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June 21, 2018: Episode 300
We welcome Kyle from Toronto to join us on the show as we go over all the news from the past week. Teebz and Beans chat about the Max Domi-Alex Galchenyuk trade, the Mike Hoffman deals, Pierre Dorion's insistence not to deal players to teams within his division, Gimli playing host to an MJHL game, the Canada West hockey schedules for the Bisons, and more!

June 14, 2018: Episode 299
We say goodbye to John and congratulate Teri as we close out Survivor: NHL Playoffs! Beans and Teebz recap why the Senators might have had the worst season in NHL history when you consider all the stuff that has happened to that franchise this season. We talk about the article written by former NHL defenceman Nick Boynton that appeared in The Players' Tribune about the struggles, depression, anxiety, and continued mental health battles he's dealing with due to concussions and head trauma after retiring from the NHL, and I highly recommend you read that article. We discuss the recent lawsuit filed by former players of the University of North Dakota women's hockey team against the school for discrimination, some player signings and movement, and a pretty cool event happening in an ECHL city that may attract some attention!

June 7, 2018: Episode 298
Tonight, we oust the San Jose Sharks, Winnipeg Jets, and Tampa Bay Lightning from Survivor: NHL Playoffs Island as we run those exit interviews with Jeff, Billy, and Dan! From there, we have a ton of news to go over: player movement, player signings, front office moves, new teams, and more are all tackled tonight as we discuss the NHL, the KHL, the ECHL, and a couple of other tidbits of news from other leagues that may pique your interest.

May 31, 2018: Episode 297
The Hockey Show is honoured, proud, humbled, and privileged to welcome back two of our favorite guests in Brandon Reid and Jessica Scott-Reid! As you may recall, Brandon coached the Metal Ligaen's Aalborg Pirates for the last few seasons, so we have lots to talk about after he and the team went off and won every trophy that the league put up for grabs this year! We also talk about what the future holds as news broke a few weeks ago about Brandon moving to a new team and location, some of the guys he recruited and coached over in Denmark, and what he's going to miss about Aalborg! We get Jessica's thoughts on all that, and catch up with her as she's becoming one of the world's most prominent vegan journalists, find out how Clover and the pups are doing with all the moves, and everything else happening around the new move to the new city!

May 24, 2018: Episode 296
The Hockey Show is proud, humbled, privileged, and honoured to welcome three members of the Balmoral Hall Blazers to the studio in Regan Boulton, Katie Bassett, and Kennesha Miswaggon! Katie and Kennesha play for the Blazers while Regan, an alumna of the program, works for the Blazers as the Admissions Officer and Hockey Recruiter for the school. These three won a bronze medal with the Blazers at this year's Female World Sport Challenge in early February before Bassett and Miswaggon went on to represent Manitoba at the National Aboriginal Hockey Championship where they captured Manitoba's second consecutive gold medal at the event! We'll talk to them about school life and traveling in a prep hockey program, winning medals, being generally awesome, and everything else before we quiz them on how much they actually know about Regan Boulton because her hockey career is one that may amaze you.

May 17, 2018: Episode 295
Tonight, Teebz and Beans dismiss Ryan, Jeff, Jared, and Tom from Survivor: NHL Playoffs. They chat about McDavid and Team Canada against Russia in the World Championships, more notable player movement from across the globe, Team Manitoba women winning the National Aboriginal Hockey Championship for the second consecutive year, the loss of Clare Drake, the Steinbach Pistons at the RBC Cup, and the longest game in AHL history and they update the ongoings of the RBC Cup and how the Pistons are doing!

May 10, 2018: Episode 294
Teebz chats with Mark Taraschuk, defenceman for the Turnbull Cup-winning and Anavet Cup-winning Steinbach Pistons of the MJHL, and he and his teammates leave Friday for the 2018 RBC Cup being held in Chilliwack, BC where the elite National Junior A hockey teams from across Canada will gather to determine the best of the best in this nation! Teebz talks to Mark about his career with Steinbach, his time in the WHL, being a two-time midget hockey champion, the Humboldt bus crash, having a sister who is one helluva hockey player, his billet family, life as a semi-pro fisherman, and more as we learn all about one of the Pistons' best players down the stretch and through the MJHL playoffs!

May 3, 2018: Episode 293
Teebz and Beans wrap up Round One with or without Amy and Connor, and dive into Tom Wilson's hit and suspension due to that hit as the two gents have a discussion on checks to the head. We update everyone on the series that are ongoing, and get everyone set for Game Four tonight between the Jets and Predators. There will be chatter about player and personnel movement from the leagues around the globe as well!

