Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Toledo's Zombie Problem

I've admitted this on HBIC before, but I'm a pretty big fan of AMC's The Walking Dead. It's probably the one show on television that I watch on a regular basis outside of the plethora of hockey games shown on Canadian TV. There are some who dislike the show due to some of the visual effects used and, I admit, the zombies and some of the kills made can be a little gruesome, but it seems the show has won over North American viewers if we check the weekly ratings. Thanks to this television phenomenon, it appears the zombies are now set to invade the ECHL via Toledo, Ohio. Run for your lives!

In all seriousness, you only have to run to the ticket booth if you want to see this play out on the ice. The ECHL's Toledo Walleye are holding a "Zombie Night" on Saturday, March 12 and there's a pretty neat twist to the evening's proceedings. The Walleye will wear their normal jerseys in the first period, wear somewhat zombie-fied jerseys in the second period, and change into completely zombie-fied jerseys in the third period!

I don't think any other hockey team has done a three-jersey change over the course of a game, so this might be a hockey first! I've been scouring the internet for some sort of preview, but the only video or images I can find is off the following image found on the Walleye website that keeps the third period uniform under wraps!

While you won't find Rick or Daryl wandering the concourse to help you in your battle against the zombies, you will find some real-life zombies! Joining the Walleye on Saturday will be three actors who played zombies in AMC's The Walking Dead!
  • Michael Jaegers, who has played zombies on four seasons of the show and has been killed by seven different cast members, will be in Toledo.
  • Kent Wagner, who played a walker in Season Five and was was the first survivor at Grady Memorial who was killed and thrown down the elevator shaft, will be on-hand for Zombie Night.
  • Cahaz Lounge, who has played zombies on several seasons of the show and was the featured walker in Season 2 of The Walking Dead who was gutted by Rick and Daryl to ensure that he had not eaten Sophia, will also be at the arena for the event!
There are a ton of activities surrounding the game, and fans are encouraged to come down dressed in "dead" outfits. Forward Dominic Zombo, who seems to be Patient Zero in this whole thing, will be in uniform(s) that night as well!

We'll see how the city of Toledo fares in this zombie apocalypse, but I can assure you of one certainty: everyone will have a great time at Zombie Night!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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