Saturday, 14 June 2008

Charitable Donations: Shelter For Serenity

Today, Hockey Blog In Canada is proud to present the second of the two charitable organizations that Luc and Stacia Robitaille founded. The Robitailles were instrumental in founding Echoes of Hope, a charitable organization that helps children and young adults in the area that suffered during the Gulf Coast disaster, namely Hurricane Katrina. Echoes of Hope was a spin-off of Shelter For Serenity, and I am proud to discuss this organization today. Like its sister organization, Shelter for Serenity was started to help those who were most affected by the Gulf Coast disaster.

Mission Statement: Shelter For Serenity was started to help those who had been crippled by the devastating losses during Hurricane Katrina. This included not only land and property that people lost, but of their goals and dreams due to the losses they suffered. However, "[s]ince its inception, Shelter For Serenity has expanded its mission to address the needs of disenfranchised children in the Los Angeles community. Shelter For Serenity seeks to provide housing for those displaced for any reason, with the goal of supporting them on the path to self-sufficiency and long term success".

How Did Shelter For Serenity Start?: For this, I'll allow Luc Robitaille's letter, found on the Shelter For Serenity site, do the explaining.

Katrina has proved to be the worst natural disaster ever witnessed in this great country of ours. We have been bombarded with the reality of the devastation, the torment, the loss and the terror, as well as the relentless perseverance of its victims. We refuse to sit idle any longer.

Stacia and I have formed a non-profit foundation called Shelter for Serenity. Stacia and volunteers will be traveling to the affected areas to seek out four families who are willing and ready to relocate. Stacia will then transport the families back with her to our home 'Serenity' in Heber, Utah which was the inspiration for the name 'Shelter for Serenity.'

From there, we will help each family choose the destination where they will begin a new chapter of their life. Once we have determined each location we will secure homes which will be outfitted with everything from beds to toothbrushes. We will assist in securing employment for the parents and schooling for the children. The mission is to give each member of every SFS family a new start in a safe and serene environment.

Everyone involved with the set up, operation, and the future of Shelter for Serenity has and will donate their time, their expertise and their money or equivalent. As a result, each and every penny raised will go for the benefit of these families as well as those in need to come. We will stay in close contact with our SFS families and will keep you apprised of their progress, their triumphs and their joys through pictures and a quarterly e-mail update.

Stacia and I are truly committed to this immediate endeavor in addition to the future of Shelter for Serenity. We ask that you please join us in our efforts - Help us make this difference a reality!"

Clearly, this organization is working to make the future much brighter for a number of displaced people. However, the Robitailles aren't alone in this battle to make their communities much better places. They have help from a number of people and companies, including Sean Avery (NYR), Mike Cammalleri (LAK), Jimmy Carson (retired), Joe Corvo (CAR), Mathieu Garon (EDM), Jason LaBarbera (LAK), Aaron Miller (VAN), George Parros (ANA), and Jeremy Roenick (SJS).

Along with the sponsors and friends of the Shelter for Serenity, there have been a number of organizations who have helped in other ways, and I encourage to you check some of these organizations out.

How Can I Help?: In terms of all the other organizations I've spoken about, there is always a monetary donation that they can receive. On their site, you can donate via Paypal, call them at (310) 458-9720 and donate via phone, or you can send a cheque via snail mail to:

Shelter for Serenity
attn: Donations
212 26th Street
Suite 262
Santa Monica, CA 90402

If you're interested in helping out in other ways, there is a calendar of events that you can check out. Otherwise, I would suggest contacting Shelter For Serenity via email at shelter-at-shelterforserenity-dot-org. For donation inquiries, please email Shelter For Serenity at donations-at-shelterforserenity-dot-org. Otherwise, there is a snail mail address, phone number, and fax number you can contact the organization with by clicking here.

Shelter For Serenity, the NHLPA, and Luc and Stacia Robitaille are helping the communities they live in. It's time for us to help them as well.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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