Friday, 13 April 2012

Helmets Are Essential

There are many essential pieces of hockey equipment that one needs to the play the game, but there really shouldn't be any essential equipment needed to celebrate on the ice in front of the hometown fans. I can see if a team was at the opposition's rink and were celebrating that any number of items may come raining down on them in a post-game celebration. I don't condone that kind of activity, but it has happened before. However, David Krejci found out that a helmet is a vital piece of equipment when it comes to celebrating in front of the Beantown faithful.

After Chris Kelly's overtime goal snapped the 0-0 deadlock between Washington and Boston, the Bruins piled onto the ice behind the Washington net where the celebration for that hard-earned victory was taking place. The Boston fans were going ballistic, and then something odd happened.
If anyone thought taking their helmets off for the post-game celebration was a good idea, David Krejci may have a concussion that says otherwise. That looked like it hurt a lot despite Krejci shaking it off, and here's hoping that Krejci suffered no serious injuries because of it.

There has been no word on whether Brendan Shanahan will suspend the glass for targeting the head, but I'm going to guess that there was no malicious intent by the glass. After all, the Bruins had just brought the house down with their 1-0 overtime win, and the TD was rocking.

And here I thought it was Philly fans who were the worst to play for! I'm kidding, Boston fans. Don't hate-mail me over this joke!

Here's hoping David Krejci will be back for Game Two on Saturday. The Bruins could use the shifty forward as goals appear to be at a premium with the way Braden Holtby is playing in the Washington net!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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Dr. Pete said...

Krejci is probably the most important player not named Tim Thomas or Zdeno Chara. Just look at two years ago, and the Bruins' collapse in the playoffs. Seemingly, it coincided with Krejci getting injured, and given Nathan Horton being out for the playoffs this year, the onus is on Krejci to step up.