Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Calgary's Parody

If you were home on Saturday and watching Hockey Night in Canada, you may have caught the super-creative parody that the Calgary Flames did in the style of Saturday Night Live's opening. Rather than having all the SNL players in various scenes, the Flames put their players in places and filmed the action to look identical to SNL's opening montage. In short, it was rather awesome and I give credit to the team that came up with and ultimately made this happen. It seems, though, that there was one little checkbox they forgot to check when they posted their opening online.

I saw the opening montage and it was pretty spectacular in its execution. How many times would you ever see Jagr like this?
The answer should be "never", so consider yourself lucky that someone took a screenshot or two because it seems the Flames have erased all evidence of it ever being produced from their Twitter page, their Facebook page, and any other place where it was linked. Without knowing for sure, I'm guessing that someone at NBC caught the parody and wasn't thrilled with the Flames' creativity. Cue the lawyers and the cease and desist letters.

I went searching for it in the hopes that someone did the smart things and ripped the video from the Flames' social media site. Well, after much scouring of the internet, here is the parody in its entirety, and it's an amazing piece of video! Now you might be asking why I didn't embed it? I really don't want a cease-and-desist letter from NBC. I'll let the Flames and the various uploaders deal with those.

But that's pretty darn awesome, right? Well done, Flames, on kicking Saturday night up a notch!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Anonymous said...

So, a show that survives because of the copyright infringement exception for parody & satire, cracks down on someone who... publishes a parody of them? Sounds like Trump's America.

Teebz said...

To be fair, it was NBC who wanted it taken down, not SNL.