Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Le Chandail - Redux

If you've been a hockey fan for a while, you're very away of Roch Carrier's childhood story known as The Hockey Sweater. I reviewed the book as part of Teebz's Book Club, and it really should be a staple in any hockey fan's library. While the story surrounds a young boy's love of the Canadians and his idolizing of Rocket Richard, it may not resonate with younger hockey fans who follow today's game. Because of this, the CBC's This Hour Has 22 Minutes, a satirical comedy show, has happily provided an update to the childhood story.

If there is one thing that any younger fan knows all too well about the NHL, it's that these lockouts are a regular occurrence much to the chagrin of all the older fans. But because they happen with such regularity, This Hour Has 22 Minutes is happy to update The Hockey Sweater as they present The Lockout Sweater on tonight's episode! Take a peek at this after the ads run (sorry, I can't control those). This cartoon's a beauty!

Pretty great, right? I found myself laughing as the parallels between Monsieur Carrier's story and this story are close, but easily separated by This Hour Has 22 Minutes's satirical look at the NHL lockout. Honestly, this is a great cartoon, and certainly worthy of a few laughs. While the CBC may not be producing their excellent Hockey Night In Canada broadcasts because of the lockout, it's nice to see some other CBC franchises benefiting from hockey's extended layoff. This Hour Has 22 Minutes easily is the first star of Canadian television on this night!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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JeffB said...

That was very well done, very funny and needed to be done. Thanks for sharing with us Americans who wouldn't have seen it otherwise.