April 26, 2018: Episode 292
Teebz and Beans run through a number of Survivor: NHL Playoffs exit interviews as Ethan and the New Jersey Devils, Derek and the Colorado Avalanche, Heather and the Philadelphia Flyers, Jason and the Columbus Blue Jackets, and Al and the Toronto Maple Leafs all give their takes on what went wrong in their series. We squeeze in some KHL news, some Russian women's hockey league news, some Metal Ligaen news, and we'll talk about the second round of games in the hour!

April 19, 2018: Episode 291
Teebz and Beans egt the first exit interview of the season done as Barry bids adieu after the Los Angeles Kings were swept out of the playoffs. The gents then dig into Game Five here in Winnipeg on Friday without Josh Morrissey in the lineup and how that will affect the Jets, the loss of Zach Parise for the Wild, the Penguins-Flyers series and why Pittsburgh might just three-peat after all, and we'll touch on the other series and their situations. They look into the Aalborg Pirates of the Metal Ligaen being up 3-0 on the first-overall Herning Blue Fox in the final, the Calgary Flames dismissing head coach Glen Gulutzan, and Paul Maurice's shout-out to head coach of the Bisons women's team in Jon Rempel!

April 12, 2018: Episode 290
Teebz and Beans kick the show off with a tribute to the Humboldt Broncos before they break down the opening games of the 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs on tonight's show as well as update everyone on who is playing whom in the Survivor: NHL Playoffs contest sponsored by Lay's and their Show Your Emotions contest. We have updates on the Metal Ligaen playoffs as Friend of the Show Brandon Reid tries to coach his Aalborg Pirates team to the final. We have a discussion about what to call the Winnipeg viewing party area as there are a few names that have been floated out on social media. There have been some changes for Bisons hockey broadcasts as well!

April 5, 2018: Episode 289
Beans, TJ, and Teebz find sixteen participants tonight to fill out the Survivor: NHL Playoffs contest bracket! We're also going to have TJ back on the show for what will be his final show from Winnipeg for the foreseeable future as he has an announcement to make tonight! It'll be good getting the band back together as we kick off the Greatest Hockey Contest on Radio™ in starting up another season of Survivor: NHL Playoffs!

March 29, 2018: Episode 288
Teebz and Beans rip through some of the bigger NHL stories including who has qualified for the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs because they're getting set for the Greatest Radio Contest in the history of radio! Survivor: NHL Playoffs starts next week, so they go over all those details to get you set for next week's show! We also discuss some other interesting NHL news, some NCAA news, we toss out a congratulations to the best women's professional hockey team this season, and we have a very odd-but-heartwarming story that I'm quite certain shouldn't be a story because it's 2018, but it still somehow is.

March 22, 2018: Episode 287
Beans and I are honoured, humbled, privileged, and proud to welcome into the studio Carla Sharman and Karen Taraschuk, the mothers of Alanna Sharman and Lauren Taraschuk! Alanna and Lauren won the U SPORTS National Women's Ice Hockey gold medal in London, Ontario last week, and we got to meet Carla and Karen in London where they were cheering their daughters on to victory! These two ladies are exceptional people, and we're excited to speak with them about Alanna and Lauren as little hockey tykes, the costs and sacrifices that go into raising elite hockey players, and just how proud they are of their daughters. We'll hear about a great initiative from Carla during the show, and we have a surprise for them as well!

March 15, 2018: Episode 286
The entire show is devoted to U SPORTS National Women's Hockey Championships in London, Ontario tonight, and we feature two key interviews. As we come to you live from Thompson Arena in London, The Manitoban's Jason Pchajek will sit in on the show in place of Beans who is back in Winnipeg, TJ Phillips joins us, Bisons Sports Information Director Chris Zuk stops by, and we feature interviews with Jessica Vance of the Saskatchewan Huskies and an amazing interview with Bisons head coach Jon Rempel. The first half of the show is dedicated to the seven teams not named "Bisons" as we go through the competition and results before dedicating the second half of the show to Jon's interview and the Bisons.

March 8, 2018: Episode 285
I'm not sure if you heard, but the Bisons did a thing last weekend. In a big way, they went and did a thing, so we'll talk about that accomplishment on International Women's Day! We also toss in the Mission: Three Wins that the Bisons are on once they touch down in London, Ontario at the U SPORTS National Championship and how you can catch all the action. We run down the winners at the Female World Sport School Challenge that took place over the weekend, we dissect the stupidity of Steve Simmons, we'll discuss a brutal Manitoba High School Hockey League game, the Jets downed the Rangers, Laine keeps scoring, they were in Newark tonight for a dance with Devils, and they added Stastny and Morrow!

