Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Hockey - A Canadian Commercial Game

This post is all about hockey commercials. The NHL and its various sponsors have created some excellent commercials over the course of their partnerships, and some have been very funny. However, Molson Canadian Brewery has produced some hilarious commercials for hockey and the NHL. Here are some of Molson's greatest clips, found on Canadian television.

This commercial was played during the lockout, and is for Molson Canadian beer. Honestly, the guy who asks "do you really want to make me cry" is the highlight. These same guys were featured in another Molson Canadian commercial as well.

The boys are back with another song for their love of the game. This commercials was played over and over and over and over when the lockout ended. Again, the guy who is dancing for his life is the highlight. Thumbs-up to Molson Canadian for a couple of solid commercials.

If you've ever played hockey or lived with someone who did, you know how bad hockey equipment gets in terms of its smell. Molson uses this approach to create a funny commercial.

The original Joe Canada commercial. This is how Molson created the "I Am. Canadian" slogan. Several commercials followed in this good-natured ribbing of things that Canadians are stereotypically known for.

Molson throws out the Canadian stereotypes again. An American identifies all that is stereotypically Canadian to a Canadian... before the Canadian takes care of the issue in a Canadian way.

Molson takes the beaver, a truly proud and noble animal, and works it into the equation of Canadian stereotypes.

Molson shows that you don't shave your playoff beard if you're in the playoffs. But what do you do if you can't grow a beard?

Molson didn't just make fun of Canadians. They threw an American spin in on our good-natured friends to the south.

And Molson took a shot at how Team Canada rules the world in hockey. Again, all in good, clean fun.

Some funny looks at a long-time NHL sponsor's commercials during the NHL season and the Salt Lake City Olympics. For 30 seconds worth of airtime, they are good for a chuckle. Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice, eh?

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Anonymous said...

I know this post is basically molson commericals. However; I would like to ask everyone if they remember the old Tony Esposito Beer Commercial. You know the one where no one notices him until him puts his mask on?