Tuesday, 30 January 2018

End Of The On-Ice Interview?

The image to the left is of the factory for the WM Mammoth ice resurfacing machine made by WM Ice Technics. This factory is based in Bozen, Italy which is about three hours north of Venice. I assume that the ice resurfacers are of top quality and come complete with important things like a water reserve tank, four tires, and brakes. In saying this, it might be time that one team's ice crew do some evaluations regarding who they sit behind the wheel.

Stefan Loibl of the German Elite League's Straubing Tigers was giving an interview following a 4-2 loss to Kölner Haie. Everything seemed to be going as planned until the ice resurfacing machine made an appearance.
The Telekom Sport crew members who took the worst of the collision seemed to be ok if just a little shaken up, but how crazy is it that the ice resurfacing machine driver almost backed-up over three people accidentally? What makes this even worse is that this happened after the game had concluded! Couldn't the ice crew have waited for a couple of minutes until all the players and television crews were safely off the ice?

Loibl, for what it's worth, nine goals and 16 points on the season for the last-place Tigers. The 21 year-old does have some solid moves, though, when it comes to avoiding ice resurfacing machines. I'm not certain that will get him any MVP votes, but it will get him a spot on HBIC. Well done, Stefan!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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