March 1, 2018: Episode 284
We are proud to welcome captain Caitlin Fyten and alternate captain Erica Rieder to the show from the Manitoba Bisons women's hockey team who will host the Saskatchewan Huskies this weekend in the Canada West Championship Final. We get Caitlin and Erica to chat about their recent series with the Pandas including the four overtime period game to clinch the series as well as the recent announcements of Lauren Taraschuk being named Canada West Rookie of the Year and head coach Jon Rempel being named Canada West Coach of the Year!

February 22, 2018: Episode 283
Teebz and guest co-host Jason Pchajek go over the Canada-USA women's game in terms of what happened, where things went well and went wrong, and vent a little about how shootouts to determine medal winners is anti-sports. We'll look at Finland's bronze medal victory over the Olympic Athletes from Russia where Venla Hovi claimed her second Olympic medal, and we'll go over the men's tournament which resumes tomorrow. In the second-half of the show, we'll talk about the Milwaukee Admirals and Manitoba Moose having some fun on the ice, the Manitoba Bisons men's and women's teams and what their statuses are, and the Jets finishing off their ten-game homestand before heading out on the road!

February 15, 2018: Episode 282
Teebz and Beans use the first half of the show for The Olympic Hockey Show once again as they go over the results of the men's tournament followed by what the picture looks like on the women's side. They break down the battle waged last night between Canada and the US, and prepare for the expected rematch in the gold medal game. They also provide a quick update on Venla Hovi and Finland before chatting about the medals and the ignorance of Steve Simmons. The second half of the show sees the gents focus on the Manitoba Bisons men's and women's teams as they prepare for the Canada West playoffs, they talk about the graduating seniors from the women's team, discuss the fines handed out to Dustin Byfuglien and Madison Bowey for their indiscretions in the Washington-Winnipeg game, chat about the Ottawa-Los Angeles trade, and more!

February 8, 2018: Episode 281
Teebz and Beans sit down tonight and go over all the details you need to know for these two tournaments including where to catch all the action on television, what times our two squads are playing, who they're playing against in each game and in their pools, and when you should be calling in sick to work for the medal rounds. The second half of the show will see us focus on our great city and campus as the University of Manitoba will host at least two Canada West playoff series between the men and women with the possibility of more being very good. We'll also talk about the Jets going through some major injury woes, the suspension handed out to Alexandre Burrows, a Friend of the Show earning another accolade, and a ton more!

February 1, 2018: Episode 280
Teebz welcomes Melissa Wronzberg of the Markham Thunder! Among the topics they discuss, we learn about Melissa's time with the Ryerson Rams in the OUA, her potential career in journalism after graduating from Ryerson's School of Journalism, playing alongside her sister, the important meaning of the number she wears, working in food and beverage at Canada's Wonderland, and the upcoming weekend series against Markham's cross-town rivals in the Toronto Furies which can be seen on Sportsnet on Saturday at 12pm CT/1pm ET!

January 25, 2018: Episode 279
Teebz and Beans sit down tonight and have a serious discussion on the NHL's Player Safety Department and whether or not five games for Brad Marchand's elbow to the head of Marcus Johansson was the right call regarding the length of the suspension with respect to some of the other suspensions we've seen this season. We also chat about the Russian, Finnish, German, and Norwegian men's Olympic rosters, the Jets and Golden Knights continue to collect points, the NHL All-Star Game's Skills Competition makes changes again, what the Manitoba Bisons women's team has to do in their final six games, and what Teebz was up to earlier this week.

January 18, 2018: Episode 278
Teebz and Beans are proud to welcome Riley Scorgie and her mom, Lauren, to the show! You may have heard of her thanks to her story in the Edmonton Journal or maybe because I nominated her to be the Best Player in the World of the Week for this week. Riley has an incredible story to tell after she scored her 50th goal in just her 19th game of the season during the first game of Quikcard Edmonton Minor Hockey Week! Teebz and Beans also chat about an important anniversary today, Rene Rancourt retiring, Andrew Cogliano's ironman streak ending, the Washington Capitals' Stadium Series jerseys, the Czech and Swiss Olympic men's teams, North and South Korea teaming up, the AHL's Charlotte Checkers playing a unique game against the Bridgeport Sound Tigers, and we discuss the Bisons women's team at home to play the Mount Royal Cougars!

