Monday, 21 January 2013

Thanks For Reading

I'm not sure who linked me up to a Facebook account today, but my article regarding the Dalhousie hockey team from yesterday is generating a ton of hits from Facebook. I have not yet updated my social media sites with the latest links, so I'm writing this article of gratitude to an anonymous linker. I have a Facebook account and I do accept friends, so if this was you linking things up, I'd be willing to be your friend because, quite frankly, you're awesome. Thank you so much for helping my name get a little of the internet's spotlight for a few moments. It makes me smile knowing that a few people happen to like my work.

I have a busy evening, so I'm not going to post a major article today. I am working on a few things for this upcoming week, and this week's episode of The Hockey Show should be a lot of fun as we welcome Jared Keeso back to the show to chat some hockey and have some laughs. It's not going to be an interview show because we've done that before, but we'll still have some questions and we'll get Jared's take on this shortened NHL season. Needless to say, we're going to have fun.

Coming up, we're proud to feature a handful of great guests as we welcome Jeff Barak of Third String Goalie, Dalhousie women's hockey player Isabelle Germain, potentially two Olympians in February, and a whole host of additional people. The Hockey Show already has its NHL Playoff Contest ready to roll, so be prepared as we roll through the next 97 towards to serious prizing!

We have a couple of events we'll be attending, so bring your hockey faces and sweaters along and we'll have fun! On February 8 and 9, the Canadian Sport Film Festival returns to Winnipeg to celebrate sport and film! There will be a FREE outdoor screening of five short films on hockey at The Forks on Friday, February 8 at 7:00pm CT. There is also a FREE screening and panel discussion on children, sport, and film at 2:30pm on Friday, February 8 at the University of Manitoba and I'm going to try to attend this panel to get informed!

The second event is one I am extremely excited for as Beans and I will be out at the MTS IcePlex on Sunday, February 17 for Scotiabank Girls Hockeyfest! Beans and I will be talking to players, coaches, parents, fans, and other distinguished guests as the day progresses, and we'll have some chatter and laughs as we grab interviews! We'd really love to see a lot of people come out and cheer on the young ladies as they work through the day!

If you know of someone who you feel has a unique connection to hockey, let us know by emailing The Hockey Show at, tweet me at @TeebzHBIC, or comment below and I'll look into booking someone for the radio show. If you haven't checked out the podcasts, click the NHL '94 player to the right, download the podcast, and listen and laugh!

Finally, if you are the anonymous linker, please connect with me on Facebook! I'd love to find out who is trumpeting my work so I can properly thank him or her!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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