Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Hockey Show - Episode Seventeen

The Hockey Show, airing tonight at 6:00PM CT on 101.5 UMFM, will be interesting as we open up the phone lines to allow you, the listener, to get whatever it is about hockey off your chest. If you haven't seen the Canada-USA World Junior Hockey semifinal game yet, you'll probably hear a little about that, so here's your spoiler alert for tonight's show. I'm pretty sure that we'll get a few calls about that game, but we want anything and everything tonight - stories about pond hockey, questions about the game in terms of how we view it, the state of the game, the CBA - so we're encouraging calls tonight!

If you'd like to call in with your comments, please reach us at (204) 269-8636. We really want to hear from you, the listener and hockey fan, regarding the game and how you see it. If you have Twitter, you can send questions to me directly @TeebzHBIC. And we always encourage email by having you send us your thoughts via

If you haven't watched the Canada-USA game nor seen the results, you might find this episode to be less to your liking. I can guarantee you, though, that you might find tonight's episode of The Hockey Show a wee bit more enjoyable than the TSN broadcast of the game.

I will say this before letting everyone get on with their day: the NHL threatened the NHLPA that if they filed their disclaimer of interest in terms of dissolving the union last night that the season would be canceled. As of this morning, no disclaimer of interest has been filed, and it appears that talks will continue. That's good news for the few us still hoping for a shortened NHL season this year.

Maybe, for all of us who are hoping and dreaming that these two sides can come to their senses, we'll actually get to see something like this image this year.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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