Sunday, 7 July 2013

Some Non-Hockey News

I will fully admit that this article has very little to do with hockey. I know HBIC is all about hockey and hockey-related matters, but this one will touch upon very little hockey chatter. HBIC rarely takes a shift off, let alone a day off, but I will be hitting the road for about four days in a couple of weeks for a road trip! I do love road trips, so this will be fun. I'll have all the details below, but I'm looking for a little help from you, the readers of this humble site.

I have always maintained that this site is "of the readers, by the readers, for the readers" because if no one was reading my chatter about the best sport on the planet, I probably would have stopped a long time ago. Yet I rarely ever get people contacting me about writing for the site. So that's what I want from you: if you have a thought, idea, comment, or complaint you want to get out on e-paper about anything from the world of hockey, HBIC will serve as your soapbox! All you need to do is write the article and send it to me!

Once I have received the article - along with any relevant links or images you wish to use - I will post it with a little blurb introducing the article on HBIC! You'll get full credit for writing the article, and you can link to it from where ever you like - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, forums, etc. In other words, if you want your thoughts on hockey to be published, HBIC is offering you an opportunity!

There are some catches, though, so please take note of the following:
  • Any submissions made to HBIC can be used by HBIC in any manner that HBIC finds appropriate. This may include omission of parts of the article, using snippets of the article to assist in other articles, and/or complete use or non-use of the entire article itself. I reserve the right to that discretion. It is non-negotiable, but I'm generally pretty fair.
  • The article has to be about hockey or the game of hockey, not just an "I Heart Player X" article with a pile of images of Player X shirtless. If you want to talk about Player X, it better be substantial regarding the way he plays hockey, not how his abs look.
  • If the quality of the article lacks in some way in one or more of spelling, grammar, or arrangement, HBIC reserves the right to edit the article in any manner HBIC finds appropriate. "Arrangement" in this case refers to the general flow of the article in terms of thought process and conclusions.
  • If you write your own blog and you wish me to link back to your blog, please include your details! Sometimes, I'm simply not aware of these things.
Ok, so you have your info about how I go about determining what gets posted to HBIC. I will be on the road from July 21 to July 25 inclusive, but I have pledged that I will return in time on Thursday, July 25 to still make my regular appearance on The Hockey Show. Needless to say, I'm hoping to have some fun while getting away for a few days, and there are already a pile of things planned for fun on my travels.

If you're wondering where I'm headed, I will be down in North Dakota for that time. I wan to visit a few places, among them Wahpeton, North Dakota where I have a few friends, so expect at least one article about Fargo, North Dakota and one on the University of North Dakota. Both of those are relevant to my travels, and I'll be looking for some cool hockey stuff while I'm down there as well.

As for you, readers, I'm hoping to get a few articles from you before then so that I can post them before and during my travels to help ease the burden of posting daily. If you have the itch to write, start scratching out an article and send it my way!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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