January 11, 2018: Episode 277
Teebz and Beans have a chat about Cale Makar turning down the opportunity to be a part of Team Canada in South Korea and whether that's the right decision, who made the cut for the Canadian men's Olympic team, and how we figure they'll fare in South Korea in a month's time. We also talk about the Jets rolling along without the services of Mark Scheifele, Blake Wheeler and Connor Hellebuyck being named to the NHL All-Star Game, the Bisons women's hockey team controlling their own destiny with the Saskatchewan Huskies in town, the UBC Thunderbirds women's hockey team going green tomorrow night for a good cause, Jaromir Jagr's time being up in Calgary, and the Brandon Wheat Kings cleaning house and stocking up for the future!

January 4, 2018: Episode 276
Teebz and Beans discuss the World Junior Championship once more as the US and Sweden battle this afternoon and Canada draws the Czech Republic in the late game. We look at the empty arena situation once more as the medal round has been featured just as many vacant seats as the preliminary round did. We talk about the Canadian and US women's Olympic rosters. We discuss the Nations Cup where Venla Hovi is having a fine time and the young Canadian team sent over is battling hard. We wrap up the Spengler Cup as Canada three-peated in Switzerland. We set you up for this weekend's battles involving the Bisons, Pandas, and Golden Bears. We talk about the Jets weathering the storm without Mark Scheifele, the Moose weathering the storm without Jack Roslovic, and we even touch on the Women's U18 World Championship and who we should be watching out for in Russia.

December 28, 2017: Episode 275
Buffalo has seen horrible attendance numbers for the first five games that were played in the 19,200-seat Key Bank Arena, and it might be time for the IIHF to really sit down and examine the issues surrounding the dwindling attendance figures seen in Montreal and Buffalo over the last two tournaments. Teebz takes a shot at how to fix this tournament so more people show up, and even floats a crazy idea out there to rekindle the spark in this tournament. He digs into the changes at the Spengler Cup. He has some news and notes about a few other Euro hockey teams and players, and he ends the show tonight by giving his regards to one of the classiest men to ever play the game in Johnny Bower.

December 21, 2017: Episode 274
Beans and I are fortunate enough to welcome back one of our all-time favorite guests and a women who probably should be sitting in a co-host's chair had she not taken her goaltending game to Finland in Miss Amanda Schubert! Amanda has been playing for KJT over in Finland while adapting to life in her new country, and we talk to her about moving to a foreign country, playing net for a new team, learning the customs, language, and culture of Finland, and much more! And all while this is happening, Beans and I toast up Gretzky's face on various breakfast items for our guest and ourselves to enjoy!

December 14, 2017: Episode 273
The International Olympic Committee, the Russian Olympic Committee, and the KHL have all ruled in what they're going to do with respect to the upcoming 2018 Pyeonchang Olympic Games, so Teebz and Beans go over all the fallout over that as there was more news broken this week about Russia. We have an update on Brandon Reid and his Aalborg Pirates as they go into the holiday break in Denmark. We talk about the Jets slapping the taste out of the Canucks' mouths earlier this week, and their upcoming schedule prior to the holiday break. We talk about the Manitoba Moose being second-overall in the AHL and why this weekend is so important. We highlight your Manitoba Bisons women's hockey team who are ranked as the number-one team in the nation, and we talk about the Bisons men's team who finished their first-half strong. The World Junior Championship preparations have begun, so we do a quick chat about that. And we have thank yous and announcements to go over that should take us through the hour!

December 7, 2017: Episode 272
Teebz and Beans welcome Taylor Woods of the CWHL's Markham Thunder to the show! We talk to Taylor about growing up in Morden, playing at Balmoral Hall in Winnipeg, playing alongside some big names in women's hockey and what she learned from them, life in college and what "Environmental Exploration" is in terms of a college major, heading to China for games this season, and more!

November 30, 2017: Episode 271
Teebz is out in Shilo, Manitoba for the hockey game featuring the PFC Shilo Stags as they battle the NHL's Boston Bruins alumni team! Among the players who are confirmed and in Shilo include Ray Bourque, Rick Middleton, and Terry O'Reilly, so this game is already star-studded just with those three names mentioned! Teebz talks about how the game is raising funds for the Shilo Minor Hockey Association, and he and guest co-host Joel prepare to call the game!

November 23, 2017: Episode 270
Teebz and Beans discuss the ongoing battle between the International Olympic Committee and Russia, and what this has meant for players in the KHL, specifically non-Russian players. There may also be future sanctions from the IIHF if the KHL decides not to play nice with international hockey's governing bodies. We chat about Ken Hitchcock blowing the whistle on the injury game, the Winnipeg Jets at the first NHL checkpoint, a Jets goalie who could be the next sniper, we have some announcements about future shows, and we run down what's happening on campus here and across the country as the Bisons men's and women's hockey teams get set for another weekend of action.

