Sunday, 2 September 2012

It Just Looks Wrong

Occasionally, a star player will end up on a different team, and that first sighting of him in a new uniform is like the image to the left - it just looks wrong. Yesterday, there was a newly-signed player who took to the ice in his new team's uniform for some photos, and I have to say that everything about his new look just feels so wrong. It's not him per se, but it's just a look that's so out of the ordinary compared to what you're used to seeing. You can give your head a shake or rub your eyes all you want, but it still doesn't feel right.

In saying that, here is a picture of Jaromir Jagr in his new Dallas Stars uniform, and it is still sending my brain into a frenzy because it looks so wrong to me.
My better half, who cares zero about hockey, took a look at Jagr's photo and immediately keyed in on the fact that "the outline on the word and the numbers are different". That might be part of what is messing my brain up, but I think it comes down to seeing Jagr in a very foreign uniform. The Stars' look doesn't have the same tradition as the skating penguin in Pittsburgh or the Flyers' orange-and-black, so it just feels wrong to me, I guess. All I know is that my brain doesn't like it.

I suppose it's still foreign to see Gretzky in a Blues uniform for some, or seeing the legendary #4 playing for the Blackhawks. For me, though, I've never been a fan of this set of Stars uniforms, and seeing a player like Jagr in one doesn't sit well with my noggin.

I think Jagr will still score 50 points this season if the NHL schedule starts as planned, but I don't know if my brain will ever get used to seeing him in highlights for the Stars. It just looks wrong.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


TedNes said...

Agreed!.....very strange to see Jagr in that Stars jersey......looks lile something out of my son's NHL13 or something for XBox....

Anonymous said...

It looks weird because Jagr's jersey is just a reproduction jersey and not an official jersey. (See the tag by his waist) So the cut is wrong compared to what we normally see plus it looks a size too small. Also he is wearing an old pair of pants. The CCM logo has changed recently and they have not used the "Tacks" designation for their equipment in years. Although, after a closer look, seems like he has a shell over what I presume to be his Flyers pants.