Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Getting A Step Up

I'll be honest in saying that I've always thought a ladder was a ladder. I know there are different types of ladders as well as ones that are specifically used in certain situations, but they all kind of accomplish the same goal in the end. What makes one ladder better than another? Well, Werner Co. - maker of ladders - wanted to show Canadians what kind of ladders they make as they expand into Canada with their products. Again, I'm no ladder expert, but I think the marketing campaign used by Werner Co. might catch a few Canadians' eyes!

From their press release, here's their campaign.
Werner Co., announced the Head-to-Head challenge that pits the company's climbing equipment against the competition. To help kick off the campaign and drive product and brand awareness, Werner has launched an entertaining hockey video featuring players who drop their gloves and end up going at it with... ladders.

Recently Werner has expanded into the Canadian market and provides a comprehensive product portfolio for both DIYers and professional contractors. As part of this Head-to-Head campaign, Werner is testing its products against the competition in Canada to highlight the company's product advantages and unique distinctions in safety and overall quality. Through a series of videos that are available online at, several products were put to the test in areas of safety, durability and reliability; issues important to today's Canadian tradesmen.
Interesting. Guys who drop the gloves and attack each other with ladders? Is this a hockey-centric ladder commercial or a WWE-on-ice commercial?

Let's check out the commercials to see if these guys are offside.
Yeah, I'm no official, but I'm pretty sure a ladder fight will get you suspended in a major way. Surprisingly, there's a second part to this commercial as Werner Co. continues with the theme!
I absolutely get that this is a satirical look at the violence in hockey while showing how Werner Co. ladders outlast the competition, but the use of ladders in hockey is actually pretty rare. Like fixing-plexiglass-during-a-stoppage rare. There are a pile of reasons that one should consider Werner ladders when working on a job site or a project, but I'm pretty sure that anyone who brings a ladder over the boards is insane.

While I get that anything hockey appeals to Canadians, this is one set of commercials that may have missed the net entirely. I get what they are trying to do, but Werner Co. is way offside on this one in my view.

What say you, readers: does this commercial hit the mark? Leave me comments!

Until next time, keep your sticks ladders on the ice!

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