November 16, 2017: Episode 269
Teebz and Beans are humbled, proud, honoured, and privileged to welcome former pro hockey player Josh Green to the show! We talk to Josh about his life, his career, his many stops in that career, an injury or two, some old coaches, some teammates, and more! Josh had a fascinating career in which he played with some of the greatest players to ever suit up in the NHL as well as being coached by men who went on to have outstanding careers of their own. We also get an update on what Josh has been doing with his time after the game as he's been a busy guy with two little Greens running around!

November 9, 2017: Episode 268
Teebz and Beans discuss the finalists and inductees of the National Toy Hall of Fame. Among the hockey-related discussion, the gents tackle the Jets and their current points streak which can be mostly attributed to one person who doesn't have the name "Hendricks", the Moose and their current three-game winning streak through California, the Bisons women's team welcoming the upstart Regina Cougars to Wayne Fleming Arena, Nick Zajac of the Bisons men's team getting a little camera time this week, Teebz's new favorite NCAA women's team gets another mention in the Colgate Minute which is not sponsored by Colgate toothpaste, the Canadian women and Venla Hovi in action at the Four Nations Cup, our first glimpse at the potential Canadian men's hockey team against Switzerland, and the U SPORTS National Women's Soccer Championship happening this weekend at the University of Manitoba! Oh, and I have announcements on guests who will join us as well as some promotional stuff to send out to the masses!

November 2, 2017: Episode 267
Teebz and Beans take about Alexander Ovechkin's "Team Putin" idea and his use of politics on NHL time. They lend their opinions to the debate over whether or not the new Canadian and American Olympic hockey jerseys are any good. Things come unhinged in this discussion. We take a look at the Jets and their recent success with who is largely responsible for that, their game against the Dallas Stars tonight, the Oilers and their scoring woes as they fell again last night, the Colgate Raiders, the Manitoba Bisons, and more!

October 26, 2017: Episode 266
Teebz and Beans discuss the Jets meeting the Penguins prior to puck-drop in Pittsburgh. We also discuss what went down in the last week in Quebec City and Boston as Canada and the US renewed their rivalry as they prepare for the Four Nations Cup and, ultimately, the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. We look at how the Moose are doing, look at the rather impressive start to the WHL season for the Brandon Wheat Kings, touch upon the Bisons and their battles, discuss the awesome video made - and pulled down - by the Calgary Flames, and talk about Friend of the Show Jared Keeso and the news surrounding him.

October 19, 2017: Episode 265
Teebz and Beans welcome Rob Ullman to the show, and he's a talented and incredible artist who has a pile of success to his name with everything he's been involved with in his career. He has worked with minor-league baseball's Richmond Flying Squirrels to come up with their eleven t-shirt designs this past summer, creates his own unique sports artwork, he's the staff cartoonist at Dejan Kovacevic's Pittsburgh-based website, and he's contributed to a number of other websites with his artwork. In other words, he's a pretty darn good at what he does! Beans and I talk to Rob about his art, jerseys, his beloved Pittsburgh Penguins, his family and more as we get to know Rob Ullman tonight on The Hockey Show's Pledge-O-Rama Extravaganza!

October 12, 2017: Episode 264
Teebz and Beans look at the fish tale and the injuries to Byfuglien and Hendricks as the 1-2-0 Jets prepare for a game against the Canucks. We talk about the Penguins visiting the White House and presenting Donald Trump with a golf bag, why Gary Bettman's "no politics on company time" stance is so off the mark that it's laughable, we do a quick tour around Europe again as we fill everyone in on our Friends of the Show, we preview the home opener for the Bisons women's hockey team and go over what happened last weekend, and much more!

October 5, 2017: Episode 263
The Maple Leafs walloped the Jets by a 7-2 score last night, so Teebz and Beans will perform the necessary autopsy on that game as well as reminding everyone about why the Jets won't make the playoffs. We'll also talk about the Jagr signing in Calgary, the Saskatchewan Huskies getting a new rink using very little public funds, McDavid and Simmonds being on pace for eleventy billion goals, we throw out some kind words for Tom Petty, Las Vegas, and Edmonton, and we talk about everything happening during Pledge-O-Rama.

September 28, 2017: Episode 262
Teebz welcomes John from Capitol District Islander as his co-host with Beans off doing #dadstuff tonight. Teebz and John discuss Joel Ward's message that he issued today and why it's so important. We talk about the Canadian and American Olympians making a stop in Winnipeg in December, and the US women's national team standing up to Hurricane Irma. They talk about the Islanders' arena situation and whether John Tavares will be there long-term. Teebz also goes over all the fun of Pledge-O-Rama!

