hockey community in Canada. iPLAYHOCKEY’s official launch will be August, 2008". The website already has a pile of information which can be used by anyone, and I encourage you to check out the site.

If you have any questions about the Mike Fisher Hockey Camp, I encourage you to email the foundation directly at info-at-mikefisherhockeycamp-dot-ca. They'll be able to answer any and all questions regarding the camp, as well as the foundation. If you have any questions regarding iPLAYhockey's initiatives, please contact Angela Murdock via telephone at (613) 745-1352, or via email at angela-at-iplayhockey-dot-ca.

The Mike Fisher Foundation, the NHLPA, and the foundation's namesake, Mike Fisher, are helping the communities they live in. It's time for us to help them as well.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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