Thursday, 13 March 2008

Hockey Fans Rule

I know all sports fans will contend that their favorite sport has the best fans. It's just something we believe in terms of being part of that great community. Honestly, hockey fans might be the best fans in the world, though, because they are extremely close to the action. I showed off some of the stupidest things hockey fans have done in a February article entitled Instant Karma, but when hockey fans do fun stuff, they really show how creative and interactive the game of hockey is. This article is a salute to the some of the funniest and most creative things I have seen hockey fans do at hockey games.

Example A: Fans bring signs to games in hockey cities across the land. Some praise the best players, and others mock the opposing teams. However, some signs simply capture the imagination and make people smile.

Chris Chelios has been hated in rinks throughout his career, and has developed a bit of a following around the league. Vancouver seems to have some hatred for the NHL's resident graybeard, specifically this guy and his message. Even Chelios was chuckling at that sign. Again, that's what makes the game fun - interaction.

On the other side of the coin, there's the creative and fun side. The fans in the ECHL know how to be creative. This fan is an absolute genius. And the linesman is none-the-wiser despite this guy's clear creativity. This might go down as one of the best signs in history.

Example B: It's rare in hockey rinks that you can find 20,000 people operating as one, except when they do the wave. However, the wave seems a little played out in terms of the longevity it has been around. Hockey fans have now been bringing other facets of life into the game.

The Montreal Canadiens have, for the better part of 100 years, been the backbone of the NHL. They've had amazing teams, and have churned out Hall-of-Fame players like no other team has. Montreal's fans, however, have been second-to-none as well. They are as passionate as any other team's fans in the league, and they've started a new singing trend in the Bell Centre that can only be described as "Euro-wow".

Creativity and interaction at its finest.

Of course, it also happens in other cities as well. Singing the anthem is a point of pride, and listening to this gave me goosebumps.

That's patriotism and pride. Nothing better!

Example C: Sometimes, stupid and crude funny wins out over creative funny. Although, I suppose this next video could fall under the "creative" option. However, it is interactive.

Front-row tickets were never used so well.

Basically, this article is a big "thank you" to all the good fans out there who like to have fun. Whether you're a casual fan or a die-hard from Section 303, hockey fans are some of the best fans in any sport played on the planet. Keep up the good work, and keep making the game enjoyable!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Jibblescribbits said...

You know what the best part of those signs are, that hockey fans have the sense to only hold up their signs when play has stopped, not blocking the view for others.

CKim said...

I completely agree with that, jibble.

That video of the Habs fans; that's what they were singing in Staples Center last week! I was shocked when they busted that out!

Teebz said...

Good point, Jibble. It never occurred to me, but that's entirely true.

Again, Habs fans are one-of-a-kind. They're a great group.