September 21, 2017: Episode 261
Teebz and Beans welcome TJ back for a guest spot! The three amigos go over Ken King's childish antics regarding the negotiations for a new arena in Calgary, and break down why using any public money from the city of Calgary's coffers should result in some sort of repayment or future payments. We also take a look at a new piece of equipment Bauer is pushing that reportedly protects an athlete's brain, the Jets laying a pair of eggs against the Wild and Oilers and why fans should be very worried this year, shout-outs to the Winnipeg Goldeyes and 19-2, former guest Brian McGrattan's new role with the Flames, the Montreal Canadiens visiting Brandon, and we'll bounce around Europe to check on a number of players and how they're doing early in their seasons!

Season Five

Season Four

March 10, 2016: Episode 181
Teebz and Beans welcome Letterkenny's Nathan Dales to the show! Nathan has found success on the stage, the small screen, the silver screen, and the internet screen through his various roles on a number of high-profile TV shows. He'll be a part of the upcoming Goon: Last of the Enforcers movie, and he has a passion for all things Calgary Flames. We talk to him about his career in acting, his love of the Calgary Flames, a project that found Margaret Atwood as a fan, and how he met Jared Keeso with whom he's done a number of YouTube shorts!

March 3, 2016: Episode 180
Teebz and Beans welcome the Bramption Thunder's Fielding Montgomery to the show! We'll talk to Fielding about her time as a Dalhousie Tiger, her work as a Panther, her short time being a Dolphin, getting her hands dirty with fish and mussels, and her efforts in solving a forest insect problem! Of course, we chat about hockey in the hour we have her on, and we ask a few Twitter questions submitted by fans, friends, and teammates that will put Miss Montgomery on the spot a little!

February 25, 2016: Episode 179
Teebz and Beans go through some of the potential destinations and roster returns Ladd would fetch if the duo were the Jets GM, and they look at other potential moves the Jets could make if they were going through a complete rebuild. They chat about Ilya Kovalchuk and his recent turbulence in the KHL and some Francois St. Laurent discussion.

February 18, 2016: Episode 178
Teebz and Beans get an update from Jared on his acting career, the work being done for 19-2's third season, and getting Letterkenny up and off the ground. We'll find out how he's adapting to life in Montreal after moving there for 19-2 and whether he's become a true Montreal Canadiens fan. Being that he's still a huge Calgary Flames fan, we'll also get his thoughts on the playoff scene for Canadian teams and his reaction to Dennis Wideman's 20-game suspension for his abuse of an official. Teebz and Beans then discuss Evander Kane's alarm clock problem, the KHL playoff situation, the Moose picking up points in four-straight games, the Manitoba Bisons' playoff picture, and a QMJHL linesman making a mess of the ice!

February 11, 2016: Episode 177
Teebz and Beans talk to Heather Neale tonight about her work as a costume designer in Winnipeg, some of the stars she's worked with, and her work on the hockey movie sets of the Don Cherry movie and Goon! We'll also highlight her work where she was nominated for a 2012 Genie Award for Achievement in Costume Design and a 2013 Canadian Screen Award for Best Costume Design! She's also a huge hockey fan, so we'll get her take on the hockey world and what's happening within it.

February 4, 2016: Episode 176
Kevin Wilson, organizer and director of the FXR Cup ball hockey tournament, will be in-studio tonight to talk about the tournament, its growth, where it's headed, and much more! We'll also look at some hockey headlines and get his and cohort Vin's opinions on these topics! We talk Ladd vs. Byfuglien and all the Jets' trade bait, Steven Stamkos and his possible move, Brett Yormark's ridiculous statement about seating at the Barclay's Center, and the All-Star Game format.

January 28, 2016: Episode 175
Beans and I are honoured, proud, privileged, and humbled to be able to speak with one of the CWHL's finest players, a 2016 CWHL All-Star, and a member of the Brampton Thunder in forward Candice Styles! Candice is coming off the recent CWHL All-Star Weekend, so we'll talk to her about that, her start in hockey, her international and national play both with Hockey Canada and the CIS, and how she ended up at Wilfred Laurier University where she developed into one of the best defencemen this country has to offer that has come through the CIS system!

January 21, 2016: Episode 174
Teebz and Beans discuss the events of each of the CWHL, the NWHL, and the KHL who all have all-star games played this weekend. They also explore seemingly idiocy shown by Jonathan Drouin in not showing up for AHL games, the Jets and Predators who will tangle shortly after the show ends at MTS Centre, Brian McGrattan's unfortunate and scary fall to the ice and whether hockey dodged a bullet on this one, a first for the city of Brandon, the Canadian sledge hockey team and Brandon Reid, and they close out the show with a tribute to a musician who was a true hockey fan!

