Monday, 3 December 2012

More Calgary Today

I have to admit that I've totally been overlooking something that I should have posted a while back, and the interview we did with Jared Keeso should have made this more of a priority. Jared, Nate, and Brenna actually did a first episode of Three Flames Fans On, and I posted the second one on the the lockout rather than posting the first one on the off-season. Although, I guess with the lockout going into day 4000 or some ridiculous number, the off-season is still upon us, right?

Jared, Nate, and Brenna run down the off-season moves done by each team in their own unique style. I'd love to see the outtakes of these scenes posted as well because there are probably some moments where tongues are tied in knots with the way these guys do their thing. Here are the Three Flames Fans On The Off-Season.
Pretty solid, right? "Johnny Oduya really wanna know?" "Drunk on Jaromir Jagr-Bombs?" I am still chuckling on a few of these. I like the fact that Jared and Nate give props to the Winnipeg Jets, but the Leafs? Do any self-respecting hockey fans give props to the Leafs without a mental examination? Of course, I kid, but running the gauntlet with all the Flames' players at the end was pretty special.

As you can see with Brenna's last words, the second Three Flames Fans On short is setup quite nicely, and you can watch that one by clicking here. With the players and owners agreeing to meet without Bettman, Fehr, and moderators, here's hoping that the lockout alluded to by Brenna finally ends in the near future!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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