Wednesday, 4 October 2017


I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of images like this for the Jets this season where it seems like no one had clue what they're doing. It was pretty clear tonight that the Jets, for all their "playoffs or bust" talk going into this season, haven't a clue on how to defend their house. When the final horn sounded, the Jets had fallen to the Toronto Maple Leafs by a 7-2 score. Let the excuses begin!

Remember at the end of last season when Paul Maurice and Kevin Cheveldayoff told the media at their season-end press conferences that they believed in this roster and that they'd go into this season with virtually the same roster?

Remember when the core of this Jets team - Blake Wheeler and Mark Scheifele, most notably - told everyone that they HAD to make the playoffs this season?

Remember when this team talked about focusing on defence and goaltending and improving the penalty killing with the likes of Steve Mason, Matt Hendricks, and Dmitry Kulikov as "key signings"?

Remember when the Jets extended both head coach Paul Maurice and GM Kevin Cheveldayoff prior to this season starting despite everyone in the franchise recognizing how pivotal of a season it is?

This franchise is a comedy show wrapped up in an embarrassment and served cold to the fanbase. This team has aced the cheap and meaningless PR lines that are fed to the media, and it seems the media has no interest in challenging them on these clearly false statements regarding effort and ability. This franchise, on paper, has more talent that its previous incarnation as the Atlanta Thrashers, but it still plays like the Thrashers from the drop of the puck. Hell, this franchise might even be worse.

This rant will continue tomorrow on The Hockey Show, but as of right now there are 30 NHL teams and one AHL team under the NHL's watch. A colleague told me that he feels that the Moose are prepared for their season than the Jets are for theirs, and that the Moose, when the dust settles, will have more wins and points than the Jets. I, for one, believe he may be right after witnessing this debacle tonight.

Sorry, Jets. You're garbage. Again. For another season. Tonight was the most important night of the season. You had a chance to come out, set the tone for the fans and yourselves by playing a spirited, upbeat game with some goals and physicality. And in knowing that, you came out, had four power-plays that resulted in nothing, and then proceeded to get stomped by the Maple Leafs.

Simply ridiculous. Enjoy golfing in April.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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