January 14, 2016: Episode 173
Rumours out of the NHL circles have the Los Angeles Kings and Anze Kopitar close to an eight-year, $80 million contract that will put him among the NHL's richest for the better part of a decade. Is Kopitar worth that kind of cash? What is Stamkos worth if Kopitar does get that money? How about Byfuglien and Ladd? Teebz and Beans discuss all these scenarios as they put the old accounting caps on. They also discuss Pacific All-Star team captain John Scott sent down to the AHL where he'll suit up for the Springfield Falcons, a Russian amateur game that saw 790(!) penalty minutes handed out in one period(!), and they look at the terrible weekend in Edmonton for the Bisons women's hockey team compared to the incredible weekend the Bisons men's team had at home.

January 7, 2016: Episode 172
Teebz and Beans discuss the many hockey-related topics that have dominated headlines recently. These include the ten-game winning streak and Atlantic Division-leading Florida Panthers, the Winnipeg Jets and their .500 hockey, the trades and signings in recent days, the World Junior Hockey Championship in Helsinki and the fallout here in Canada, the Spengler Cup and Canada's victory in Davos, the Winter Classic and the dud in the TV ratings it's proving to be, how Winnipeg is "owed" a Heritage Classic and the possibility of it being played before January 1, the Moose and whether we're seeing any progress being made in the prospects, and John Scott and the NHL All-Star Game rosters!

December 24, 2015: Episode 171
We are proud, honoured, privileged, and humbled to welcome one of Manitoba's greatest women's hockey players to the show tonight as we have Miss Jenelle Kohanchuk on the phone! Jenelle plays for the CWHL's Toronto Furies currently, and she's working on an invite to the 2018 Olympics with Team Canada. We'll talk to her about everything that's gone on with her in the half-hour we have with her as she has other family commitments tonight!

December 17, 2015: Episode 170
We are honoured, privileged, and humbled to welcome to the UMFM studios the man with one of the most recognizable masks in hockey history as Warren Skorodenski joins us on the program tonight! Warren only played 35 games in the NHL, but he's a part of hockey history on a few levels and has traveled the country and continent thanks to hockey! We'll talk to him about growing up in Winnipeg, playing in the MJHL, WHL AHL, IHL, and NHL as well as for the Canadian National team, some of his teammates, and anything else that comes up in between.

December 10, 2015: Episode 169
Teebz and Beans speak with Tom Rinn tonight, and you will want to hear his story. Tom is a six-time World Championship gold medalist. Tom has played all over the world. Tom is an elite athlete. Tom is also an amputee. Now you might be asking yourself how he plays hockey, and the answer is simple: like everyone else! Tom Rinn is a member of the Canadian National Standing Amputee team, and he's become a mainstay on the team that has won six-straight gold medals in the sport!

December 3, 2015: Episode 168
There will be much chatter and evil laughter as Teebz and Beans discuss the Jets who absolutely demolished the Leafs last night. We'll talk about Garret Sparks, the Moose after the Chicago Wolves slaughtered them last night, the Manitoba Bisons women's team and some advanced stats, the Beaulieu-Foligno fight and concussion protocol in the NHL, John Scott's potential All-Star Game nomination, the World Junior Championship in 2018 with the potential for an outdoor game, and MLB pitcher David Price getting $31 million per year for seven years and why athlete salaries are out of control.

November 26, 2015: Episode 167
Beans and Teebz discuss where the Jets have gone wrong, what they need to do to right the ship, and where they need to be over the next month if playoffs are in their future once again. They talk about the Montreal Canadiens losing Brendan Gallagher and Carey Price once more and how that may affect them, and signing Marc Bergevin to a new extension and why that's good for the club. They chat about Nail Yakupov being injured by a linesman, some KHL news, and we'll bring to you another Connor McDavid injury update (hint: he's still injured). We toss a few promotions out into radio land, and we talk a little Bisons hockey in this hour!

November 19, 2015: Episode 166
Teebz and Beans are back and they've got Moose news as Nic Petan joins the team, Kelly Zajac signs with the club, and Bakersfield's leading scorer in Matthew Ford will sit out both games against the Moose due to suspension. They've got Jets news as they downed Vancouver last night, ended a six-game losing skid, and all sorts of rumours about Travis Hamonic and the Jets. They have Manitoba Bisons updates as they near the December break. They have KHL updates. They chat about the NHL All-Star Game, the NWHL All-Star Game, and we'll even toss in a Connor McDavid update (hint: he's still injured)!

