Thursday, 26 April 2012

Your Second Round Info

After the double-overtime marathon that New Jersey and Florida battled in tonight, I didn't have time to update the scores for the last few series. All scores, however, will be updated before the clock strikes midnight on Friday. That being said, Round Two starts tomorrow night for the Western Conference, so there's barely time to breathe before we begin the HBIC Playoff Pool battle again. That being said, I'm modifying the rules for this second round of play so that you have more time to get your picks in.

Normally, I want the picks in by puck drop of the first game. However, I will allow you to submit picks until the puck drop of the first game on SATURDAY. Please note that if you submit the picks after either of the Friday night games start, you will not receive credit for those games UNLESS I RECEIVE YOUR PICKS BEFORE THE END OF THE FIRST PERIOD OF THE FIRST GAME.

Good? Ok. Have at it by clicking this link, and downloading the new spreadsheet. Send all entries to the designated email address in the same YOURNAME.xls FORMAT, and you're in the pool for another round!

I'll have the scoring updates done by tomorrow, and I'll post the first-round winners of each round based on how you did. Some have done well, some are stuggling, but there is still a ton of hockey to be played. The Prize Pool will be finalized sometime next week, and there are some good prizes available. I'm a little jealous about some of the stuff I'm giving away.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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