Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Hockey Show - Episode Thirty

The Hockey Show fires up tonight with a rundown on all the transactions that went down on Trade Deadline Day in the NHL. We'll go through some of the significant trades, the waiver wire moves, and the trades that didn't happen but should have happened, breaking down who won, who lost, who got better, who got worse, and whether or not the players and picks received were worth the cost. In other words, it'll be like listening to two guys at your local watering hole discussing what went on in the NHL yesterday. The best part? You're invited to join us!

I'll fully admit that we're not like the "Insiders". We have no contact with NHL GMs or agents, and we're nowhere near being credible sources of reliable trade information. Heck, we don't even wear suits to the radio station. What we will do, though, is breakdown the moves that happened on Wednesday by looking at the numbers, and we'll give you our honest thoughts on these moves.

And like any watering hole discussion, we invite you to join the discussion! Call in with your thoughts at (204) 269-UMFM (8636) and we'll get you on the air with your thoughts on the deadline deals. You can also tweet in thoughts by sending your 140-character message to @TeebzHBIC, and I'll be sure to read them out on the air. I do know a few Jets fans who wanted to see the team do something other than adding a waiver wire pickup, so we'll see if those fans contact us with their thoughts. In any case, please feel free to contact us tomorrow from 6-6:30PM CT as we take to the airwaves on 101.5 UMFM!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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