November 12, 2015: Episode 165
Teebz sits down with aspiring Canadian Olympic skeleton racer Cassie Hawrysh! Cassie's sport is a little obscure, but it got a lot of recognition thanks to Jon Montgomery - another good Manitoba kid - after he won an Olympic gold medal at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. Cassie is chasing down that same dream, and I'll chat with her tonight about growing up in Brandon, moving to Windsor, Ontario for volleyball, finding her way to Regina for track-and-field, and how she eventually landed on the skeleton sled for Canada. We'll talk about skeleton, we'll find out how she's tied to hockey, and we'll do a little Q&A so we get to know Cassie a little better so you'll be able to recognize her when she stands on the podium in 2018 in South Korea!

November 5, 2015: Episode 164
Teebz sits down with TSN's James Duthie! James, as you may know, is literally the guy on the left when it comes to the TSN hockey panel, and we're honoured to speak with him about his new book, The Guy On The Left. Teebz goes over his childhood, his inroads into broadcasting, and what it's like being part of the TSN crew. We also find out who has the best dimples from Winnipeg and west, hear one of James' favorite stories about CFL legend Matt Dunigan, and get his perspective on some of the guys who have served on the panel with him.

October 29, 2015: Episode 163
Teebz has a full interview with University of North Dakota and Team Canada defenceman Halli Krzyzaniak! They talk about growing up in Neepawa, Manitoba, moving to BC at the tender age of 13, being recruited by a number of schools before finally picking UND, and stepping onto the ice as a member of Team Canada! Halli is off to the Four Nations Cup with Canada shortly, so it's time to get to know one of Team Canada's outstanding young players!

October 22, 2015: Episode 162
Teebz and Beans break down all the incredible giveaways being done by the two illustrious hosts. They talk Pledge-O-Rama incentives before breaking into John Tortorella, Pascal Dupuis, the Montreal Canadiens, Jets news, Moose news, Brandon Wheat Kings news, Evander Kane chatter, and a discussion on NHL division leaders.

October 15, 2015: Episode 161
Teebz and Beans chat about the craziness of the upcoming Pledge-O-Rama week-long event. They eventually talk about what they like and/or dislike about the current 3-1-0 Winnipeg Jets, thoughts on the 0-1-1 Moose who started the season in Toronto and will play the Ontario Reign at MTS Centre tonight, the Arizona Coyotes riding high on Domi, Duclair, and Smith, hugely disappointing starts from the Penguins and Blue Jackets, and we might even mention something about a baseball game.

October 8, 2015: Episode 160
Beans and Teebz go over all the details of Pledge-O-Rama! We chat about the Jets and Bruins who kick things off at 6pm in Boston tonight and we update you on the game throughout the show. We talk about the opening games last night, Raffi Torres' suspension, the opening weekend to the Bisons women's hockey season, the Moose opening their campaign in Toronto tomorrow, and more!

October 1, 2015: Episode 159
With Beans needing the evening off, Nicole Haase will join us from her home base in Wisconsin, and we'll get her take on the issues. The Hockey Show is proud to welcome fellow UMFM radio show host Emerald from her show The F Word, heard on Tuesday nights from 6:00-6:30pm. Emerald will bring the feminist's view to the show, but she's very in-tune with issues facing women in sports as her show has discussed a number of these issues. We dive into the CWHL-vs-NWHL chatter about players leaving, playing for pay, and whether the product on the ice will ultimately determine the fates of these two leagues. We chat about the salaries some of the players are being paid and whether it's in line with what we perceive they deserve for their efforts, why the CIS is virtually invisible on the sports map in North America despite there being good players playing in the CIS and having graduated from the CIS, and whether or not Russia is the emerging powerhouse in women's hockey with their stars and the new WHL starting up in Russia.

September 24, 2015: Episode 158
Teebz and Beans got a last-minute drop-in from Bisons women's hockey team members Alana Serhan and Amanda Schubert! We talk with the ladies about their summers, the preseason work they've been doing, some of the conference news, and their new teammates as they begin preparation for the 2015-16 season! We also discuss the Jets and their special teams problems, the Penguins and Phil Kessel, John Tortorella and his new gig, Josh Ho-Sang and Garth Snow, the contracts for two of the Jets' stars, and much more!

September 17, 2015: Episode 157
Teebz and Beans are joined by John of the Capitol District Islander blog, James of the Avs Hockey Podcast, and Tom of Bisons Sports to make bold prediction in the NHL round table! The five men cast their guesses as to who wins divisions and finishes where, and break down all of the divisions in terms of which teams finish where, and they play some word association with Patrick Kane, Slava Voynov, 3-on-3 overtime, and more!

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