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October 21, 2021: Episode 474
Teebz is joined by Jason Pchajek as they go over all the scores from the opening week of Canada West men's and women's hockey to start the show after making their broadcast debuts last weekend! From upsets to surprises to teams figuring themselves out, there were all sorts of storylines that began the 2021-22 season, and our hosts will examine what they may mean in the longer term. Beyond that, they question the importance of a U SPORTS Top-Ten list for men's hockey when a number of teams have yet to step on the ice, they dive into the Evander Kane suspension and situation with respect to the Sharks and Kane himself, they discuss a rather crazy idea put forth by a Vancouver company who wants to implement on-ice tracking of players in minor hockey, and they close out the show with a fun announcement about Bisons women's hockey on October 29 and 30!

October 14, 2021: Episode 473
Teebz is joined by Jason Pchajek and the oft-missed Jenna Thompson as these three hockey minds break down who left programs, who is returning to programs, who was recruited to programs, and how those nine Canada West programs will fare this season after missing all of last year. If you needed a primer to get into women's hockey, the hosts will disseminate all of the changes while dissecting each team and the chances each has in winning the Canada West championship banner. Just like last week, Jason and Jenna are asked "One Big Question" for each team that they'll debate as the hosts attempt to place the nine teams in the standings.

October 7, 2021: Episode 472
Jason Pchajek returns tonight to join Teebz in picking apart nine teams as they look for reasons each team will be successful along with a few why they may not find winning ways. They talk about returning players and the impact they may have, some of the key departures that may affect that hunt for success, some of the new players joining each squad and how they may change the fortunes of their respective teams, and Teebz asks Jason one big question about every team when it comes to how this season may play out. We also toss out a few predictions that may may eyebrows raise when predicting the final standings.

September 30, 2021: Episode 471
It is with great honour that Teebz welcomes back a former Bisons women's hockey player who is doing amazing things in her professional career in MoDo's Erica Rieder! Erica is back for a third season with the Swedish-based club, and we'll catch up with her on living in Sweden, playing for MoDo, how the opportunity came about for her to join the Swedish team, moving to Europe, her professional career, reunions with other former Canada West players, COVID-19 and how it affected MoDo, the 100th anniversary of the Swedish Ice Hockey Association, and a unique food item that Erica has grown to love since being in Sweden! There are career highlight moments, a discussion about a brawl, and conversation about playing against Olympians!

September 23, 2021: Episode 470
Head coach Jon Rempel sits down with Teebz to provide updates on training camp and preseason games in terms of how he's viewed both the progress of the team and the results in preseason games. They discuss the absent Polina Goncharova, his views on the three games the Bisons played against the Team Manitoba U18 squad, whether or not he sees the skill gap between prep and U18 hockey closing between his team and those teams, his takeaways in the two games against the Regina Cougars this past weekend, the addition of a transfer student, how the Bisons will travel when it comes to the COVID-19 situations in Alberta and Saskatchewan, the announcement of the U SPORTS-CBC deal and the impact it may have, what Jon will stress as important moving forward, how he may handle the bye weeks, preparation for the other eight Canada West teams, injuries and how they impact his lineup, what will make this season successful by Jon's measures, breaking "bad habits", some of the things we'll see within the Bisons' systems this season, players accepting roles, having foreign players settle into university life in Winnipeg, and the excitement for this season.

September 16, 2021: Episode 469
Teebz and Jason kick off the show with a quick remembrance of Norm MacDonald and his love of hockey and a birthday shout-out for Bisons women's hockey head coach Jon Rempel! With regards to the news, the co-hosts pick apart the craziness of Sylvain Lefebvre's decision to end his coaching stint with the Blue Jackets over his refusal to get vaccination. They try to justify the Arizona Coyotes hiring John Ferguson Jr. as their assistant general manager. They celebrate the IIHF creating a new tournament for four new women's national teams and discuss how this makes the women's game better. They point out why Jake Linhart's headline wasn't the actual story behind his decision to sign with Iowa that was celebrated by the media. They have an update on Robert Morris University's attempt to re-establish NCAA hockey. They write-off Jake Virtanen in the KHL. They welcome a new voice to Canada West women's hockey. And Teebz reminds everyone of the requirements for attending Bisons games this season as the doors are open for fans to come and watch preseason games!

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