Saturday, 28 April 2012

First Round Wrap-Up

The opening round of the playoffs brought many surprises, and it led to only the third time in NHL history since the seedings began that #1 through #8 will be represented in the second round of the playoffs. Because there were some crushing defeats and massive upsets, this also had a significant impact on the HBIC Playoff Pool. I will say that one series in particular saw a vast number of people tie for the same amount of points, and it is the largest number of people in the five years of running this pool to have finished with the same score in one series. I'll work through the winners in all of the series, so let's get cracking to see who won which series.

VANCOUVER vs. LOS ANGELES: There was only one person who scored seven points in this series, and that was the highest point total as the massive upset of the Canucks in just five games threw a lot of people for a loop. Jim W. was the winner in this series as he correctly predicted the Kings to win Games Two and Three, and the Canucks to win Game Four for three points. Jim also called the Jarret Stoll game-winner in Game Two and called the Dustin Brown game-winner in Game Three for another four points! After adding it all up, Jim W. had the best point total in this series with seven. Well done, Jim!

ST. LOUIS vs. SAN JOSE: This was the series that saw a whopping eleven people predict a series that would result in eight points. I'm not going to work through all of their combinations, but here are the eleven people who scored eight points: Austin M., Cole V., Dan F., Jay F., Jim W., LJ S., Mark A., Mike E., Sammy B., Terry C., and Tyler B. Well done, everyone, and keep up the good work!

PHOENIX vs. CHICAGO: Three entrants tied for the highest total in this series with nine points. Dave F. correctly called wins for Phoenix in Games One, Three, and Six and added a Chicago win in Game Five for four points. Add in the fact that he called the series for Phoenix in six games for another five points, and Dave F. was nine points better.

Michael J. called the first three games correctly for the winners, and added the Game Six victory for Phoenix to give him four points. Because he called Phoenix to win in six games, he also got the five points tacked on for that prediction, and ended this series with nine points.

Westin F. correctly predicted the winning team in Games One, Two, Four, and Six, and had another five points added in for his six-game victory for Phoenix. Westin also ended this series with nine points.

Well done, gentlemen, and keep up the strong predicting!

NASHVILLE vs. DETROIT: This was another series that threw a lot of people off. Only one person ended this series in double-digits, and that person was Casey H. Casey correctly predicted the winning team in Games One, Four, and Five. Casey also called the David Legwand game-winning goal in Game Five, so that added an extra two points. And because Casey called the Nashville series win in five games, he got another five points. Adding it all up, Casey scored ten points in this series! Well done, Casey!

NEW YORK vs. OTTAWA: There were a lot of people who called this series in a four-game New York sweep or a five-game Rangers victory, but only one person picked up double-digits in this series as well. Adam F. correctly called the winning team in Games Three, Four, and Seven, and also called the Kyle Turris game-winning goal in Game Four for Ottawa. Because he called the Game Seven game correctly, it's a given that Adam also got the five points for correctly calling the New York series win in seven games, so he ended this series with ten points! Well done, Adam, on these wise predictions!

BOSTON vs. WASHINGTON: This was another series that threw people off as Washington literally clawed their way into the playoffs to run into the defending champs. But two people saw things differently, and they were rewarded for their gazing into their crystal balls. Aaron D. correctly predicted the winning team in Games One through Four, and added the winning team in Game Seven for five points. He also called the Alexander Semin game-winning goal in Game Four for another two points. And because he called the Game Seven game correctly, he got five more points for the Washington series win. That's a total of twelve points!

The other entrant to earn twelve points was Matt H., but he did it the old-fashioned way by simply calling the winning team in each game! Add in his five points for calling the seven-game series win for the Capitals, and that's his twelve points!

Well done, gentlemen, and keep calling the excellent predictions!

FLORIDA vs. NEW JERSEY: Lots of people finished with double-digits in this series, but there was only one entrant who rose to the top with his 14-point series! Jay F. correctly predicted the winning team in Games Three through Seven, and added the Zach Parise game-winner in Game Four and the Kris Versteeg game-winner in Game Five for a total of nine points in the series. And because he called the Game Seven winning team correctly, Jay picked up another five points for the highest point total of the round in all series with 14 points! Well done, Jay, and congrats on being the big winner of the first round!

PITTSBURGH vs. PHILADELPHIA: A lot of people didn't see the Flyers taking the first three games, and there seemed to be more people favoring the Penguins than the Flyers. Three entrants were able to predict an eleven-point series in this one, and we'll start with Andrew G. Andrew called the winning team in Games One, Two, Five, and Six, and then called the Scott Hartnell game-winning goal in Game Six for six points. Because he called the Game Six winner correctly, he also picked up an additional five points for his eleven points in the series.

Michael J. also scored eleven points on the strength of him correctly predicting the winners in Games Two through Four and Game Six. He called Jordan Staal's game-winner in Game Four, and picked up the five additional points for calling the Flyers in six games.

Ty F. was the third entrant to score eleven points, and he called the same teams as Michael J. did for four points. He was able to predict the Scott Hartnell game-winner in Game Six for another two points, and, because he called the Flyers' Game Six win, earned the additional five points for a total of eleven points in the series.

Well done, gentlemen, for your strong prognostications in this series!

As you can see on the right-side of the screen, all of your leaders except one appeared on these lists of predictors. Andy S. didn't have the best scores in any of the series, but he scored high enough to make his way into the Top Five, proving that you don't have to be the best to win. Rather, you just need to predict well and finish near the top in a few series in order to do well. Congrats on the Top Five finish in the first round, Andy, and keep up the good work!

Scores will be updated as the four series in this round end. Keep your eyes on the scoring page for all the details! The Prize Page will be posted next week, and I'm happy to say there will be some happy people getting some great stuff.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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