Saturday, 13 January 2018

Just Ducky

It's hard to believe that it's been 25 years since The Mighty Ducks movie hit theaters. I guess I don't really look back on my life with respect to movie premieres, but that seems like a long time ago when I start thinking about it. The fact that there were three Mighty Ducks movies might be more indicative of just how much time has passed since those movies premiered in North America. That being said, January 27, 2018 will see the ECHL's Cincinnati Cyclones bring all three movies to the present day as they will wear jerseys from each movie in their game against the Fort Wayne Komets!

As you may be aware, Cincinnati used to be a Mighty Ducks town when the AHL's Cincinnati Mighty Ducks called the city home. From 1997 until 2005, the former Baltimore Bandits franchise played at the Cincinnati Gardens as the primary affiliate of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks from 1997 until 2000 when the Detroit Red Wings affiliated with the Mighty Ducks for three seasons after the Adirondack Red Wings folded. In 2003, the Red Wings moved their affiliation to the Grand Rapids Griffins, leaving Anaheim as the sole affiliate with Cincinnati until 2005. After voluntarily suspending operations and failing to reach their season ticket goal, the franchise was moved to Rockford, Illinois in 2007 where they became the Rockford IceHogs.

The history, however, is barely important when one considers the jerseys being worn in two weeks.
There are three periods in a hockey game, and three different jerseys to be worn that associate with the three Mighty Ducks movies. With the coincidence of Cincinnati once being the home of the Mighty Ducks, this game's jerseys almost seem surreal when one considers the hockey history in the city.

Nevertheless, all three jerseys were designed by Jeff Tasca, and he did a fabulous job. The first jerseys depict a skating cyclone on the original Mighty Ducks jersey when they won the state championship. When the Cyclones come out in the second period, they'll wear the Team USA jerseys the Mighty Ducks wore in the Goodwill Games in D2 with the word "Cyclones" written on the sleeve. And the third period jerseys will depict the modern Mighty Ducks jersey from D3 with a logo representing the Cyclones' secondary mascot known as Puckchop. Just so we're clear, they aren't representing the IceHogs... despite it looking like they might be. Clear as mud? Alrighty then.

Jeff's designs are outstanding with his accuracy of the jerseys and the playfulness of the logo changes. He dropped me a note about the night coming up that feature his designs, and he's doing amazing work. Full credit to him on making the Cyclones look as good as the Mighty Ducks did in their Disney movies. Athletic Knit put together the final product for the night, and the three sets of jerseys will be auctioned off following the game with proceeds going to the Cincinnati Cyclones Foundation which aims to help children in the Greater Cincinnati Area discover a love and a passion for the game of hockey.

In most cases, the final product on the ice looks better than the artwork for the jerseys does, and I have a feeling that the Mighty Ducks Cyclones will look amazing when they take the ice in each period against the Komets. The fact that those jerseys will help raise money to help ease the costs associated with playing hockey for kids in and around the Cincinnati area makes this venture worth the effort!

Now that's something for which it's worth quacking open the pocketbook!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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