Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Best Goal Thus Far

It appears that the NHL Stanley Cup Final is a series again. The Chicago Blackhawks and Philadelphia Flyers battled into overtime tonight, tied 3-3. There were a number of amazing plays that happened in this game, and a large number of them came from the goaltenders who showed incredible athleticism. However, the game-winning goal might just be the this year's Stanley Cup Final "goal of the series".

What makes this goal impressive is that Claude Giroux had the presence of mind to use his stick to make the deflection followed by the lift of his left leg so that deflection wouldn't hit his leg.

Once again, though, the Chicago Blackhawks get caught on a change. This happened in their only regular season matchup, and that bad change in that game led to Philadelphia's game-winning goal as well. I'm not sure what head coach Joel Quenneville needs to tell his team, but the Blackhawks have to be more aware of their line changes when the margin of error in the game is so small.

Chicago leads the series 2-1 after Philadelphia's win tonight, and the overtime win by the Flyers snaps Chicago's seven-game road winning streak.

If you're looking for an update in the HBIC Playoff Pool, there probably won't be one until Friday. I apologize for this, but life has been pretty hectic as of late. However, I will update everything by Friday evening. More tomorrow, though, as HBIC brings you another solid book review!

Until then, keep your sticks on the ice!

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