Friday, 11 May 2018

Major Musicians Update

It's rare that I speak about anthem singers on here, but Boston's elimination from the playoffs resulted in Rene Rancourt finally entering the retirement community after he had announced earlier this season that this year would be his last with the Bruins. That prompted me to start thinking about musicians in hockey jerseys again, so let's have some fun with a major update to the Musicians In Jerseys database! There are many from this year's playoffs, we have a whole new crop of Vegas jerseys, and we'll see some musicians who seem to be on these updates more than I'd like to see. In any case, here are the newest additions!

I'll start in Brooklyn where the New York Islanders play, and there's one man who has been synonymous with live concerts in New York City. That man is Billy Joel, and Joel received a New York Islanders jersey of his own this season!

Speaking of legendary musicians, there will never be anyone like Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip ever again. Downie was proudly Canadian and I would have expected to find him in a Kingston Frontenacs jersey or a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey. Instead, here he is in full netminding gear while sporting a Buffalo Sabres jersey!

Friend of the blog John M. sent along a beauty screen capture of Alice Cooper from a music documentary. I've never actually seen Alice Cooper in a New York Rangers jersey ever before, so this was a fantastic find by John!

I was looking to see if Sheryl Crow had ever worn a hockey jersey before for any reason after seeing her recent anthem signing in Nashville, and it turns out she has! Here is Sheryl Crow wearing the jersey of the Bemidji State Beavers!

Rogers Hometown Hockey has allowed Tara Slone to visit a number of amazing communities across Canada over the last few years, and she often gets involved in the community for the short time she's there. She was out in Charlottetown for an episode, and she dropped the puck at a QMJHL Charlottetown Islanders game while wearing the team's jersey!

Tegan and Sara have been producing some rather great music for a long time, so I always found it odd that the Canadian twin sisters never donned a hockey jersey in any photo. Scratch that off the list, because they posted an image of Sara holding a Team Canada jersey with members of the National Women's Team! Tegan's in the photo, but the rules are you have to be holding or wearing a jersey to get credit!

She tried to slip into a building without being noticed, but how does one not get noticed in an NHL jersey? That's Selena Gomez wearing a New Jersey Devils jersey as she follows Justin Bieber into a venue.

Speaking of Bieber, here's the Biebs wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs Winter Classic jersey. Moving on.

If there's one team that everyone should be behind at this point, it's the Winnipeg Jets. There aren't many additions to that group, but we can count Brad Paisley as having a jersey. The real question is whether or not he's cheering for the Jets right now!

Sticking with the country theme, Vancouver welcomed Eric Church to their city a while back, and with that welcome came an Eric Church Vancouver Canucks jersey! I'm pretty sure he has a few jerseys in his closet now.

I've never really listened to their music being that I'm not a country music fan, but Florida Georgia Line was in Jacksonville, Florida for a concert, and they received jerseys from the ECHL Jacksonville Icemen! This is the first time I've seen any band received jerseys from the Icemen, so tip of the cap to the FGL!

One guy who has been spotted in hockey jerseys over his career is Dierks Bentley. Dierks accepted his punishment in losing a bet where he wore a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey in concert following Pittsburgh's victory over Nashville last season! Well done, Dierks, on accepting the punishment despite how good that jersey looks!

Leanne Pearson is a country singer from Winnipeg. She might be the top musical Jets fanatic! Her social media posts about the Jets always make me smile, especially since most recently have been about her Jets adventure in Nashville!

This one is a little dated, but there's no doubt that '90s boy band 'NSYNC stormed the nation, spawning the eventual career of one Justin Timberlake. They toured all over North America including Vancouver where the five men received their own personalized Vancouver Canucks jerseys!

On a recent concert tour, the Eagles rolled through Raleigh, North Carolina where they played a date. The Eagles aren't known for their hockey jersey affinity, but Glenn Frey wore a few in his career. Unfortunately, we lost Glenn in January 2016, but his son, Deacon, has started touring with the Eagles in his father's place and it would be Deacon Frey who sported the Carolina Hurricanes jersey on their stop through Raleigh.

Another guy who spent a night in Raleigh entertaining fans was Ed Sheeran who received his own jersey! Not only did he receive his jersey backstage, but Sheeran decided to give the crowd a thrill by wearing his jersey onstage!

Doc Walker is a Canadian Country Music Award-winning band from Westbourne, Manitoba, so you'd almost expect them to have Winnipeg Jets jerseys at this point, right? They actually told a story on local radio that they almost became Nashville Predators fans after spending so much time in Music City, but the return of the Jets forced them into cheering for their local team once more! Atta boys, Doc Walker!

Speaking of "atta boys", here are Doc Walker in Humboldt Broncos jerseys from the Humboldt Strong concert. They were one of the performers that night, and it was great to see them helping to raise money for the Broncos and the community. Good on you, gents!

Ok, so the very first musician that I saw wearing a Vegas Golden Knights jersey was a mom at her son's hockey practice. It was a little shocking to see Canadian songstress Celine Dion sporting the Vegas Golden Knights' colours, but she certainly wouldn't be the last musician to do so this season!

Another musician who showed up to T-Mobile Arena and got himself "Knighted" was Steve Aoki! Aoki's music isn't really my cup of tea, but it appears the DJ found himself a hockey team to support!

With the loss of the Atlanta Thrashers, rapper Li'l Jon seemed to have given up on supporting a hockey team. It was a bit of a surprise to see him resurface as Vegas Golden Knights fan! Welcome back, Li'l Jon!

After losing one Canadian to Vegas in Celine Dion, who would have thought we'd lose another? Musician Paul Schaffer donned a Vegas Golden Knights jersey this season as the Canadian singer and musician appeared at T-Mobile Arena!

The entertainers who play Vegas shows regularly would be the ones that you'd expect to jump aboard the Vegas Golden Knights bandwagon. Wynn Las Vegas resident entertainer John Fogerty is one of those entertainers, and he's been cheering for the Golden Knights since the playoffs started!

And just for good measure in this Vegas pack of photos, how cool is it to see the rockers ZZ Top sporting Vegas Golden Knights jerseys during a recent concert in Sin City? That's too cool!

As I mentioned above, the Nashville Predators invited Sheryl Crow to sign the anthem for them prior to a playoff game against the Winnipeg Jets, and she got a Nashville Predators jersey out of it!

Rascal Flatts did their patriotic duty in singing the anthem, and all three members got to wear the Predators' iconic yellow!

I'm not sure exactly when this happened, but credit PK Subban for meeting one of the most iconic female performers that we've ever known. I don't know if Janet Jackson kept the Subban jersey from the picture, but how cool would it be knowing that Janet Jackson is a fan of you if you were PK Subban?

I honestly can't believe it's taken this long to get her a jersey, but Faith Hill stands with her Predators, apparently. As for taking Shea Weber's number? I suppose that's alright.

Chris Isaak was born in Stockton, California - home of the AHL's Stockton Heat - so I don't know what he's doing in Predators yellow when I would have thought he'd be cheering for the Sharks, Ducks, or Kings in these playoffs. I guess that goes to show that I don't really know Chris Isaak all that well.

There are your updates for the last few months. It might have been even longer than that as I didn't go back to check when the last one of these updates was done, but it's now t-minus-zero-days and counting. If you want to see all the musicians who have been captured in hockey jerseys, please click here. I'm sure we'll get more over the summer, so we'll check back in soon!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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