Monday, 28 March 2016

That Is One Magic Loogie

I'll come right out and admit that I was a Seinfeld fan. There are a number of people who didn't like the show, and that's ok too. I, however, enjoyed the irreverent sitcom for its insanity, and there were a number of memorable moments on the show like the one above. That is Jerry, Kramer, and Newman in the midst of the "magic loogie" explanation with Jerry illustrating the path of the loogie. It's one of the moments you never forget because of the craziness in the moment, but we almost saw a real-life moment of the "magic loogie" tonight!

With his Toronto Maple Leafs in Tampa to play the Lightning, goaltender Jonathan Bernier was ignoring the dancing spaceman as best he could when he decided to cleanse his mouth by expelling some saliva. The only problem? Well, you'll see.
Oops! Bernier's spittle hits the Lightning ice crew member who comes skating in from the right side of the screen! Clearly, he didn't see the ice crew member coming up the boards, and the timing wasn't the best! Bernier's reaction, though, is priceless!

While we won't need Jerry Seinfeld to recreate and illustrate the path that the loogie took in this case, it's pretty clear who the spitter was based on the reaction by Bernier. While it's obvious that this was accidental, you wonder if he looked for his victim and signed a few things for the kid?

Look both ways before expelling anything from the bench, kids!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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