Friday, 26 April 2013

Your Survivor Roster

If you missed the radio show last night, you missed some fun. We have all sixteen spots filled for Survivor: NHL Playoffs. It took a little longer than the half-hour we had on the air, but I have to say that we have one of the best Survivor rosters ever when comparing our roster to the TV show's many seasons. Before I list who is playing for whom, I do want to run over a few things.

First, there are still seeds being decided over the next few days. I know we sold a couple of spots as seventh- and eighth-place spots, but the standings will show Ottawa as sixth-place, the Rangers as seventh-place, and the Islanders as eighth-place. Clearly, we're not juggling teams as the Islanders were already guaranteed a spot, so if you had the seventh-place team's spot, you'll end up with the higher seed between Ottawa and the New York Rangers. Same thing in the Western Conference as Detroit and Minnesota could finish in a couple of different spots.

Secondly, we are presenting a number of challenges. These challenges will allow any of the entrants to win a prize simply through completing a challenge. None of these will be ridiculous in terms breaking unbreakable records or anything, so don't worry if you have a somewhat-challenged team offensively representing you. The challenges we present are:

  • First Team Eliminated - NHL t-shirt. -> Linda
  • First Upset Completed - Miracle DVD. -> Laura
  • First Shutout - Tim Horton's gift card -> Jared
  • First Overtime Goal - NHL ballcap -> Stu
  • First Game Misconduct - Goon DVD -> Judy
  • First Penalty Shot Goal - NHL t-shirt. -> Barry
  • First Hat Trick - NHL ballcap. -> Josh
  • First Player To 5 Playoff Goals - NHL t-shirt. -> Chantelle
  • Last Team To Advance To Second Round - Tim Horton's card.
  • First Team To Score In Second Round - Tim Horton's card.
If we acquire more prizes, we'll roll out more challenges. There's no sense in holding prizes back, so we'll get more prizes out to you if and when we get them. Deal? Deal.

Officially, here is the Survivor: NHL Playoffs roster!
The second season starts on Tuesday, so we'll have an update on The Hockey Show next week for what's been happening. Good luck to everyone who has entered, and watch your inboxes for updates and prize alerts!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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Jared Keeso said...

After spending the entire season in last place (out of 11) in my fantasy league, I have risen meteorically to 5th. I plan to carry this momentum into the #NHLSurvivor season.

Consider yourselves warned.