Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The Best Holiday Adult Beverage

I promised I'd post this recipe this week. I'm going to say right now that my mom, who is not a drinker, will absolutely drink herself into a blackout if she was allowed with this recipe for Irish cream. Personally, the end result is so smooth and so easy to drink that you can easily over do it during the holiday season, so let that be a warning to those that make this: it's darn good! I was never a big Irish cream fan until good friend and overall great guy Paul Lukas of Uni-Watch and ESPN turned me onto the beverage by encouraging me to make it. It's a holiday tradition in both HBIC Headquarters and at my parental unit's homestead since he encouraged me to take the plunge, and I have a feeling it might become a tradition for a few more people if one is spirited - excuse the pun - to make it!

I will say this upfront: sorry, Jessica Scott-Reid. It's not even close to being vegan with the cream required, but maybe you can figure out a way to adapt it? Your adaptations to normal recipes in using all vegan-friendly ingredients has been a refreshing way to change up my consumption habits! Let me know if you figure something out!

Without further adieu, I bring you Paul Lukas' Irish Cream!


2 cups of Irish whiskey*
2 cups of heavy cream**
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1 tbsp. of chocolate syrup
1 tsp. of vanilla extract
1 espresso shot***
1/4 tsp. of almond extract


Mix all ingredients in a large container and be sure to stir well. Refrigerate for a couple of hours, and enjoy over ice.


* - any mid-range Irish whiskey will do - Bushmills, Jameson, Tullamore Dew - so don't buy any high-end whiskey. You'll lose the nuances of the high-end whiskey, which is what you're paying more for, in the Irish cream mixture.
** - whipping cream at 35% works best for a thick, smooth Irish cream. At the very lowest, don't stray below 18% or you'll lose the creaminess of the beverage.
*** - an espresso shot is 1 tsp. of instant espresso in 2 tbsp. of hot water.

You'll be able to taste the blend of chocolate, espresso, and vanilla tones in the smooth, sweetened base mixture of whiskey, cream, and condensed milk. It's such a great beverage for cooler winter evenings, and I guarantee people will ask you for the recipe. I can't say enough good things about this recipe, and I can admit to already making four full 750mL bottles for the next few weeks of holiday cheer.

Thanks again, Paul, for the recipe, and here's to a little holiday cheer for all!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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